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Best Bot and Support Synergy in League of Legends

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Best Bot and Support Synergy in League of Legends

Synergy in the bottom lane is a must-have in any game of League of Legends. Picking two champions that want to achieve different things is a recipe for disaster. When picking a Support or an ADC, try to make sure that you pick a champion that works well with the already picked allied champion. In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about 4 of the best Bot and Support Synergies you can find in League of Legends.

We’d like to make it clear that these duos may not be the best statistically, however, they both work well with one another, and both want the same things throughout the game.

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1. Lucian and Nami

One of the most dominating synergies in the bottom lane to face is a Lucian and Nami lane. The two are incredibly strong and synergise well with one another. Nami’s E can empower Lucian’s auto attacks to deal extra damage to selected targets.

The two have a strong laning phase and can kill most enemy bot laners at level 2 with Nami’s empowerments. They just need to get the level up, Nami needs to press E on Lucian, and he can do all the work and deal a ton of damage to the enemy.

Outside of that, Lucian’s Passive synergises pretty well with Nami too. The extra autos after using an ability allow him to deal more damage to targets quicker. When these autos are combined with her E, they can be quite damaging.

Lucian Splash

2. Xayah and Rakan

Xayah and Rakan made history when they were released. These two synergise well with one another. They offer each other different empowerments and their best synergy is always one another. Each others kit is stronger when they’re laning with their counterpart.

During the laning phase, they are quite strong and both want to go for kills. They can play aggressive at level 2 and might be able to blow summoner spells. Apart from that, Rakan can go for picks with his W and Ultimate and Xayah can follow up with ease.

During team fights, the two are quite good as well. Rakan can CC multiple targets while Xayah and the rest of the team deals damage. Actually, Rakan’s E, which he will use to get out after going in, can be used further away from normal when he uses it on Xayah, which helps him get out of danger faster.

Xayah Splash

3. Twitch and Yuumi

This synergy can go either way. Yuumi offers a lot of different empowerments to her team, including sustain, extra damage and CC. Twitch benefits from all of these empowerments and he will be stronger when Yuumi is attached to him.

Something that is pretty cool about this premade is that Yuumi will be invisible when Twitch is invisibile. This allows both of them to sneak up to the enemy and catch them out of position. He can start auto-attacking while she uses her Ultimate to CC the enemy and take them down.

As the game goes along, she will continue to buff up and empower the Twitch. Twitch be a monster during the mid game, and he can pop out of nowhere, take down an enemy and then escape again, all thanks to Yuumi and her kit.

Twitch Splash

4. Caitlyn and Zyra

We’ve indirectly talked about a couple of different obnoxious laners in this guide, but this one really takes the biscuit. A Caitlyn Zyra lane is very difficult to play against because they constantly bully and harass every champion they lane against.

The goal of this duo is to keep poking and pushing the enemy into their tower: eventually taking tower plates and gaining a significant gold lead over the enemy. If the enemy doesn’t get ganks, you can take over the lane, kill them constantly and take their tower early before quickly rotating to another lane and doing the same thing again.

In team fights, they are good too. Zyra has a lot of AOE damage with her plants and abilities, while Caitlyn’s auto-attacks will deal a lot of damage to the enemy. Zyra can peel for the Caitlyn with her abilities too.

Caitlyn Splash


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