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5 Champions That Counter Lulu

5 Champions Who Counter Lulu

Lulu is one of the best Supports in League of Legends, thanks to her damage output and the protection she offers her team. She is also one of the most frequently played Supports in the game, especially after her recent buffs.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down 5 champions that are good against Lulu Support. Picking one of these champions into her will make the laning phase much easier, and you should be able to dominate her throughout the laning phase.

If you’re interested in learning how to play Lulu, check out Lulu’s champion page. For Lulu’s latest builds, runes, combos and many tips and tricks. Alternatively, sign up to Mobalytics for more tips and tricks to help improve your climb!

What champions counter Lulu?

  1. Sona
  2. Blitzcrank
  3. Vel’koz
  4. Brand
  5. Maokai

The best champions that counter Lulu are Sona, Blitzcrank, Vel’koz, Brand and Maokai. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Lulu as Sona

Sona is one of the best counters to Lulu. Not only does Sona scale incredibly well, but she can often outtrade the Lulu when she plays around her Passive and empowered abilities. Post 6, Sona has great gank setup and kill pressure with her Ultimate too.

4 tips to counter Lulu as Sona

  • The enemy has more kill pressure than you in the early game, so remaining healthy is key. Try to limit trades with the enemy other than short exchanges with your abilities. Do not get cocky, as they can kill you.
  • Stay outside of the minion wave at all times. This forces the enemy to choose between pushing or poking you. If you stand inside the wave, they’ll be able to do both at the same time.
  • Once the enemy hits level 6, their kill pressure in the lane intensifies while yours doesn’t. Respect their all in potential and back away if you’re low.
  • Try and keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game. If you push, you’re opening yourself up to ganks, and you might fall behind. Remember, you need time to scale.

2. Lulu vs Blitzcrank

Any champion with a hook such as Blitzcrank isn’t a bad pick into Lulu. As she is super squishy, any hook onto her will basically result in a kill. As Lulu will need to walk up to harass you to get stacks on her Passive, she will be overextended and in a position where you can play aggressively.

4 tips to counter Lulu as Blitzcrank

  • Try to shove the wave into the enemy tower. It is tough for Lulu to set up the last hits on her ADC due to her Passive. You can use this time to roam around and get leads elsewhere.
  • Save your Ultimate for whenever she uses her E on her ADC or herself. Your Ultimate breaks the shield instantly and will allow your ADC to do a lot of damage that would otherwise be mitigated.
  • Lulu is short-ranged and is very squishy before she gets her Ultimate. If she overextends while trying to land harass, you are free to W Q E her or Flash>E (if her Flash is down) her and get a free kill in this lane.
  • Lulu’s early game damage is high and should be avoided at all costs. She will try to Q you while you try to proc your Support item or walk up to Q someone. Try to dodge it and avoid as much poke as you can in this lane.

3. Lulu vs Vel’koz

Vel’koz has long-range poke and can bully her down from afar. When she walks up to harass him, he can throw his E behind her. As most champions walk back after trading, she will get knocked up, allowing him to all-in her. Additionally, his level 6 power spike is way stronger than hers.

  • Lulu is short-ranged and quite susceptible to poke in the lane. This helps you poke her out quite easily in the lane with your Q, W, and E.
  • Once Lulu hits level six, you will have some issues trying to finish off her or her allies with a single burst combo. Rely on constant short poke trades to whittle her or her allies down and then go for the kill.
  • Your W and E will allow you to set up plays with ease in this lane. Just make sure that you don’t do something which will enable her to get close enough to W you.
  • Keep the lane brushes warded and try to take control of them for as long as possible. This will help you a lot, especially when it comes to surprising the enemy with your poke damage.

4. Lulu vs Brand

Brand has a lot of damage in the early game, which allows him to bully her down. Furthermore, he can all-in her when she walks up to harass him. Brand’s abilities outrange her, and he is stronger in the early game compared to her.

4 tips to counter Lulu as Brand

  • Her W is the ability you want to play around in this lane. Keep in mind that you’re a combo mage, and your main damage comes from landing your abilities in a specific sequence. Her E can entirely thwart this sequence and allow the enemy ADC and Jungler to engage on you and kill you.
  • Your Passive counters Lulu’s Ultimate but make sure that you always keep in mind that Ignite doesn’t affect her Ultimate health increase. Also, don’t make the mistake of Flash>W’ing a low health Lulu in the lane as most of the time, if a Lulu stays with low health in the lane, it is definitely because she has her Ultimate up.
  • Try to bait out Lulu’s E by using an Auto-attack or yourE and then wait to follow up with your remaining damage after her E runs out. Her shields for a good amount of damage but has a moderately long Cooldown early on, so make sure you trade when her E is down.
  • Lulu’s main win condition is to trade when you have no abilities to trade with her, so always keep one ability in handy so that she can’t just walk up and poke you or your lane partner. Keep the lane brushes warded as well since she will definitely try to Q you from within them.

5. Lulu vs Maokai

While Lulu does have the range advantage, Maokai can bully her as soon as she walks up to harass him as she basically comes into range of his W. Whenever she walks up; you can W her and CC/kill her easily because she is so squishy. As long as you don’t let her bully you down, you will win this lane.

4 tips to counter Lulu as Maokai

  • Your main goal is to riddle the lane brushes with your saplings. This will prevent Lulu from getting close to you and trading with you due to her short range.
  • If you see Lulu use her E or Q carelessly, just make sure that you immediately all-in her with whatever ability you have available to you. She can’t really do much if those abilities are on cooldown.
  • Try to roam around when possible in this lane. Lulu will definitely try to play safe, and you will be able to use your all-in potential quite easily when ganking different lanes.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and try to control the lane brushes with your saplings and yourself. This will be easy to do as Lulu can’t get too close to you without getting all-in’d.


Whenever a champion becomes pick or ban, you must learn how to counter them. Picking one of these 5 champions against Lulu will make the game a lot easier. We hope these tips will aid you in smashing Lulu in the bottom lane.

For more tips and tricks for Lulu, check out her champion page on Mobalytics!

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