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Best Bans for One for All in Season 14

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Best Bans for One for All Season 14

One for All is Riot Games latest game mode. It will only be here for a short time, so you should play it to its fullest before it disappears again! This game mode has been in and out of rotation for many years now, and each time you will find some champions who dominate the meta and are strong when picked as 5!

This Mobalytics article will review the best bans for One for All. I would advise banning these champions to have a more enjoyable time playing the game. If you don’t ban any of these champions and the enemy picks them, then you will end up a little frustrated, so either pick or ban them!

A big thank you to LoLalytics for showcasing the data regarding One for All. Also, we’ve produced a few other articles regarding One for All, which you can find over on the Mobalytics Blog.


The first champion on our list is Shaco. Shaco is one of the most frustrating champions to deal with, as there could be up to 10 enemies at any given time. Could you imagine team fighting, and then suddenly, five more champions spawn out of nowhere?

His clone is really annoying to deal with, as not only does it deal a lot of damage, but it can also CC you. This, paired with a versatile build path, makes Shaco a highly banned champion, as people do not want to deal with him.


Zed is the second most banned champion in the game right now. Zed’s mobility makes him quite annoying to play against as he and his partner can just all in you repeatedly. Chasing him is pretty pointless because he can just escape.

Regardless of what lane he has played, post-6 his kill pressure increases further with his Ultimate. This can make him quite hard to handle too. Also, Zed is very strong against squishy champions, so if your team picks a squishy champion against Zed, you’ve lost from the get-go.

Zed Base Splash


I personally always ban Morgana. Nobody wants to play against a champion who can lock you down for a very long period of time. In the bottom lane, it can feel like Morgana keeps you locked down for an eternity. But in One for All, you basically get an AFK notification after they land their Q on you.

Morgana is really annoying to deal with. You may have noticed that’s all the Champions we have recommended so far. I’ve found them really annoying to play against. The reason for the Morg ban is her Q and Ultimate.

Morgana Splash 1


Malphite is another highly banned champion in Riot Game’s new rotating game mode, One for All. He is a go-to ban because of his strong poke and all-in potential. Regardless of his build, he can go full damage or full tank.

Firstly, he can keep poking the enemy down with his Q. Then when they are low enough, he can just press R. Malphites can layer CC and keep the enemy locked down for a very long period of time. I would hate to be on the receiving end of five Malphite Ults in a row.

Malphite Splash 2


The final ban is Lux. Although Lux has a very versatile build, in this game mode, she usually just builds AP items. She can also layer crowd control with her Q and her E, making it nearly impossible for anyone to escape her.

During the mid and late game, Lux just needs to land one Q on a target and her whole team can follow up with their Ultimates and other abilities. Lux has a lot of skill shots at the best of times, but this is amplified when playing One for All, and it can be hard to dodge her abilities.

Elementalist Lux Splash

Final Thoughts

One for All is always popular at the start, but the play rate quickly dies off, and one of the factors is playing against the same strong and annoying champions. Make sure you ban one of these champions or get your team to ban all 5 so you don’t have to play against any of these annoying picks!

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Table of contents