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5 Champions With the Biggest Ability Range in League of Legends

5 Champions With the Biggest Ability Range in League of Legends

Some champions in League of Legends have insane ranges, while some are melee and can only attack enemies that are really close to them. Some champions in League of Legends even have global Ultimates or semi Global Ultimates.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 champions who have insane ranges on one of their abilities. This list isn’t necessary in order, and there are lots of other champions with large ranges too. Furthermore, we are not including any champions who have global abilities such as Gangplank, Ezreal or Shen.

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5  Champions With the Biggest Range in League of Legends

  1. Twisted Fate
  2. Xerath
  3. Aurelion Sol
  4. Galio
  5. Pantheon

1. Twisted Fate’s Ultimate (5500 range)

Twisted Fate’s Ultimate is a great utility tool that can allow him to get picks and assist his allies. His Ultimate is very strong but doesn’t necessarily help him in 1v1 skirmishes with the enemy in lane, especially against someone with a strong Ultimate at level 6.

What he misses out on in terms of damage he makes up for in playmaking potential and a good Twisted Fate will look to constantly use his Ultimate to get picks.

Learn how to play Twisted Fate by checking out Twisted Fate’s champion page.

2. Xerath’s Ultimate (5000 range)

Similarly to Twisted Fate, Xerath can impact side lanes with ease thanks to the long-range on his Ultimate. He can use his Ultimate from within his jungle to help his allies without even really showing or putting himself in danger.

The problem with Xerath’s Ultimate is, well, it can be hard to land every shot as they’re not the easiest thing in the world to land. Furthermore, it is much harder to land these shots on targets with dashes or who are really mobile.

Learn how to play Xerath by checking out Xerath’s champion page.

3. Aurelion Sol’s E (7500 range)

Aurelion Sol’s E has a very long range and can allow him roam around the map easily. He can also use his E to get to lane quickly, which gives him roam priority over the enemy.

A good Aurelion Sol will constantly shove the wave and apply pressure elsewhere on the map. As his E allows him to traverse over terrain with ease, he can literally be anywhere at any given time.

Learn how to play Aurelion Sol by checking out Aurelion Sol’s champion page.

4. Galio’s Ultimate (5500 range)

Galio’s Ultimate is a good tool that can keep his allies alive for longer. His Ultimate will offer an ally extra protection that can potentially save their life.

The problem with Galio’s Ultimate is that it cannot be used in 1v1 skirmishes. It’s quite similar to Ryze or Twisted Fate’s Ultimate and will not help them in a 1v1. He will be weaker at level 6 compared to champions like Zed or Talon.

Learn how to play Galio by checking out Galio ’s champion page.

5. Pantheon Ultimate (5500range)

Pantheon’s Ultimate is a spell that can allow him to gain distance and take down isolated targets. It is great for roaming and it can help him gank his allies too.

His Ultimate has a very long range which is very useful in the mid game as he can use it to catch out over extended targets who are alone and moving around Summoners Rift alone.

Learn how to play Pantheon by checking out Pantheon’s champion page.


That about sums up this article. What would you like to see next? Please remember that these are not in order, and there may be champions out there with much larger ranges in the game!

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