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5 Most Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

5 Most Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

Arena Mode, League of Legends’ latest game mode, has been out for quite a while now, and players adore this new game mode. It is yet to be announced if this temporary game mode will remain for longer, but we hope it does.

Regardless of the status of Arena Mode, there have been a lot of cool things about this new game mode, such as it being a quick game mode and how it is a good way of practising new champions.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about 5 of the most picked champions in Arena Mode. I don’t think this guide will surprise you as if you’ve played this game mode; you often see the same champions repeatedly. But if you wish to try any of these champions out in Arena Mode or in Ranked, head over to the Mobalytics Champion Page for tips and tricks.

5 Most Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

  • Sett
  • Kai’Sa
  • Shaco
  • Warwick
  • Jax

Please note, these champions may no longer be the most-played champions in Arena Mode, but they were at the time of writing.

1. Sett – 2,400,000

Sett is the number one most-played champion in Arena Mode. He is a strong duelist who can dominate early rounds and still be a threat as the game develops. If you’ve not tried Sett yet, you have to.

One of the reasons why Sett is so good in Arena mode is due to how much CC he has. He has his E early on, which is on a short-ish cooldown. Then when he has his Ultimate a few rounds later, he can knock away a target and isolate them.

Another reason is that he is naturally quite tanky and deals a ton of damage. Sett will build items that make him off-tank: tanky with a lot of damage. This is good in Arena Mode, as sometimes just having tanky stats isn’t enough to win a round.

2. Kai’Sa – 1,900,000

Kai’Sa is one of the best champions in Arena Mode, and subsequently, she is the second most-played champion. On Summoners Rift, she is usually accompanied by a Support, but that’s not always the case in Arena Mode.

Let’s get into synergy. Kai’Sa has excellent synergy with anyone with any form of CC, as she can easily apply her Passive and kill them. Kai’Sa’s natural state in Arena mode is also very strong, which is a massive plus to playing her right now.

In ARAM, in particular, you will often see Kai’Sa building AP items, and in Summoners Rift, you will usually see her have a mix of AD and AP for the ability upgrades. Her versatility in those game modes rains true in Arena Mode as well, and she can build a lot of different items depending on ally and enemy.

3. Shaco – 1,800,000

The next champion is Shaco, one of the most picked and banned champions in Arena Mode. There will be no jungle dif when picking Shaco in Arena Mode, but he will definitely be carrying regardless!

Shaco is one of the more frustrating champions to play against in this game mode because he can put a lot of boxes down, go invisible, and has a clone that is a pain to deal with. He is so hard to handle if he also gets some good augments.

Shaco has a lot of damage. While he may not look like he has a lot, the clone can deal a lot of damage. If you walk into a box or 2, you will struggle against him. Controllable Ultimates like Tibbers, Daisy, and Clone are a nuisance in this mode!

4. Warwick – 1,800,000

It’s been a while since Warwick has been a dominant force in League of Legends. But in Arena Mode, he has seen a lot of play and is one of the most picked and played champions.

Warwick is a dominant champion in Arena mode, and he synergises well with so many different champions in the current meta. Early on, he has a lot of damage and can constantly auto the enemy players. His Ultimate is a CC tool that can take someone out of the fight as the game progresses!

It can be difficult to counter Warwick unless you go for healing reduction and armour pen. He will be tanky and get quite a bit of sustain. Many teams do not build armour pen or healing reduction, so it will be hard for you to kill him.

5. Jax – 1,700,000

Last but most definitely not least is Jax. Jax is a dominant force in Arena Mode due to his aggressive playstyle and ability to synergise well with many others. Jax has great play-making potential, so give him a go.

Jax has perfect synergy with many champions, including Annie, who can constantly buff and keep him alive. He will be tanky anyway, but he will be hard to kill throughout all game stages.

Jax’s kit is powerful. He has a dash that can jump on the enemy. His E blocks incoming auto-attacks and is a CC tool. His Ultimate empowers him. He is a strong champion in Arena Mode.

Finishing Thoughts

Are you surprised by the champions on our list? Not me, personally, as I always see at least 1 of these champions being picked in every lobby, and if they’re not getting banned, then they’re definitely getting picked!

Speaking of bans, we have made other content around League of Legends’ new Arena Mode, which you can find over on the Mobalytics Blog.