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5 Ultimates That Have Been Reworked in League of Legends

5 Ultimates That Have Been Reworked in League of Legends

There are over 160 champions in League of Legends, with more being added yearly. Because there are so many champions in LoL, it is clear that some champions need updating and have been updated in recent times. In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about five champions’ Ultimate abilities that have been reworked and improved.

Every champion on our list has been out for a very long time. This is one of the reasons they were reworked. Funny enough, all of these Ultimates are nothing like their previous spells. This makes the champion far more unique, and while I personally miss some of these Ultimates, they’re much better off with their new Ultimates.

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5 Ultimates That Have Been Reworked in League of Legends


Poppy was initially released in 2010, but her Ultimate was reworked in 2015. It was part of a much bigger rework to her. This is the 8th year the “new” Poppy has blessed us on Summoners Rift.

Previously, her Ultimate would allow her to target one enemy champion, meaning she would not take any damage from any other sources apart from the targetted champion. For instance, many Poppy players would target the enemy Support as they deal no damage, and then all-in the enemy carry.

The new Ultimate is pretty cool, but I really do like the old Ultimate. It made her a real menace in team fights and left the enemy carry without anything to do.

Poppy R


He has had quite a long life in League of Legends. Sion was released in 2009 and received a rework to his whole kit in 2014. The new version of Sion and his Ultimate has been on the live servers for 9 years.

Sion’s old Ultimate gave him extra damage, life steal and attack speed and let him one-shot enemy carries with his insane damage output and sustain. He would just activate his Ultimate and then run into the enemy team and attack everyone.

His new Ultimate is more practical and lets him get picks and escape sticky situations. I do not miss his old Ultimate at all.

Sion R


The third champion to receive an Ultimate overhaul was Galio, originally released in 2010. He got his rework in early 2017, which means he is one of the newer reworked champions on our list.

Galio’s old Ultimate would be a large AOE circle that would focus all enemy champions who are in the AOE. After a short period, it blows up, damaging everyone he CC’d. This Ultimate was really cool and rewarding when you got a 5 person Ultimate off.

I personally prefer the old Ultimate, as the new one is kinda “meh”. It is cool how he can fly across the map, but it’s like whatever… It is nothing special at all.

Galio R


Mordekaiser was first released in 2010 and has received several big updates over the year. His latest rework was in mid-2019 when his Ultimate was heavily changed and is seen as it is today.

The old Mordkaiser’s Ultimate was honestly pretty good. You could take the life of an enemy champion and then they would fight for you. Taking down the ADC was good as they can deal tons of damage. Alternatively, you could kill the Dragon and then use that to take early objectives (a pro strat) when Mordekaiser was played as an ADC.

I think the new Mordekaiser Ultimate is much better, but I miss this Ultimate’s nostalgia. It was really cool to see the Dragon being eaten by the Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser R


The final champion on our list is Urgot, originally released in 2010. He received his major rework and change in 2017. The new and improved version of Urgot has been on the live servers for 6 years now, and this version of Urgot is much more popular and a much better pick.

Urgot’s previous Ultimate was really lacklustre. It basically made him switch places with the targetted champion. It has its use cases, but it didn’t do much in the laning phase. This was one of the reasons why Urgot was one of the most hated and unpopular champions in the game.

The new Urgot Ultimate is way better than before. His new Ultimate is far more useful as it can execute an enemy and is a safer Ultimate to use than his old one. However, his new Ultimate is harder to use because it is a skill shot.

Urgot R


That sums up 5 champions who got their Ultimate reworked in League of Legends. What do you think of our list? Do you prefer the new champions, or the old ones? Let us know!

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