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Top 5 Most OP Bot Lane Duos for Patch 14.7

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5 Must Pick Duos in the Bottom Lane for Patch 14.7

To climb in League of Legends as an ADC or Support, you will increase your chances by playing a champion that synergizes well with your lane partner. Ideally, the two of you want the exact same things in the lane, whether that be to scale, get kills, or just go even. Regardless of what your goals are, it’s best to pick a champion who wants the exact same thing as your ally.

In this article, we will discuss five of the best bottom lane duos you should abuse on patch 14.7. These champions have a very high win rate together, can we recommend you play them while they’re broken.

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1. Kog’Maw and Lulu

While this duo may not be the most potent early-game pairing, they are powerful once they get the late game. Our first pairing on today’s list is Kog’Maw and Lulu. These two are one of the most iconic duos you can have in League of Legends.

Giving him time to scale allows him to dish out much damage in the mid and late-game team fights. With the extra protection from Lulu’s shields and utility tools, Kog’Maw does deal a lot of damage to the enemy. Right now, this pairing has a very high win rate of 54.5%!

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2. Jinx and Leona

If you want to play an early-game dominant duo, then the number two on our list might be for you. They are extremely strong once they get some levels under their belt and can lock down the enemy for a long period of time. This pairing is, of course, Jinx and Leona.

Jinx has told us to follow up once Leona goes in. This allows them to get kills in the laning phase and start a snowball. In team fights, Jinx can dish out a lot of damage as she will have a lot of attack speed. If she focuses on the champion that Leona locks down, then she’ll be able to get resets and deal even more damage. When writing this article, they had a 55.6% win rate.

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3. Ashe and Milio

The next pairing on our list is Ashe and Milio. Ashe has been a versatile champion for quite some time. She has a lot of poke during the laning phase with her W. And then good kill pressure when she has her Ultimate up. These two are very strong, especially post-six.

Milio will empower her while trading by providing her with a heal and a shield. This is extremely important as the additional range and protection, when used in conjunction with her empowered Q, allows the two of them to chase enemies down and win trades easily. This duo is great for all stages of the game, which is why their win rate is currently 55.8%.

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4. Twitch and Janna

Twitch and Janna are another staple duo in League. They may not have the most potent early game, and they are both prone to early all-ins, but given some time and some levels, they can pop off. This is especially true once he has a few items under his belt, as you can go for extended trades with her shield.

Twitch can deal a lot of damage in team fights with his AOE auto attacks, while Janna peels and protects him. The important thing about this pairing is that, while Janna can give him so much, it is essential that Twitch doesn’t get himself killed by playing two aggressively too often. At the time of writing this article, they had a 56.2% win rate.

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5. Nilah and Pyke

Scaling and playing safe early isn’t always the best strategy, and this pairing does the complete opposite. A Nilah and Pyke lane can be deadly to play against as they constantly look for plays and all-ins. If you love aggression, play these champions.

Throughout the laning phase, this pairing constantly tries to make plays and catch people off guard. If they’re able to get one kill, they can quickly snowball that into a huge lead. They are very strong in team fights, and they both want to go in together. Nilah can deal a lot of damage, and then Pyke can execute it. This duo has a very good win rate of 56.3%.

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In Conclusion

That’s about sums up our article on five of the best win rate and best duos in the bottom lane right now. Team up with a friend on this patch and abuse them while they are strong! What other picks do you think are great for DuoQ? Let us know below.

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