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5 Tips to Improve your Kill Participation in League of Legends

How to Improve Kill Participation in LoL

Improving your kill participation in League of Legends is important. If you do not get many kills or assists, you’re missing out on a lot of additional gold and XP that can help you win the game.

I’ve seen and played in games where players have 90%+ kill participation, and they’ve been all over the map. I’ve also seen players get 10% kill participation. Of course, some champions will participate in more fights than others, but it isn’t good to have such a low percentage.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down some tips to help you improve your kill participation in League of Legends.

5 Tips to Improve your Kill Participation in League of Legends

  1. Look for TP plays around the map
  2. Heal or shield allies with global spells
  3. Play around your Ultimate
  4. Group with your team
  5. Use your actives

It’s important to note that in some games, it’s going to be harder to get kills and assist due to the champion you’re playing. For instance, early game champions like Talon will get more kills/ assists during the early stages of the game compared to a late-game champion like Kassadin. Furthermore, it also depends on your kill pressure and your champions “objective” throughout each stage of the game. Someone who wants to focus on farming and scale will have less impact early on.

How to improve your kill participation

To improve your KP, you must understand the stats related to your performance.

You can check this out at any time by plugging your Summoner name and seeing your GPI scores, as seen in the image below.

With these stats in mind, you can see how good you are at getting kills and helping your team.

GPI Aggressions

1. Look for TP plays around the map

Making TP plays is an undervalued strategy in low ELO. As someone who is in high Diamond, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be playing 2v2, and then all of a sudden, someone teleports down and makes it 2v3,

If you see a deep ward in the bottom side of the map and the enemy are overextended, ping your team and try to teleport bot to help them. If you can get a kill or 2 in the bottom lane, you will be ahead, and so will your allies.

Forcing the enemy bot lane out of their lane will mean they will fall behind in gold and XP as they will not secure any minions. Furthermore, their death timers allow your team to secure tower plates or take the Dragon afterwards.

All in all, making TP plays in any lane is very impactful. Just make sure that before you teleport, your allies are in a position to follow up.

2. Heal or shield allies with global spells

If you’re a utility Support and someone is in base and is teleporting back to lane, give them a heal or a shield at the last possible second. If they decide to fight when they get back to lane, you will get an assist and free gold. It would help if you did it at the last possible second so the shield or spell will be on them when they get to the lane. Doing it earlier will mean the spell will disappear before they leave the base, and you’re also reducing the time to assist.

During the mid-game, if any of your allies have global or semi-global Ultimates such as Twisted Fate, Shen or Ezreal, give them a shield if they cast their R near you for another free assist.

On the other hand, in fights or skirmishes, giving anyone a shield will be beneficial as you get gold and a number on the board. Just give someone a shield or a heal if they’re going to get a kill.

This doesn’t seem impactful, but it’s good information to know. Even if it only works once every 5 or 10 games, it’s still helpful to know.

3. Play around your Ultimate

Some Ultimates are incredibly useful and are pretty much guaranteed to get kills. For instance, Leona and Sejuani have incredibly strong CC Ultimates. Whenever these champions have their Ultimate up, they will use them and get a kill in an ideal situation.

A good Jungler will constantly play around their Ultimate and ganking their allies as soon as it up. Sejuani, Amumu and Malphite, in particular, will be doing this. If they hold on to their Ultimate for too long, they’re wasting the ability and missing out on free gold.

In some matchups, your Ultimate will not be very useful. For example, Twisted Fate cannot get too much done in the mid-lane with his Ult, but if he looks to roam and help his allies, he can get himself or his team a kill. Leona, for instance, may not be able to make use of her Ultimate in the bottom lane. If she roams to the mid-lane, she might be able to get a kill with her Mid laner.


Here are some roaming paths that Leona can take if she wants to go to the mid-lane. If you want to learn more about roaming, check out our in-depth roaming guide.

Playing around your Ultimate is a very underrated strat. If you have an excellent Ultimate, make sure you’re using it. Learn what your power spikes are by checking out your favourite champions champion page.

4. Group with your team

Grouping with your team is an essential thing to do. Even if you’re a split pusher, you should be grouping with your team when they need you. I see many players tilt and then refuse to group with their team: instead, they would rather stay in a side lane and just split push.

However, some champions may need to focus purely on split pushing or avoid grouping until they achieve something:

A level spike

  • In the mid/late game, Kassadin will be wanting to avoid grouping so he can hit level 16 quickly. When he is grouped with his team, he will not get a lot of XP. Instead, splitting and getting solo XP is favourable (until he hits level 16).

An item spike

  • If you’ve nearly completed your next item, but still need a little bit of gold, go to a side lane and farm until you’ve completed that item: especially if it’s going to be very impactful in the upcoming fight.

You must group with your team and avoid having this mindset. There is safety in numbers, and if you’re never grouping with your team, not only are you vulnerable, but your team is too.

Learn whether you should group with your team or split push by identifying what team composition you have by checking out our everything you need to know about team comps guide for League of Legends.

5. Use your actives

This tip is aimed at champions such as Janna, Nami, Lulu or anyone who has an AOE activate that empowers their team. Make sure you use them in team fights. If you use your Redemption and it heals an ally, you will get an assist! If you use the active on Locket and someone gets a kill after giving them a shield- you will get an assist!


You must remember to use these items in team fights and throughout the game to keep your allies alive and increase your kill participation.


Getting more assists and kills is not as easy as many players think, especially in some lanes. But, depending on the champion and the role you’re playing, you can increase your KP easily by playing around your champions kit.

For more tips and tricks, check out Mobalytics!

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