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5 Easiest Junglers to Play in LoL

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5 Easiest Junglers to Play in LOL

Playing easier champions in League of Legends is a really good idea when learning a new role. Picking one of these 5 champions when learning how to play the Jungle role will be very beneficial for you as you can learn how to play the Jungle role without worrying too much about mechanics or skill.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will list 5 of the easiest champions to play in the Jungle role of League of Legends. There are quite a few different Junglers in the game with varying levels of skill required to master, so picking one of these champions will help you climb and get good in the Jungle role!

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1. Amumu

Amumu is a very easy Jungler to learn. Firstly, he has AOE abilities that help him clear the jungle. Secondly, he has 2 Q abilities which means he has two chances of landing his Q on an enemy.

Amumu’s Ultimate is also powerful. It has a large radius and can CC multiple enemies. You don’t even have to hit an enemy champion to close the gap as your Q is versatile and can allow you to gain distance and then Ult them.

Learn how to play Amumu by checking out Amumu’s champion page.

2. Master Yi

Master Yi is one of the strongest low ELO Junglers. He is straightforward to play as he has no skill shots, and the only hard thing about him is using his Q to dodge incoming damage and skill shots. A good Master Yi will time their Q, so they dodge damage, which is one of the hardest things about him.

Master Yi is also someone that can snowball very quickly if he gets a few kills, which makes him great for carrying in solo queue.

Learn how to play Master Yi by checking out MasterYi’s champion page.

3. Rammus

Rammus is a tank champion with point and click abilities. Additionally, his Ultimate, which is his only real “skill shot”, has a large area of effect, which is relatively easy to land too. Rammus is an excellent pick into teams with a lot of AD, making games a lot easier as he can stack armour rather than build mixed defensive items.

Sonic the Hedgehog is very easy to gank with too. He just needs to roll up with his Q, dodge minions and hit the enemy with his Q before taunting them. Alternatively, he can use his Ultimate to jump over minions to get onto the target as well.

Learn how to play Rammus by checking out Rammus’s champion page.

4. Warwick

Warwick is similar to other champions on our list, such as Master Yi as both can quickly snowball and take over the game if they get kills early.

Warwick has a very healthy clear thanks to his Q. As well as that, Warwick tends to build items that keep him alive in team fights. This combined, offer the Warwick a lot of survivability.

Finally, Warwicks Ultimate is a great picking tool that can be used to almost guarantee kills. All you need to do is rock up to a lane and use it on the enemy.

Learn how to play Warwick by checking out Warwick’s champion page.

5. Sejuani

Sejuani is a very good Jungler for beginners because she is tanky and has a lot of survivability. Her clears are pretty simple and rather healthy, which makes learning the jungle pretty good.

Post 6, her Ultimate is powerful and is easy to land. It can be the difference between a victory or defeat, though, so something to keep in mind is that your Ultimate is a great tool to get kills. Make sure you try and gank your allies whenever it is up for free kills.

Learn how to play Sejuani by checking out Sejuani’s champion page.


The Jungle role is the least forgiving role in the game. I would highly recommend playing easier champions if you’re learning the role. Once you’ve mastered these champions, move on to harder champions to further extend your jungle knowledge.

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