Best Champions to Climb With in Silver

Best Champions to Climb With in Silver

Best Champions to Climb With in Silver

Silver is a pretty good rank and is where a ton of the community calls home. However, just like in life, sometimes it’s important to leave home and go on a new adventure. If you’re looking to climb in League of Legends, you too should go on a new adventure and try to improve and get out of Silver!

This is the second part of our 6 part series of guides where we outline some of the best champions to climb with at each rank in League of Legends. Check out our previous “Best Champions to Climb With in Iron and Bronze” here! The stats we are using in this article are from patch 12.4!

As a quick disclaimer, the champions on all our lists are our opinion which is backed by data and current League trends. You may not get on with the champions we suggest, and that’s totally okay! You may find more success maining or one-tricking different champions instead! The Mobalytics app will be valuable tool for a Silver player who wants to climb. Sign up for a free account today.

Best Champions to Climb With in Silver

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Garen is very simple to play. He doesn’t have any skill shots and is literally a spin to win champion. He is good in pretty much every meta and doesn’t have a huge number of counters.

He is a great champion in the lane and is somewhat forgiving. Thanks to his Passive, he can regen a lot of health quickly for free, which increases his survivability and dominance in the lane as he will out sustain his enemies. Finally, Garen is quite adaptable: he can go either tank or full damage depending on how far ahead he is in the lane.

Garen had a 58.9% win rate in Silver during patch 12.4.

Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the most popular beginner Junglers in the game. He is a great champion in Silver as he is the perfect champion as he has a good mix of everything a silver player needs. He’s great at farming, has good objective control and can solo carry games.

The hardest thing about Master Yi is using his Q to dodge skill shots and CC, and understanding the role itself. If you want to learn how to be a good Jungler, he is great as you don’t need to worry about mechanics when trying to learn him.

He had a 57.2% win rate in Silver on patch 12.4.


The fishy fish fish is a great Mid laner who has insane carry potential. He has good map pressure and can roam from lane to lane to help his allies. Pre-6, he has good kill pressure and when he unlocks his Ultimate, he only becomes stronger.

Fizz can be difficult though. Learning and mastering trade patterns is something that takes time. But once mastered, he is incredibly strong. Just work on using your E and you’re good to go.

In Silver, Fizz had a 53.8% win rate.


Ziggs is a versatile champion that can be played in the ADC and Mid lane. He is good in pretty much every meta, and is a great pick in Silver. One of the reasons for this is that many players like to play AD assassins in the mid lane like Zed or Talon. Picking an AP champ in the bot lane can be incredibly helpful.

He has good wave clear thanks to his Q and E, and he can quickly take towers with his Passive and his W. If you’re able to get a small lead, you can quickly snowball on Ziggs and become unstoppable. Furthermore, in team fights, he can be extremely obnoxious by constantly bullying and harassing the enemy with his Q.

Ziggs had a 56.7% win rate on patch 12.4.


The final champion we are going to recommend is Zyra. Zyra is a great Support for any rank, but more-so in Silver. She has tons of poke in lane which makes her hard to deal with. As players are not very good at dodging, she can capitalise on this to get kills in the lane.

Just like Ziggs, she is great in team fights and good when your allies have picked lots of AD champions. She has great pick potential with her E and Ultimate, and the plant queen is amazing at all stages of the game.

She had a 54% win rate in patch 12.4.


When it comes to climbing in one of the most popular ranks in League, you need to take every advantage you can get. We hope this guide will help you if you’re confused or unsure which champions are good in Silver. If none of these champions tickles your fancy, head over to the Mobalytics Tier List and see if there are any other champions you like the look of and are good currently.

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