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5 Best Champions to Climb With in Silver in Season 14

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Top 5 Best Champions to Climb With in Silver in Season 14

Silver is the rank many call home, but like in life, sometimes it’s important to leave home and go on a new adventure. And one way you can be prepare yourself on that journey is by picking champions that are incredibly strong and simple to play, so you have an easier time climbing and solo carrying your team mates to victory.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best champions you can play in Silver to climb the ranked ladder and get ahead of your friends and peers. If you want to learn what other champions are strong in League of Legends right now, head over to the Mobalytics Tier List for more recommendations.

1. Darius

The first champion on our list has been performing quite well since the start of the new Season hit. He is one of the strongest Top laners in League of Legends due to his insane trading potential with his Passive, empowered auto-attacks and his Q. That champion is Darius. Darius is very simple due to him lacking skill shots, which makes him good for a beginner or a lower ranked player.

In low ELO, players tend to fight often. Darius can win trades with players easily thanks to his Passive, which heavily increases his damage output in trades. One early trade that works in Darius’s favour can enable him to take the game over. One kill can result in him snowballing and getting kills over and over again.

On patch 14.9, Darius had a 52% win rate in Platinum+ with over 105,000 games played.

2. Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the most popular beginner champions in the game. In the Jungle role, he can be extremely dominant if he gets an early lead. He is a great champion to solo carry games as he can 1v1 anyone, even the tankiest of champions if he has a lead. He is also not mechanically difficult neither. The only hard thing about him is timing his Q correctly.

Master Yi can teach you a lot about the Jungle role. For instance, he can help you understand the balance required when it comes to ganking or farming. By having this good balance, and not really prioritising one over the other, he can easily earn a lot of gold and dominate the enemy. Not only this though, he can also help you understand objective control. By prioritizing these objectives, you’ll increase your chances of carrying.

On patch 14.9, Master Yi had a 48.7% win rate in Platinum+ with over 60,000 games played. Don’t worry about this “low” win rate as he is still really strong.

3. Brand

The third champion on our list is Brand, who is a very versatile pick. In all honesty, he can be picked in most lanes right now. He is a Mid laner, a Jungler, a Support, and can even be played in the AD role. However, he isn’t a Top laner, as the long lane doesn’t suit his immobile and squishy nature.

What makes Brand such a good champion is his ability to poke and harass the enemy. His W and E are really good at harassing the enemy and clearing waves. These abilities alone can help him pick up a lot of gold and farm quite easily. In particular, using your abilities to poke and farm at the same time is quite a good way of using your mana. In team fights, Brand is really strong thanks to his AOE Ultimate. He can deal a lot of damage with it.

In the Mid lane alone, Brand had a 53.7% win rate in Plat + in over 31,000 games played.

4. Jinx

Jinx is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, especially in the ADC role. She is pretty good regardless of rank, and her simplicity and extreme carry potential make her a good pick for anyone who wants to carry and dominate all stages of the game. The longer the game goes, the stronger Jinx will be and in team fights, after she activates her Passive, she can be a real cannonball.

One thing that is a problem for ADC players in Lower ELO’s is synergy. Some players do not understand how synergy works, or what champions should be picked with who. However, Jinx is an odd-ball in the fact that she can be picked with basically anyone. When paired with an aggressive tank Support, she can get kills, and when she is paired with a utility Support, she can just farm and scale.

Jinx had a 52% win rate in Platinum+ with over 305,000 games played on patch 14.9.

5. Zyra

The final champion on our list is Zyra. Zyra is a great damage-dealing Support for anyone who wants to carry games and climb in League of Legends. Carrys like Zyra are strong because they deal a lot of damage during the game, which means they can have a real impact in fights. When you pick a utility champion, you have less of a direct impact, as you can’t kill anyone: your main goal is to peel and protect.

Zyra can make a huge impact during all stages of the game with the poke from her Q and E. She can use these, in conjunction with her plants, to be a real menace to the enemy by constantly poking them down. Post 6, her Ultimate, with her empowered auto-attacks via her plants, can deal considerable damage to the enemy. In team fights, or in the late game, she can pick people off with her E or Ultimate and blow them up with the follow up damage.

Finally, Zyra had a 51.7% win rate in Platinum+ in over 55,000 games on patch 14.9.

In Conclusion

Silver is where a lot of players call home, but if you wish to flee the nest, then make sure you pick one of these 5 champions in your upcoming games. If you don’t like any of these champions, that’s okay. Pick someone who is simple, deals damage and can carry. Avoid picking tanks or champions who offer more utility or are weak in the current meta, as you will rely on your teammates more than these champions.

Alternatively, you can see what other champions are currently strong in League of Legends by heading over to the Mobalytics Tier List for more recommended picks to help you climb. Give a few champions a go and see what play style or champion you like.