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5 Champions That Counter Senna

5 Champions Who Counter Senna

Senna is one of the most hated champions to play against because of her poke and healing in lane. Unfortunately for us bot lane players, we don’t always know if the Senna will be played in the ADC role or as the Support.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down some tips and tricks to counter Senna. Because of her flexibility, we will discuss a few ADC’s and a few Supports that are good against her. The advice will also work against Support and ADC Senna.

If you want to be an annoying player that every bot laner will absolutely despise to lane against, why don’t you check out Senna’s champion page? We have tips and tricks to play as both Senna ADC and Senna Support.

What champions counter Senna?

  1. Zyra
  2. Thresh
  3. Nami
  4. Tristana
  5. Varus

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1. Senna vs Zyra

Zyra is good into Senna because she can match her damage output and even outtrade her. Even Senna will not be able to out sustain a Zyra’s damage output in the laning phase.

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4 tips to counter Senna as Zyra

  • Senna is very squishy so look to all-in her whenever you can with your E and follow up with your W>Q>R to secure an easy kill in the lane.
  • Her W is a major threat to you in the lane, dodge it at all costs and once it is down, just look to walk up to her and all in her with your E and the rest of your combo.
  • Purchase some Control Wards for her E in lane since they help you detect her easily. This is especially beneficial if she brings multiple champs along with her in the lane, so buying them is a wise choice.
  • If you see the enemy Jungler on the other side of the map, just look to shove the wave to their tower and siege the enemy bot lane under their tower. Else just keep the wave in the middle of the lane and keep harassing Senna and her ADC.

2. Senna vs Thresh

When Senna throws out her W or uses her Q, she will be vulnerable to CC. This gives Thresh an opportunity to play aggressive and look for a Hook. Senna generally doesn’t roam too much either, so he should be able to out roam her.

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4 tips to counter Senna as Thresh

  • Try to hit level 2 before Senna, and look for an all in. Getting an early health advantage will make it harder for her to fight, and she will have to play a lot safer if you are able to land both your Q and E on her.
  • Senna’s level 6 power spike is much stronger than yours. Keep this in mind when fighting her. CC chain her and focus her first to give her little time to react and use her Ultimate to save herself or her ADC.
  • Senna can scale out of control with her Passive. Do your best to shut her down early and push your advantage towards a quick victory.
  • When you look for a Hook on Senna, keep an eye on your positioning and ensure that you’re behind a minion. This prevents her from CC’ing you with her W and potentially turning the exchange around.

3. Senna vs Nami

Nami can out sustain a Senna if she uses her W correctly. Wait for the Senna to use her Q, and then use your W to get the heal afterwards. Also, as Senna’s auto-attack animation isn’t the best, you can use it to your advantage to get a good Bubble.

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4 tips to counter Senna as Nami

  • Senna’s Ultimate also has a long wind up time, use your Q and R to keep her locked in place for your team.
  • Senna is extremely weak during the early game, any time she walks up for auto-attacks or Q’s, punish her with your W>E auto-attack and Q.
  • Senna’s Q has a small channel time that locks her in place, you can land an easy Q on her during this time.
  • Avoid Senna’s W as it’s her main way of catching up to you and your ally. If you or your ally gets hit by it, move away so it doesn’t snare both of you.

4. Senna vs Tristana

Tristana has a lot of all-in pressure and can deal a lot of damage quickly. Senna doesn’t do too well against all-in, so Tristana isn’t a bad ADC pick into her.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks to play as Tristana, check out Tristana’s champion page.

4 tips to counter Senna as Tristana

  • If you see Senna use her Ultimate to help a skirmish on the other end of the map or if she misses her W, target ping her and feel free to all-in her with your Support. She will be an easy kill. You can also play aggressively and zone her off CS and Wraiths.
  • Shove the wave and get as many tower plates as you can. If Senna enters the lane with her E active, back off until you know who she is with, or else she can bring her Jungler for a lane gank.
  • Senna is very immobile and is an easy all-in target. Just make sure that you don’t get hit by her W when you land. She can hit you with her W while you’re on your W jump but you can easily counter this by jumping over the minion wave.
  • Take a good look at the size of the enemy minion wave before you all-in Senna. If she has a massive wave, focus on clearing it first before all-inning her as the minions will do a lot of damage to you which will help Senna turn a fight over.

5. Senna vs Varus

Varus has a lot of poke and all-in power- especially when paired with Hail of Blades. He can bully Senna down with ease: even the sustain from her Q will not protect her from an all-in. Varus also has healing reduction on his W which makes her heals weaker.

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4 tips to counter Senna as Varus

  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and just keep poking Senna down. Once she is low on HP, just try to push up and crash the wave into the tower. This will help you secure objectives like the Dragon and will help you snowball your lead.
  • If Senna tries to E away from an all-in, drop your E on her to slow her down which will make it easier for you and your Support to catch up to her.
  • Keep poking her whenever she tries to auto-attack as she will stand still and will be an easy target to harass. Do the same if she tries to auto-attack a Wraith.
  • Once you get your Ultimat, look for opportunities to punish Senna for overextending or greeding for souls by casting your Ultimate on her and all-inning her with your Support. Burst her down quickly and use your E to reduce her healing.


Senna is a poke heavy champion and can be frustrating to play against. We hope this guide will help make laning against her a bit easier.

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