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Best Blind Pick Champions in League of Legends

Top 5 Blind Pick LoL Champs

When playing League of Legends, there will be situations where you’re unable to get the perfect counter-pick on the enemy. For instance, you may be the first pick, and you may need to pick a flexible champion who can be played in multiple roles or someone who does well even in bad matchups.

Regardless of your pick order, there are some favourable champions you can blindly pick or pick into most matchups and do well. Sometimes, if you pick a certain champion, you’ll get hard countered, such as Nautilus as the enemy will just pick Braum.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will list 5 champions that are good blind pickable champions. This article is brought to you in partnership with our friends from ONE Esports. Check them out for more awesome LoL content!

Top 5 Champions You Can Blind Pick in LoL

  • Vladimir
  • Kai’Sa
  • Alistar
  • Cassiopeia
  • Gragas

Before we get into this article, this is based on our opinion alone. Naturally, every champion has hard counters. You will still do well if you pick one of these champions, as they have more open options than many others. Furthermore, the data we are using is for Ranked Solo/Duo, Emerald+ and Patch 13.17.

1. Vladimir – 50.2% WR (114,000 games)

Vladimir is one of the best champions you can blind pick in League of Legends due to his lack of hard counters. He is also a ranged champion, so he can abuse melee champions or tanks if anyone picks them into him.

Vladimir is also a flex pick, which allows him to be played in multiple roles, making countering him slightly harder. You can make it even harder to guess where he is being played by not banning a champion who is playing in the lane you wish to play!

The only real issue with Vladimir is that he can get countered by healing reduction, but that isn’t a huge issue early on as he has lots of sustain and doesn’t need to get ahead to be dominant in the later parts of the game.

Vladimir Splash

2. Kai’Sa – 50% WR (790,000 games)

This champion is one of the most popular champions in the game. Kai’Sa is usually played in the bottom lane, but it is not unheard of for her to be played in the mid lane with the new Statik Shiv build.

Kai’Sa has a lot of good matchups and can be played with a variety of different Supports ranging from tanks to utility champions. So you don’t always need to pick an all-in champion with her.

While she does have counters, she has other ways to play the name, so it’s not an issue if she gets countered. Furthermore, she is still decent when she is behind, and picking up a couple of kills during the mid-game could quickly get her back into the game.

3. Alistar – 50.4% (197,000 games)

Alistar is the next champion on our list and potentially the most controversial champion. He is a melee champion, so he does get countered by some champions like Braum and Morgana, but if you use one of your bans on these champions, you can reduce your chances of getting hard-countered.

Secondly, into hard matchups, he can just leave his ADC and roam around the map: teaming up with his Jungler to get picks and set up plays to get his allies ahead. He can then just go back bot and stay with his ADC for a while and then repeat.

When countered, there are still ways Alistar can play the matchup, such as diving with the Jungler or using Flash to close the gap on the enemy. Baiting out abilities and not taking too much poke damage are ways to play into a “bad” matchup.

4. Cassiopeia – 52.3% WR (61.600 games)

The next champion on our list is Cassiopeia, who, while not popular, has a lot of good matchups and can be played into most champions blindly. Her flexibility, just like Vladimir, is also an added benefit.

Cass does well versus tanks and has tools to keep her alive when she gets countered, such as her Ultimate or W. Unlike some other champions on our list; she does have tools to help protect her from poor matchups.

While Cass may not be the best when she is behind, she can deal a lot of damage with her Q and E spam, and she has tools in team fights that will be extremely useful in aiding her team to win the game.

Cassiopeia CovenSkin2

5. Gragas – 49% WR (88,000 games)

The final champion on our list is Gragas. Gragas is an excellent blind pick due to his flexibility and strength when even behind. Like some of the other champions on our list, Gragas can be played in multiple roles: lately, finding a lot of success in the Top and Jungle roles.

Gragas is good even from behind, as he has his Ultimate, a tremendous team-fighting tool that can knock away champions or get picks on enemies. So even when you’re behind- you will still be accommodating.

Let us remember that Gragas also has a versatile build path and can go full tank if he is behind while still doing a lot of damage. If he gets ahead, he can go AP/ off tank and deal a lot of damage, too.

Gragas Splash 1

Final Thoughts

What other champions are good flex or blind picks in League of Legends? Do you care who you’re against, or do you pick the champion you want to play anyway? Let us know below.

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