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Top 5 Lowest Health Champions in League of Legends

Who Has the Least Health in LoL?

There are over 160 different champions in League of Legends. From super stronk tanks, to the most immobile and squishiest champions you’ve ever seen. The fact is, champions in League of Legends are not made equally, and every champion has different amounts of health.

Recently, we’ve created numerous articles about stats in League of Legends, and today we will discuss 5 of the lowest health or squishiest champions in League of Legends. Before we begin, we should state how we came up with this list. We used the information from the Wiki, which lists each champion’s stats.

We used the health at level 18 to determine who the squishiest and lowest health champions are, excluding items that might increase their health or defensive stats. If you want to learn more about any of the champions on today’s list, make sure you head over to their Mobalytics’ Champion Page. for extra tips and tricks on how to play them.

Top 5 Lowest Health Champions in League of Legends

  1. Yuumi
  2. Gnar
  3. Janna
  4. Senna
  5. Milio

1. Yuumi- 1673 (at level 18)

The first champion and the squishiest champion in the game is obviously going to be Yuumi. If you’ve ever played Yuumi, you know how vulnerable you can be when playing her, and if any CC hits you, you’ll die.

The good thing with Yuumi is that she will usually remain attached to her allies so it reduces her chances of getting killed instantly by the enemy team. This not only increases her survivability but also helps her team stay alive for longer against tough opponents.

Tips and Tricks to help you play Yuumi

  • Avoid constantly using your E in lane as it costs a lot of mana and you’re vulnerable when it’s down. Only use it to block abilities that deal a lot of damage rather than the odd enemy auto here and there.
  • Don’t forget to jump on and off your carries to get Passive procs down on the enemy. Keep abusing them with a mix of your Q and basic attacks.
  • Be prepared to attach W yourself to a different champion other than your ADC. Buffing up a different carry will make them unkillable in team fights.

2. Gnar- 1883 (at level 18)

The next champion on our list is Gnar: more specifically, mini Gnar. Gnar is squishy without any items and is an easy target when he is not in his mega form. The good thing about Gnar is that he has his mega form to fall back on.

Another benefit for Gnar is that he will build items that increase his defensive stats. Usually, he builds a mixture of AD and tank items which help him stay alive in team fights and skirmishes. Let’s not forget that Gnar also has his E which can help him escape, and his Ultimate which he can use to create distance between him and his enemies.

Tips and Tricks to help you play Gnar

  • When against melee champions, use your range advantage to harass the enemy. Whenever they have 2 stacks on them, make sure you auto-attack or use your Q to proc your W.
  • Try to delay a team fight for as long as possible while you stack your Rage Bar. When it’s up, force a fight before you go back to Mini Gnar.
  • Before using your E aggressively, take a look at the mini-map to make sure the enemy Jungler is not nearby and ready to engage once you’ve overextended.

3. Janna- 1998 (at level 18)

Janna is an interesting champion and the one I didn’t really think would be the third least tanky and lowest health champion in the game. Of course, Supports are dominating this list, but I guess I never truly noticed how squishy she is.

I suppose, in hindsight, she is quite squishy, but she does have the tools to keep herself and her allies alive. Notably, her own movement speed can help her escape damage, while her Q, W and R are all utility tools that can allow her to keep a distance between herself and her enemies.

Tips and Tricks to help you play Janna

  • Your mindset throughout the game should be to keep your ADC alive at all costs. Stick to them like glue and use everything you can to keep them alive. If needed, cast your Ultimate to knock back would-be engagers to stop them from getting on you or your ADC.
  • Never leave your team’s side and don’t wander too far away from them at any given time. Janna is needed to protect her teammates and not being with them is a big no-no. If this means that you can’t ward an objective or have to delay a ward, then you’ll have to do so as the enemy may ambush you as you go to ward alone.
  • Use your W and basic attacks to harass the enemy as much as possible in lane. A good method of poking is by waiting for the enemy to waste an ability and then walk up to them, auto-attack once and then use your W.

4. Senna- 2043 (at level 18)

The fourth champion on our list is Senna. I 100% agree with this as I always seem to die first on my tream whenever I play Senna. She is incredibly vulnerable to damage and easy to lock down and kill.

Senna also lacks an escape tool like many other Supports or ADCs, which makes her vulnerable to all-ins. Similarly, she must play aggressively to get stacks and increase her stats. Thankfully, she does have her E, but that isn’t much help versus all-ins.

Tips and Tricks to help you play Senna

  • Make sure you harass and trade with the enemy as often as you can to get soul drops. Good times to trade are when there isn’t a cannon minion in lane or when the enemy Support walks up to secure minions.
  • Do not use your Ultimate mid-combo. It takes some time to charge up, and you’ll be exposed to enemy CC and damage. You will also miss out on an auto-attack or two- which may make all the difference in a fight.
  • Do not use your E unless you’re being ganked. It’s not a good ability to use mid-combo, and it costs a lot of mana and doesn’t really help when fighting.

5. Milio- 2056 (at level 18)

At the time of writing this article, Milio is the latest champion to hit Summoners Rift. He is another Support, who is super squishy and easy to take down. Like most of the other champs on our list, Milio doesn’t deal a lot of damage but does have a lot of utility spells.

He doesn’t have a dash or an escape tool, but his Ultimate can be useful for protecting his allies and keeping them alive. The fact that it can break some CC abilities and can help his allies escape is very good.

Tips and Tricks to help you play Milio

  • Abuse your range against melee champions to gain health leads in the lane. It will be highly beneficial if you keep auto-attacking them often.
  • Stay away from your team in team fights so you can use your Ultimate to save them from CC. Stay with them but behind them so you can empower them.
  • Whenever you have your empowered autos up, make sure you auto-attack the enemy as soon as possible.


And that sums up this article on the lowest health or squishiest champions in League of Legends. Do any of these champions surprise you? I’m surprised by Janna’s low stats at level 18! As always, if you want to learn more on how to play these champions, head over to their Champion Page.