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Best Champions to Climb With in Iron and Bronze

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Best Champions to Climb With in Iron and Bronze

If you’re an Iron or Bronze player who is wanting to climb the ranks in League of Legends, it is important that you play a champion you enjoy but who is also pretty simple to understand. When you’re such a low rank, it’s important that you give yourself as many advantages as you can, including playing a champion who is easy to learn.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about 5 champions: 1 for each role who are some of the best champions to play in Iron and Bronze. This is part of a rank up series where we detail champions who are best suited to climb with. The stats we are using in this article are from patch 12.4!

As a quick disclaimer, the champions on all our lists are our opinion which is backed by data and current League trends. You may not get on with the champions we suggest, and that’s totally okay! You may find more success maining or one-tricking different champions instead! If you’re an Iron or Bronze player and need to climb, definitely sign up for a free Mobalytics account to help you improve quickly!

Interested in a video guide instead? We’ve got you covered!

Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo is the first champion on our list. He is a very basic champion which makes him really easy to play. His kit is simplistic, he only has 1 skill shot which is his Q. Thankfully, it has a large area of effect, so it is pretty easy to hit too.

He can be a great champion to learn as he is quite forgiving. He gets super tanky which can prevent you from dying, and if you tend to die a lot, he can reduce those death stats! His Q is a great tool for last hitting with even in the toughest of matchups, and his E is an auto-attack reset. So you’re pretty much guaranteed to get high CS scores when playing Dr Mundo.

In Iron, Dr Mundo was sitting at a 57.7% win rate and in Bronze he had 56.5% win rate.


Trundle is a skirmish heavy Jungler, and skirmish heavy champions are great in all ranks. Fortunately, Trundle doesn’t have any major skill shots, and his pillar is quite easy to hit. Once he gets on to a target, it can be difficult for them to get him off them.

Dealing with tanks can be quite challenging, but Trundle can destroy their defensive stats with his Ultimate. As teams don’t usually buy armor pen, this will help your team deal with the tanks. Trundle is also super versatile: he can go tank if his team needs it, or he can go full damage when he’s ahead.

In Iron, Trundle had a 60.8% win rate, while in bronze he had a 59.2% win rate.


Veigar is a scaling monster and as long as you’re focusing on farming in the laning phase, you will get so many stacks and free AP. As games tend to go for a longer time in lower ranks, he can scale incredibly hard and get tons of free AP!

Veigar’s Ultimate is also a perfect tool for one-shotting squishy targets. With enough AP, you can literally make a fight 5v4 and take someone down fast. Taking down a squishy target like the ADC or the Support.

In Iron, Viegar had a 56.7% win rate with a 59.0% win rate in Bronze.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is an easy ADC who is always good regardless of the meta. Firstly, she has great poke damage in the lane, and insane AOE damage in team fights. Her damage output as a whole is very high, so you can be a constant bully to the enemy throughout the game.

She is also very forgiving. Thanks to her Passive, her basic attacks deal a lot of damage which helps when last hitting and finishing off low health minions. You will easily secure minions if it’s a new target.

Miss Fortune had a 57.3% win rate in Iron with a 56.6% win rate in Bronze.


In low ELO, players don’t know how to dodge skill shots. This is one of the many reasons why Brand is a great low ELO pick. The enemy will find it difficult to dodge your constant damage in the lane.

Did someone call a carry? Brand is a great carry champion as he has tons of damage with his basic abilities. He also builds full AP, so you’re guaranteed to deal damage as you will be building AP items. If your team lacks an AP pick, Brand is perfect.

In Iron, Brand had a 57.5% win rate and a 56.0% win rate in Bronze.


That about sums up our list of the best champions in Iron and Bronze. If none of these champions tickles your fancy, head over to the Mobalytics Tier List and see if there are any other champions you like the look of and are good currently.

To learn these champions and more, head to Mobalytics!

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