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5 Most Annoying Top Laners to Play Against in LoL

Top 5 Most Annoying Top Laners to Play Against in League of Legends

In a game with over 155 champions, League of Legends has a huge variety of different champions and champion archetypes you could face on any day of the week. Everyone has preferred champions to play against, and other champions they would never want to face.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will talk about 5 of the most annoying and frustrating champions to play against in the Top lane. Before we begin, let’s break down how we curated this article. We used a mix of stats, community perspective and our own opinions to come up with the top 5 most annoying Top laners to face in LoL.

If you’re interested in learning how to play any of these champions in this guide, we’ll have their champion builds and runes throughout the article.

Top 5 Most Annoying Top Laners to Play Against in League of Legends

  1. Tryndamere
  2. Teemo
  3. Akshan
  4. Darius
  5. Fiora

1. Tryndamere

The first champion on our list is Tryndamere. It’s pretty easy to see why everyone hates Tryndamere, but for the ill-informed, it’s several reasons, most notable his obnoxious playstyle and all-in.

Tryndamere loves to get on to the enemy in the lane and bully them. He spins in with his E then bashes them to death. He has a slow on his W that cripples the enemy, making it incredibly hard for them to escape him.

When he gets level 6, he becomes unkillable for a while, which makes him even harder to play against. His Ultimate leaves nowhere safe for you: not even the comfort of your tower. Once the laning phase has ended, make sure someone stops him from splitting. When he’s left uncontested, he can take towers down fast!

On patch 12.5, Tryndamere had a 53.3% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • When skirmishing with Tryndamere, avoid turning your back to him as his W taunt will slow you if you are not facing him. If you have any kind of mobility spell, it would be better to use it after you get slowed by his W.
  • At any stage of the game, try pressuring Tryndamere off the wave so he cannot stack his rage (Resource bar) effectively. This will reduce his Q healing by a lot and will allow you to go for regular short burst trades.
  • Tryndamere will try to split push or dive your team during the late game. In team fights, avoid using damaging abilities on him when he activates his Ultimate. If he split pushes, try to 5v4 the enemy team or gang up on him if no Neutral Objectives are up for grabs.
  • Avoid fighting Tryndamere when his rage bar is fully charged up as it grants him bonus stats and heals him massively with his Q. Let his rage run out first, or use your abilities to keep poking him which will, in turn, force him to use his Q to heal himself.

2. Teemo

Teemo is a highly frustrating champion to play against. Many top laners in LoL are melee, and he is one of the few ranged champions played there. Due to his natural range advantage, he will be able to harass and poke you frequently in the laning phase.

After he hits level 6, he can become ungankable by plastering the river with mushrooms. If he doesn’t do that, you can’t take any alternative path in the lane as he will place shrooms around the lane, which you’ll step in if you’re not careful.

Outside of the laning phase, he will plant dozens of mushrooms around the map, which can deal considerable amounts of damage to anyone who steps on them. Be on the lookout for his shrooms; otherwise, you’ll get heavily frustrated by the Teemo.

In patch 12.5, Teemo had a 54.5% win rate in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • While trading with him, always try to drop vision in the brushes when he blinds you. Staying in vision will simply allow him to pelt you with more auto-attacks while you try to disengage.
  • During team fights, chances are that Teemo will be busy split pushing, so make sure that you shove out the side waves before trying to initiate a team fight. Otherwise, Teemo will just take multiple towers while you’re busy trying to start a fight.
  • Before a gank, try to bait out Teemo’s blind so that your Jungler can land their CC and consistently damage Teemo with their attacks. Let the wave push in as well so that you have more space to chase him down.
  • Consider buying a Sweeper once he hits level six as you will need to clear his Ultimate mushrooms on a regular basis. Make sure you keep the gank routes and the river entrances free of those traps before a gank.

3. Akshan

Akshan is another ranged champion in the top lane. So there’s the first annoying part of this matchup. If you’re not careful, he will bully you down and make your life miserable with his superior range.

He is pretty mobile, and he has good roam potential. Unfortunately, that gives him a lot of map pressure, and he can go where he pleases. If you fall behind against Akshan, you can’t even push against him as he can quickly come back to the lane and all-in you.

Of course, the foremost thing that people hate about Akshan is his Passive, allowing him to resurrect his allies. Imagine acing a team, and then he shuts down the enemy who got most of the kills: boom, the enemy team is back alive. Sad.

Akshan had a 51.3% win rate in the Top lane on patch 12.5 in Platinum+.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you’re behind, try and avoid pushing the minion wave as Akshan can easily all-in you with his E.
  • When Akshan leaves lane, ping as much as you can. He may roam and get kills elsewhere on the map, and pinging quickly gives your allies more time to disengage.
  • If Akshan activates his Ultimate, run behind structures or a stacked minion wave. His Ultimate will not hurt you if you’re behind either of those.
  • Avoid overstaying in mid and late game team fights if you’re low and Akshan is alive. He could get a takedown and bring his whole team back on the map. Recall when low so the enemy cannot get back into the action quickly.

4. Darius

This list wouldn’t be complete without Darius. Darius is so annoying to deal with because of his Passive bleed and his all-in potential. For a top lane main, you probably dread playing versus Darius, especially if you’re a weak early game champion.

A good Darius will look to bully you whenever you walk forward. It can be impossible to lane against him as he just all-ins you whenever you move. He is very strong in all-ins, and he can pull you closer to him with his E before crippling you with his W and bonking you to death.

Post 6, his strength just increases because he can execute you with his Ultimate. He is a real pain to deal with through all early game stages. Just try not to make a mistake at level 1, so he doesn’t get an early kill.

Darius had a 54.6% win rate in Platinum+ on patch 12.5!

Tips and Tricks

  • His healing mostly comes from the edge of his Q so moving into his champion model or away from him stops him from getting the heal on the edge.
  • Darius’ Passive stacks up over time through his Auto-attacks or his Q. Be cautious to not let it keep stacking as it will build up to a lot of damage and will be a good way to finish you off in an extended fight.
  • In team fights, Darius will be looking to reset with his Ultimate and take extended fights. Try to stop his resets off of kills or space properly and prevent him from walking up without getting punished. Long ranged poke is really great against him.
  • He has a strong early game skirmishing potential, so be careful as he can do a surprising amount of damage, as well as sustain himself. You may want to consider investing in Grievous Wounds to counter his sustainability.

5. Fiora

The last champion on our list is Fiora. Luckily, Fiora isn’t as popular as she once was, but that doesn’t deter us from adding her to the list. She is a powerful duelist who can all-in you frequently and chase you down and kill you.

Many players hate her because of her strong all-in and trading potential. Her Q is on a short cooldown in the later ranks, and she can effortlessly chase you down if you overstep. In particular, she will look to split push and fight whoever tries to stop her during the mid-game.

During the laning phase, her W is a big big big problem for many champions as it can block abilities. It can save her life and allow her to turn exchanges around if she can CC you.

Finally, Fiora had a 56.2% win rate in Platinum+ on patch 12.5!

Tips and Tricks

  • She will mostly focus on split pushing so you will have a numbers advantage when it comes to team fighting. Use it well and kill her team before she can reach the place where the team fight is happening.
  • She excels at 1 v 1’s so make sure you stick with your team and help them when possible. Don’t let her get access to your backline and try not to get picked off before a major fight happens.
  • Fiora’s W is not to be underestimated in the lane as she can counter-CC you if you use it improperly. Try to poke her down first and then you can go for an all-in once her W is down. Baiting her W is very important so make sure you do that first.
  • Fiora excels at duelling and will win fights if you let her proc her Passive ‘Vitals’. Do your best to prevent her from doing so, and punish her if she uses her Q to dash in and secure her Passive.


And so that’s it! That’s our list of the top 5 most annoying champions to play against in the Top lane of LoL. Do you agree with our list? What do you think? For more articles, head to Mobalytics!