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5 Champions That Counter Fiora

5 Champions Who Counter Fiora

Fiora is a split pushing monster. If she can get a slight lead, she can easily take over the mid and late parts of the game. Because she is a snowball heavy champion, you must learn how to lane against her to make the mid and late game harder.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss some champions that are good against Fiora. As Fiora is considered a flex pick as she is sometimes seen in the mid-lane, we will discuss some champions that can also be flexed against her and played in both the mid and top lane.

If you want to learn how to master Fiora in either the mid or top lane, why not check out Fiora’s champion page? It has tons of tips to help you play as Fiora during the laning phase, play as Fiora in the mid and late game, and how to split push effectively.

What champions counter Fiora?

  1. Quinn
  2. Singed
  3. Kayle
  4. Teemo
  5. Lucian

The best champions that counter Fiora are Quinn, Singed, Kayle, Teemo and Lucian. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, highly specific matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Fiora vs Quinn

Quinn is a ranged champion that can constantly bully the Fiora down. Whenever she walks up to farm, try to harass her with your auto attacks. As long as you’re able to keep your distance- which you can easily do thanks to your kit, the Fiora shouldn’t be able to get on to you.

4 tips to counter Fiora as Quinn

  • If you see that her Passive appears in a side where Fiora can easily proc it, try to get out-of-vision or wait nearby until it resets to something more convenient.
  • After level 6, Fiora gets a massive power spike, as her R will result in a lot of damage you can’t really block, so it is best to play more passive.
  • Her W can counter damage and CC. A smart use of that ability may result in you losing the fight, so be sure she uses it beforehand or catch her off guard to use your key abilities before she can.
  • Try to punish her lack of waveclear, by zoning her off and threatening the use of your Q on her if she gets too close.

2. Fiora vs Singed

The saying “never chase a Singed” is incredibly important. In this matchup, the Fiora will never be able to chase you down in fear for her life. While she can play around your E, your goal like any other game is to scale and farm. As long as you’re not too cocky (and depending on your play style) you should come out ahead. Please note: this matchup depends heavily on the way you play Singed.

4 tips to counter Fiora as Singed

  • Baiting out Fiora’s W is quite essential in this lane. Never use your E until her W is down. Else you will get CC’d and killed.
  • Use the terrain to ensure that Fiora isn’t able to proc her Passive vitals on you. It will give you a massive lead and will let you easily poke her out with your Q DPS.
  • Fiora will try to all-in your backline quite a lot during team fights. Just make sure that you zone her team out and watch the flanks for Fiora. At no cost should Fiora be allowed to survive when she is deep in your backline.
  • Keep the wave on your side of the lane for as long as possible. This will allow you to expose her to ganks and set up ganks for your Jungler with your E and W.

3. Fiora vs Kayle

Kayle is a pretty safe pick and as Fiora’s early game isn’t the strongest, as long as you manage the minion waves effectively you should be able to out scale her. Post level 6, you will have the range advantage so you can bully her down.

4 tips to counter Fiora as Kayle

  • If Fiora uses her ultimate on you remember that you can use the walls of the lane to your advantage by hiding at least 1 vital against the wall disallowing Fiora to hit it.
  • Watch out for Fiora’s W even if it cannot stun you, it has an attack and movement speed slow that can cripple you and allow her to trade into you very easily.
  • Avoid pushing too far in the lane as Fiora can very easily chase you down the lane at all stages of the game due to her high level of mobility, try to play towards your own tower at all times.
  • Much of Fiora’s damage will come from her passive damage when she attacks a vital, if you have a vital which faces Fiora or is easy for her to hit, you can move away, out of her vision in order to reset the vital to the opposite position.

4. Fiora vs Teemo

A good Teemo is going to constantly bully the enemy down when they walk up to farm. As Fiora is a melee champion, he can continuously bully her. As long as he keeps his distance and doesn’t go into melee range, he should be able to win the early game pretty easily.

4 tips to counter Fiora as Teemo

  • Stand at your max range whenever trading to reduce the enemies ability to trade back. If you stand close to them, they will be able to get on to you and trade with you which will be very difficult for you to do without burning your Flash.
  • Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map. As you’re not the strongest early on, keeping the wave her provides you with a ton of protection against ganks, enemy all ins and it also prevents the enemy from zoning you away from the minion wave.
  • When the enemy moves forward to last hit, use your superior range to harass them with basic attacks. Do not over commit to trading though, but an auto attack here and there could provide great results later on.
  • Remember, you’re not very strong early on and need time to scale. Focus on farming and trading whenever possible.

5. Fiora vs Lucian

Lucian is another ranged champion. Lucian can bully her down in the early game and use his range advantage to force her to recall. Also, Fiora’s W is (to some extent) particularly useless in this matchup as Lucian doesn’t have any CC. As long as you can keep your distance and stay out of melee range, you should have an easy time in lane.

4 tips to counter Fiora as Lucian

  • The enemies level 6 all in is quite strong. Be careful when they hit the level up as they might look for the all in. Play cautiously and keep your distance. Try to poke from afar and always keep your spacing so they cannot get on to you.
  • Use your range advantage to poke the enemy out of lane. Constant harass through basic attacks will make it much harder for them to survive the laning phase and scale. But as the enemy has a lot of all in/ burst, do not over commit to poking them.
  • The best time to trade with the enemy is once they waste one of their abilities. This reduces their damage output in the trade, which should give you the upper hand and the health advantage afterwards.
  • Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map. Not only this will allow you to freely poke the enemy with basic attacks, but it will also prevent the enemy from being able to extend the trade/ all in you as the wave will be close to your tower.


Fiora is annoying to play against thanks to her W and she scales like a monster. Avoiding dying to her and using the advice we have laid out in this guide will make laning against her much easier.

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