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5 Champions That Counter Teemo

5 Champions Who Counter Teemo

Teemo is one of the most annoying champions to lane against in the Top Lane. With him being a ranged champion and the majority of Top Laners being melee, he has a small advantage from the get-go. Furthermore, his Q can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, oh and don’t forget the Mushrooms that he places all around the lane!

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down a few tips and tricks to help you counter Teemo in the Top Lane. Please note that Teemo can be played as a Mid Laner too (although it’s not as popular), so we’ve talked about a few champions that can be just as flexible as him and be played in the Top and Mid Lane.

If you can’t beat the annoying champions- why not join them? Check out Teemo’s champion page if you want to learn how to play as Teemo and dominate the enemy laner.

What champions counter Teemo?

  1. Yorick
  2. Yasuo
  3. Malphite
  4. Shen
  5. Irelia

The best champions that counter Teemo are Yorick, Yasuo, Malphite, Shen and Irelia. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Teemo vs Yorick

Teemo is generally a very immobile champion. Yorick can keep him locked inside a cage briefly, allowing him to close the gap and get on top of him. Yorick’s level 6 is also much stronger than Teemos.

4 tips to counter Teemo as Yorick

  • Teemo is very strong early on and will look to be aggressive in the lane so focus on last hitting your minions rather than fighting him early.
  • When using your Q to hit minions or Teemo, be aware that Teemo’s Q will cause your auto attack to miss so wait until the blind debuff wears off before using it.
  • Teemo has no way to escape your W, so look to constantly engage with your E and W combo and all-in Teemo.
  • Once Teemo has access to his Ultimate, be wary of walking too close to your minions and ghouls as they can very easily trip one of Teemo’s mines and deal heavy damage to you in the process.

2. Teemo vs Yasuo

Yasuo is a good pick into Teemo as long as you can play around his Q. Look for all-ins by either baiting out his Q with your Windwall or play aggressively whenever his Q is on cooldown. Teemo is pretty squishy, so you should be able to kill him if you can get on top of him.

4 tips to counter Teemo as Yasuo

  • Keep riling up your Passive in this lane. Whenever your Passive is up, go for a short burst trade and force him to use his Q.
  • Your W should help you a lot when it comes to all-ins. If you have managed to land a Q tornado on Teemo, use your Ultimate on him and then W immediately to avoid getting blinded.
  • You will want to get some magic resistance in this lane during the early phases of the game. It will help you farm easily and scale up quickly in this lane.
  • Never push too far up in the lane, and always ensure that the lane brushes are cleared up of Teemo mushrooms. Otherwise, you will just get ganked frequently and set back massively.

3. Teemo vs Malphite

Malphite is generally considered a safe champion. Malphite is a good pick into Teemo because Malphite can poke him down with his Q, use his shield to protect him from poke, and win a level 6 all-in. Also, Malphite will out scale a Teemo and be more useful in team fights.

4 tips to counter Teemo as Malphite

  • After level 6, you need to get Oracle Lens to detect the mushrooms Teemo will place, to disable them, or just to know where they are so you won’t step on them.
  • You need to play very passive and have maximal attention against Teemo. If he doesn’t pressure, capitalise on it by taking farm, if he is staying on the wave, drag it to the tower and just stay under tower.
  • Use your Q to get minions; it is meaningless to poke Teemo when you aren’t going to have any opportunity to use that health advantage against him.
  • If you get caught trading with Teemo, just use W>Q if you are close to him to run away while reducing the number of times he attacks you.

4. Teemo vs Shen

Shen is a very good champion. His all-in pressure is much higher than Teemos. He can also prevent Teemo from attacking him with his W. At level 6, Shen can help a teammate without fear of Teemo stopping him from leaving lane.

4 tips to counter Teemo as Shen

  • Time your Ki Barrier Passive shield to Teemo’s auto attacks each time you want to last hit a minion. This will reduce incoming damage and allow you to secure the most important minions.
  • Pulling your Spirit Blade through champions using Twilight Assault inflicts a slow. If you manage to reach Teemo through use of only Twilight Assault, its safe to say you can make a good trade and even try to kill him.
  • Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map early. This will allow you to secure farm without being zoned off by Teemo’s auto-attacks.
  • If Teemo is super aggressive at level 1 consider levelling up Spirit’s Refuge second in order to mitigate some of his early poke. Spirit’s Refugeonly blocks auto’s but Ki Barrier blocks all damage.

5. Teemo vs Irelia

Irelia has a lot of kill pressure, and as Teemo is very squishy, she can quickly kill him if he overextends. As long as Irelia plays around the Teemo Binding, she will win an all-in.

4 tips to counter Teemo as Irelia

  • The enemy does have the range advantage so they will probably try and auto-attack you frequently. Stand back and out of range so they can’t auto attack you for free. Try to constantly adapt your positioning to reserve health. If they walk forward, walk backwards if you’re not looking to trade.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice CS for XP. If you get chunked down, you’ll find it hard to trade or fight the enemy. Do not let them bully you out of lane; otherwise you’ll fall behind, and you’ll not be able to kill them.
  • Extended trades work in your favour so try your hardest to go for long trades when possible. Wait for the enemy to use an ability and then go in for a trade.
  • Wait for the enemy to use their crowd control ability before engaging. If you go in when they have it up, they will just interrupt your combo and trade back with you. Try and bait it out first and then use the cooldown to play aggressively.


Teemo can be annoying to play against, but it’s not impossible to beat him. After all, he is squishy, immobile and prone to all-in. Picking any one of these champions into him will be highly beneficial.

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