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5 Champions That Counter Shaco

5 Champions Who Counter Shaco

Shaco is one of the sneakiest Junglers in the game. Thanks to his Q, he can get in and out of the enemies jungle and steal away their camps with ease. Shaco’s 1v1 potential is also incredibly high, which makes him quite hard to play against.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 champions that we recommend you pick into Shaco if you see him locked in by the enemy team. These champions vary from strong duelists, direct counters and champions that outscale him.

If you’re interested in learning how to play as Shaco, check out Shaco’s champion page. You’ll find their latest builds, runes, combos, and much much more.

What champions counter Shaco?

  1. Karthus
  2. Rek’Sai
  3. Ivern
  4. Kayn
  5. Kha’Zix

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1. Shaco vs Karthus

Karthus can reduce Shaco’s early game pressure. Shaco relies heavily on counter jungling and killing the enemy Jungler, but against Karthus, it isn’t that easy. Furthermore, if the Karthus takes Exhaust, Shaco’s 1v1 potential is pretty much non-existent.

To learn more about Karthus, check out Karthus’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Shaco as Karthus

  • Keep the Jungle entrances warded as Shaco might try to invade and annoy you with his Q and W’s. His Q doesn’t keep him Invisible for a long time though, so proper warding will allow your team to collapse on him.
  • Once Shaco is out of his invisibility, try to W him to slow him. This will allow you to Q him a lot of times, effectively ruining his Jungle pathing and forcing him to take an abrupt recall.
  • Make sure you get a Sweeper in this game as you will want to invade Shaco’s Jungle undetected should he decide to gank a lane. The Sweeper will also allow you to clean up his Boxes.
  • Maintain your range from his while he is using his Ultimate and use your Q and E only. You don’t want to get feared by his clone and miss a Smite on an Objective or die because you wanted to use your R.

2. Shaco vs Rek’Sai

Shaco can reduce Shaco’s surprise element when she is burrowed. She also has excellent 1v1 potential, which makes it hard for Shaco to fight her. Post 6, she has a much easier time facing him too.

Learn Rek’Sai’s best runes and builds by checking out Rek’Sai’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Shaco as Rek’Sai

  • Rek’Sai’s Tremor Sense allows you to see where Shaco is even when he uses his Q. This helps Rek’Sai and your teammates to find Shaco a lot easier than normal. In addition, this can lead Shaco to be in deceit as he may not know that he’s been spotted moving to another place.
  • Avoid chasing Shaco unless you can execute him with your R as he can lead you into his W, leading to Shaco assassinating you.
  • Shaco has a very quick early game clear so be aware of his level advantage between 2 and 3 when wandering around the jungle as this is a point where Shaco can outduel Rek’Sai.
  • When Shaco uses his R, he can easily be distinguished between the fake and real Shaco as the real Shaco, if he was already hit, has a mark on it so there will be no more mistakes on checking which is the real Shaco.

3. Shaco vs Ivern

Ivern can beat Shaco in 1v1s thanks to his shield. Daisy is also a good trading tool if Shaco decides to fight Ivern 1 on 1 post 6. Ivern is also one of the few Junglers who can easily steal Shaco’s camps via invades.

If you’re interested in playing Ivern, make sure you check out Ivern’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Shaco as Ivern

  • Shaco can take the Dragon early. Ensure that you have vision on the Dragon at all times, so you know if he is taking it. Always have a ward inside the pit so you can see him even if he Q’s over the wall.
  • Although you have a solid early game if you run into Shaco and his Box fears you, do not try and fight him unless you have help. You’ll lose the trade if he fears you but have a great chance if you get the jump on him.
  • Look to counter gank and out gank Shaco as much as possible. Otherwise, he will outscale you. When counter ganking, make sure you shield your teammate as his damage early game is high.
  • Buying a Sweepers Trinket early against Shaco will give you a massive advantage because it will reveal where he is while in his Q.

4. Shaco vs Kayn

Kayn is mobile, just like Shaco. If Shaco wants to fight him, he can do so, but Kayn can just escape with his E or Q over the wall. Kayn can easily fight or escape any fight Shaco wants to take with him.

Learn how to play Kayn by checking out Kayn’s champion page. It has the latest runes and builds, combos and much much more.

4 tips to counter Shaco as Kayn

  • You have to wait for Shaco to use his Q before you engage him, or else he’ll get away, so it is better to counter gank Shaco rather than fight him in the jungle since he will most likely use his Q. Unless he invades you, that is.
  • As Shaco runs Ignite, do not fight him until you have your form or his Ignite is down as he will out damage you.
  • Shaco has great ganks thanks to his Q. Try to ward the river and around his jungle entrances to spot him before he shows up in a lane.
  • After level 6, Shaco can take objectives pretty quickly. Try to keep them warded at all times so you can spot him before he takes them for free.

5. Shaco vs Kha’Zix

Khazix’s 1v1 potential is very good, and so is his ganking/counter ganking. If Kha’Zix gets a slight lead, it will be tough for the Shaco to get back into the game as Kha’Zix can just run rampant across the map.

If you want to “soar over them” and master Kha’Zix, make sure you check out Kha’Zix’s champion page for tips and tricks to play him.

4 tips to counter Shaco as Kha’Zix

  • Never try to all-in Shaco who seems to be taunting you by just standing there. He will probably have his box near him, which will CC and damage you.
  • Remember that Shaco will try to get an early game lead by ganking squishier lanes. Hover around those lanes and see if you can counter gank in time.
  • Your first Ultimate upgrade will come in very handy. Your Q will let you take objectives very quickly while dealing hefty amounts of damage. An upgraded Ultimate will allow you to rival Shaco’s Q.
  • Try to invade him and take his camps if Shaco is ganking, and you can counter gank. You can’t let him get kills and camps simultaneously; else, you will end up losing the game.


Shaco is hard to play against as a whole, but picking one of these champions will make your experience a lot easier.

For more tips and tricks for Shaco, check out Shaco’s champion page on Mobalytics!

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