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5 Most Picked Champions in Professional League of Legends

5 Most Picked Champions in Professional League of Legends

Pro League of Legends is something that millions around the world enjoy and tune into every week. People love watching it from around the world, and if you tune in every week, you may notice the same ol’ champions being played over and over again.

Have you ever wondered who are the most picked champions in professional League of Legends? You probably have a good idea already who they are if you watch it a lot, but if you have no idea, you may be surprised by the champions on our list.

If you’re looking for more stats for champions in League of Legends, or if you want any more tips and tricks to play any champions on our list, then make sure you sign up for a free Mobalytics account.

Before we begin, we would just like to say that these stats and all the other stats we are using in this series of Esports guides are taken from GOL.GG. The filters we are using are all seasons and all roles.

5 Most Picked Champions in Pro League of Legends

  1. Ezreal
  2. Braum
  3. Lee Sin
  4. Thresh
  5. Nautilus


Ezreal is the most picked ADC in the game for pro play. He is very popular because of his consistency inside and outside of the laning phase. He has great synergies and does well with a variety of different Supports.

Players tend to roam a lot in pro play, which benefits Ezreal as he can farm from afar with his Q and play in matchups that are either 1v1 or 1v2. He is a very safe pick in both pro and solo queue.

The AD Carry is very popular in solo queue as well, ranking as one of the most picked champions overall, and the most picked ADC. I think its appropriate that Riot never make him overpowered, and he is never really weak either as he is one of the many poster children of League of Legends.

Quick Tips

  • Use your abilities as frequently as possible to stack your Tear of the Goddess. The quicker you complete this item- the better.
  • Don’t use your E aggressively unless the enemy has their core abilities on cooldown. Using it aggressively will make it easier for you to get killed if you use it when their abilities are up.
  • To destroy towers quickly and get more gold from tower plates, you can use your W on the tower and follow it up with an auto-attack.


Braum is the first Support on our list. He is really good in pro play as he has a lot of pick and play-making potential. He can mark champions with his Q and the slow can cripple a target: making it easy for his team to take them down.

At level 6, Braum’s pick potential increases further and he can catch out enemies with his Ultimate. He has good gank setup at this time which is helpful as he can set up the Jungler too. Braum is in particular, good versus squishy champions and good at counter-engaging.

Unfortunately, his popularity in pro play doesn’t transition to solo queue as he is a team-orientated champion and relies on good communication and synergy. While he works in solo queue, he isn’t as strong nor as popular.

Quick Tips

  • Braum doesn’t need to play aggressive 24/7. Wait for the enemy to engage and then turn the exchange around.
  • Always stick with your team, in particular, the ADC so you can protect and peel them with your E.
  • Don’t use your E to block damage in small trades. It’s best to save it for extended or long trades only so you do not run out of mana. Also, keeping your E off cooldown will help you if the enemy decides to commit to a full trade.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the third champion and the first Jungler on our list. Back in the day, Lee Sin was pick or ban and you’d see him in every single game in one way or another. While Lee’s popularity in pro play isn’t what it once was, he is still a solid pick.

He is a very strong early game champion which is good in pro play as early game Junglers are very strong as they can help their team get an early lead which will favour them in the later parts of the game.

Lee Sin is very popular in solo queue and nearly every Jungler has him in their champion pool. He is one of the most fun champions to play, and I would be surprised if any jungle main hasn’t at least played him.

Quick Tips

  • Just because you hit your Q, it doesn’t mean you have to go in. Refrain from following every Q.
  • Try and initiate ganks with your W rather than Q. If you use your Q and miss, it is going to result in a failed gank. It will also be harder for you to land your Q the further you’re away from the enemy.
  • Flash kick the enemy carry or squishy champion into your team. Do not kick the enemy tank or engage champion as you’ll do more harm than good.


The next champion on our list is Thresh. Thresh is a very strong champion in both pro and solo play. He has a lot of tools in his kit that make him a great pick in the Support role. By the way, have you noticed the number of Supports on today’s list?

Thresh has his Q and E which can be used to catch players out of position. This is really good because it can set up picks for his team. His lantern is a good tool that can protect his allies and keep them alive.

Thresh is also one of the most popular Supports in the game. Every Support player who likes to play tanks definitely mained Thresh at one point or another.

Quick Tips

  • Thresh has very good roaming potential once he has Boots of Mobility. Look to roam often once you’ve purchased these Boots to get a lead.
  • Bait out dashes or abilities that can be used to dodge your Q to make landing abilities much easier.
  • Place vision around objectives to try and get picks before sieging or taking an objective. One good Death Sentence on a target can turn the game around.


Nautilus is the final champion on our list. He is really good in solo and pro play because of his pick potential and the overwhelming amount of CC he has to offer. Nautilus is a fantastic roamer and you will often see him get some wards, upgraded boots then follow his Jungler around to gank his allies.

Three of his abilities are CC tools. His Q is really good at catching people out, his E is a slow that can keep enemies from escaping, and his Ultimate is point and click CC that can knock up multiple targets. Let’s not forget his basic attacks that can CC targets too.

Thankfully, Nautilus is a good champion in solo queue too because he can start skirmishes and create opportunities for his team. If you want to solo carry and climb, then Nautilus may be for you.

Quick Tips

  • Hold on to your Q until the enemy has miss positioned or used their escape ability. Using your Q and missing it will leave you vulnerable to damage and poke.
  • When the enemy is sieging one of your Towers or is trying to poke, use your Q to catch out them out of position while they’re overextended. Picking someone off is a good way of winning a fight or preventing the enemy from taking an objective.
  • While Nautilus is quite slow, you do have really good roaming potential as you have a lot of CC. Look to roam after recalling before heading back to the bottom lane.

Finishing Thoughts

Are you surprised by the most picked champion in professional play of all time? If you wish to learn how to play any of the champions on the list, head over to their Mobalytics champion page.