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5 Least Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

5 Least Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

Arena Mode is the best new game mode Riot Games has created in a few years. It was played so much and was the perfect game mode for many as it was a short game mode that can be played with friends, you don’t have to rely on random players, and it was a good way to learn new champions.

The only issue with Arena Mode is that you often find the same champions being played repeatedly as there is a form of meta in League of Legends Arena Mode. However, you may have never seen some champions in this game mode, and in this Mobalytics article, we will show you the 5 least-picked champions in Arena Mode.

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5 Least Picked Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

  • Sivir
  • Nami
  • Xerath
  • Rek’Sai
  • Ziggs

Please note, these champions may no longer be the least played, but were at the time of writing.

Sivir – 36,000

The least-picked champion in Arena Mode is Sivir who has only 36,000 games. Sivir is not a good champion in this game mode and is one of the worst ADCs. If you want a real ADC, play Kai’Sa instead.

In theory, Sivir’s spell shield is good in this game mode because it can block CC. Unfortunately, it is limited. Opponents often layer CC onto the enemy team, and Sivir cannot block CC. It also has a long cooldown.

Sivir’s power in solo queue is to push and poke: which is somewhat the opposite in this game mode as you want to commit to fights and get on top of the enemy. Let’s not forget that enemies can heal from your damage with the plants too.

Nami – 50,000

Utility Supports like Nami, Soraka, and Janna do poorly in these game modes. In contrast, tanks like Alistar or AP champions like Zyra do exceptionally well. Nami doesn’t deal much damage; if you pick her, it will be hard for you to impact the game.

The thing with Nami is that she relies on her ally to do the majority of the work while she peels, heals and helps them. This isn’t ideal in this game mode as the enemy will just focus her first, then take on their opponent. She is also incredibly squishy and easy to kill.

Support builds could be better in this game mode. It’s better to go full damage or full tank. Because she doesn’t have much success with either, she has to go utility, which doesn’t work well in this mode.

Xerath – 52,000

Even with Xerath’s recent buffs, his play rate in Arena Mode is terrible. But it is entirely understandable why people do not play him, as his kit and champion design is not cut out for these fast-paced game modes.

Xerath is quite like Sivir in some regards. He has skill shots and wants to poke the enemy down first. This is not good in this game mode, as the enemy will just dodge it or go and take the plants to regenerate.

He cannot use his Ultimate well in this game mode, as he has to channel it. If the enemy has CC, they can just interrupt him, which means he will get killed quickly (as he is squishy), and he will also miss out on a lot of damage; he has 3 abilities instead of 4 in Arena Mode.

Rek’Sai – 65,000

Out of all the champions on our list, I am a bit surprised by Rek’Sai being on the list. I understand why she is here, though, because she lacks any personality in this game mode, which is why she is the 4th least-picked champion.

The thing with Rek’Sai is she lacks either damage or tankyness. Unlike some of the champions in League and Arena Mode, she either goes full damage and is squishy, or she goes tanky and does nothing. This is one of the many reasons why she doesn’t get played.

In the current state of League of Legends, do you even see Rek’Sai much? She isn’t a popular champion and doesn’t get played, as there are way better champions out there that provide their team with more. It is the same in Arena Mode.

Ziggs – 66,000

Ziggs is the 5th least-played champion in Arena Mode. It’s pretty obvious why he is not played too much. He doesn’t see much play in Solo Queue anymore, and we rarely see him in the ADC role, which is where he dominated in previous seasons.

Ziggs wants to poke. His champion is designed that way, but unfortunately, he cannot do that in this mode as the enemy will either just dodge his abilities, or tank it, then go and get the plants to regen. It is unlikely he will get kills.

On the other hand, he is exceptionally squishy and prone to all-ins. This is not good in Arena Mode, as many teams will stack up on CC tools and quickly take him down. In short, he will get focused by tanks and killed instantly if you pick Ziggs.

Finishing Thoughts

Are you surprised by the champions on our list? I don’t think I have ever seen any of them being played my self, but I am still surprised regardless. Anway, we hope you found this article intriguing.

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