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5 Champions That Counter Miss Fortune

5 Champions Who Counter Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a poke heavy, lane dominant ADC. One mistake in lane can cost you tons of health and force you to head straight back to base. Learning how to play against her and understanding her weaknesses will make laning against a Miss Fortune a lot easier.

In this guide, we will discuss some ADC’s that are good against Miss Fortune and discuss some of her weaknesses. If you see Miss Fortune being picked up in the early rotation, pick one of these AD Carries to make laning against her easier.

If you’re interested in learning more, you should check out Miss Fortune’s champion page. It has tons of tips and tricks on how to play her, including runes, items, and combos.

What champions counter Miss Fortune?

  1. Draven
  2. Twitch
  3. Jhin
  4. Swain
  5. Yasuo

The best champions that counter Miss Fortune are Draven, Twitch, Jhin, Swain and Yasuo. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Miss Fortune vs Draven

Draven has a lot of all-in pressure: something that Miss Fortune cannot match one bit. He should win extended trades if he can pick up his Axes, and he can even interrupt her Ultimate if she channels it near him with his E.

4 tips to counter Miss Fortune as Draven

  • During a skirmish, try to save your E for as long as you can. This is because Miss Fortune will try to channel her Ultimate on you at some point during a full all-in and your E can be used to cancel it and help you chase down Miss Fortune after cancelling the Ultimate.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and trade regularly. Keep track ofer Support though, Play a bit defensively if they have a hard engage Support as hard CC is a necessity to take Draven down in a lane.
  • While CS’ing, if your axe indicator drops near a low health friendly minion, you may want to consider letting it go as Miss Fortune will try to Q that minion, which will do a lot of damage due to the Q ricochet and can be fatal if you’re low on HP.
  • If Miss Fortune tries to E you and all-in you during laning phase, use your E on her as soon as her E ends and then chase her down with your W and Support. She’ll lose her Passive when you hit her with your E, making her an easy target to catch up to.

2. Miss Fortune vs Twitch

Twitch benefits from extended trades, which is the opposite of Miss Fortune. Twitch is also much stronger than her if he is able to sneak up on her with his Q. When paired with a utility Support, he should come out ahead of this matchup with ease.

4 tips to counter Miss Fortune as Twitch

  • At level 2 MissFortune will have the raw power advantage. With her Q she can deal a lot of damage to you through minions, stay away from them.
  • As Twitch you want to freeze the wave either in the middle of the lane or close to your tower versus MissFortune. By doing this you will make it possible for your Jungler to gank and help you.
  • MissFortune’s Ultimate will deal more damage than yours, but that’s only if she manages to find a place to stay safe. Try not to let her team get the engage on you, and rather call your Jungler down to make her Ultimate useless.
  • When trading with MissFortune you should keep her E in mind, as she will use it to slow you down and thus getting free hits on you. Try to bait it out or avoid it.

3. Miss Fortune vs Jhin

When paired with an aggressive all-in Support, Jhin can be incredibly challenging to play against. Miss Fortune is pretty immobile and prone to CC, so picking Jhin (with a CC champion) will allow you to dominate the lane against a Miss Fortune.

4 tips to counter Miss Fortune as Jhin

  • Standing near your caster minions will force MissFortune to push the wave, if she wants to poke with her E. Use this as a wave control option.
  • Go for short burst trades against Miss Fortune with your Q>W combo while auto-attacking her. This is especially beneficial if your Q kills minions in its first three bounces before hitting Miss Fortune with the fourth bounce.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and push only when you know that the enemy Jungler is on the other side of the map. You are extremely immobile and will throw away your lead should you push up without vision.
  • Keep track of the enemy Jungler in this lane as she can easily set-up ganks with her E. If you know that the enemy Jungler is on the other side of the map, look to turn on her with your Support if she comes to auto-attack you.

4. Miss Fortune vs Swain

Swain has lots of sustain, an easy to hit CC tool and a surprising amount of all-in pressure. Swain can do very well against Miss Fortune because he can turn around exchanges too. He can also cancel her Ultimate with his E, or use his W while she is stood still for a free stack!

4 tips to counter Miss Fortune as Swain

  • Try to pin Miss Fortune against a wall so that it becomes easier for you to land your E on her. She is really easy to take down once CC’d.
  • Use the lane brushes to ensure that you can freely poke Miss Fortune. It will let you W and E her easily. Just anticipate and avoid her Q.
  • You can easily interrupt Miss Fortune’s Ultimate if you manage to E her in time. Try to save that ability for such a situation unless Miss Fortune decides to over-step and miss position.
  • Keep the wave on your side of the lane for as long as possible. You will be able to all-in Miss Fortune frequently and set her back massively. If possible, roam around a bit as well.

5. Miss Fortune vs Yasuo

Yasuo is one of the hardest champions to play, but an aggressive player is what you’ll need to be when playing against Miss Fortune. Keep the wave closer to your side of the map and then use the minions to close the gap between you and her. When she walks up to farm- all-in her over and over again. She is immobile and squishy: perfect target for a Yasuo.

4 tips to counter Miss Fortune as Yasuo

  • Go for short burst trades whenever your Passive is up. Keep your Q ready for such a situation and ensure that you can get some decent damage off on her.
  • Your W will be very helpful in this lane. Pre-six, you should always use it to mitigate damage during all-ins. Post-six, you can use it to completely negate her Ultimate.
  • Always keep poking her with your tornadoes in this lane. This is very important as it will help you with all-ins. You may need to compensate for her W movement speed, though.
  • Keep the wave on your side of the lane for as long as possible. You will be able to all-in Miss Fortune frequently and set her back massively.


Miss Fortune is a lane bully, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be bullied herself! Pick one of these 5 champions when you see the enemy locking in Miss Fortune to make the laning phase much easier.

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