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5 Easiest Mid Laners to Play in LoL

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5 Easiest Mid Laners to Play in LoL

The mid lane is one of the hardest lanes to learn in League of Legends. Players who master this role have played tons of tons of games on a variety of champions to understand the basics of the role.

One way the best of the best were able to master the mid lane was by starting off slow and playing easier champions. Once they played these champions a lot, they were able to move on to harder champions as they improved and learned more about the mid lane.

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1. Annie

Annie is known as one of the easiest champions in the game thanks to her very basic kit. She only has 1 real skill shot which is her Ultimate. Tibbers has a large AOE so it’s very easy to hit as well.

Annie is a recommended pick for players who want to learn the mid lane because she can teach you a ton of different things about the mid lane as a whole such as trading, wave management and last hitting.

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2. Lux

Lux is one of the harder easy champions on our list today. Firstly, Lux is pretty simple because her abilities are somewhat easy to land. All of them have a large radius which makes landing them a piece of cake. Secondly, Lux has a lot of burst damage. If you can land your Q, you can easily blow somebody up with a basic combo.

Not to mention, Lux can easily clear waves with little to no items with her E as it has a lot of damage early and is usually the ability she maxes first.

Learn how to play Lux by checking out Lux’s champion page.

3. Veigar

Veigar is a very simple champion who just presses Q in lane. Your main focus throughout the laning phase is to get stacks with your Q for free AP to increase your damage output. Veigar has a good defensive tool with his cage which can be used to escape all-ins, prevent ganks and set up his Jungler.

As long as you can get over Veigar’s lack of mobility, he is a great champion to learn, and he can easily one-shot any squishy target in the late game.

Learn how to play Veigar by checking out Veigar’s champion page.

4. Ziggs

Ziggs is a great champion because he can quickly destroy towers and help his team take objectives. Thanks to Ziggs’ W, he can blow up towers before they reach 0 HP, unlike every other champion in the game.

Ziggs has very good wave clear with his Q and E, so once he has picked up his first component item, he can effortlessly clear waves and keep the enemy pushed in.

Thanks to his Passive, he can also outtrade many enemies as his Passive empowers his next auto-attack.

Learn how to play Ziggs by checking out Ziggs’s champion page.

5. Malzahar

Malzahar has good wave clear and clear waves quickly thanks to his Q and E. Both of these spells are very strong and allow him to poke and push at the same time. Post 6, Malzahar can pick enemies off easily with his Ultimate. Malzahar’s Ultimate is point and click, which is great for players learning how to play the mid lane.

Malzahar also has a magical shield that can protect him from incoming damage, which offers extra protection even in the hardest matchups.

Learn how to play Malzahar by checking out Malzahar’s champion page.


The mid lane is the hardest role in my opinion, to master. By picking one of these five champions, you will increase your chances of winning and climbing when playing the mid lane.

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