5 Champions That Counter Ashe

5 Champions That Counter Ashe

5 Champions Who Counter Ashe

Ashe is one of the most lane dominant ADC’s in the game. With constant poke, strength in extended trades, and insane pick potential post 6, she can be hard to lane against.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will break down some tips you can use to make dealing with Ashe ADC a little bit easier. Here are 5 good champions you can pick into an Ashe.

Before we begin, if you want to learn how to play Ashe, make sure you check out Ashe’s champion page. We have a ton of different tips and tricks to play as her. You can also find her latest Runes and builds too.

What champions counter Ashe?

  1. Sivir
  2. Vayne
  3. Miss Fortune
  4. Tristana
  5. Samira

The best champions that counter Ashe are Sivir, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Tristana and Samira. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App. For plus members, you can get specific matchup tips for the champion you’re playing versus the enemy laner at your fingertips while you load into the game. We have tens of thousands of different, particular matchups curated by our challenger level players to help you lane against the enemy champion.

1. Ashe vs Sivir

Sivir is good into Ashe because Sivir can block both Ashe’s Ultimate and W with her E. This means it will be tough for Ashe to poke you down or catch you out post-6. Overall, Sivir is a great pick into Ashe.

4 tips to counter Ashe as Sivir

  • Do not look to initiate trades in lane since she has a significantly longer auto-attack range than you. Focus on farming and freezing the wave throughout the early game to make room for gank opportunities.
  • Save your Spell Shield to negate her R . Ensuring that you stand behind minions; you should always have your E up to protect you from her CC.
  • Once the enemy hits level 6, their kill pressure in the lane increases heavily. Keep this in mind and respect their all in damage.
  • Stand behind allied caster minions to avoid damage from Ashe’s Volley.

2. Ashe vs Vayne

One of Ashe’s weaknesses is that she is prone to all-in and is overall really squishy. Vayne is good into her because she can all-in the Ashe. Ashe doesn’t have any dashes or escapes, which is incredibly helpful for the Vayne too.

4 tips to counter Ashe as Vayne

  • Try not to fight Ashe 1v1 until you hit level six as her slows will make it easier for her to kite you. Try to use your E to stun her for a bit, as Ashe is a very immobile champion with not many escape options.
  • In team fights, Ashe will always outrange you as Vayne is a relatively short-ranged ADC. Try not to dive into the backline to kill her, as her slows will buy time for her team to finish you off.
  • As the game goes on, Vayne will outscale Ashe damage-wise, so you can try going in for some 1v1s as you will most likely kill her without any problem as long as her Ultimate is on cooldown.
  • During the laning phase, try to stay behind minions to avoid damage from her W as it can result in a lot of damage during the early game. Getting hit by her W also results in a huge slow, and her auto-attack slow can set up easy ganks for the enemy Jungler which will most likely make you burn your Flash or die if you don’t have Flash.

3. Ashe vs Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune can match the poke from an Ashe. She can also poke her from far away. While Miss Fortune can hide behind the minion wave to protect herself from Ashe W, the Ashe cannot do anything to stop Miss Fortune from poking her down with her E.

4 tips to counter Ashe as Miss Fortune

  • Take trades when Ashe doesn’t have her Q active; Ashe needs to stack four auto-attacks to activate it, so plan your aggression accordingly and trade when she can’t activate it or has it on cooldown.
  • Make sure you keep track of the enemy Jungler at all times. This is because Ashe is extremely good at setting up ganks for her Jungler, which will make your lane a prime gank target due to Miss Fortune’s lack of dashes.
  • Unless you have a high kill pressure, do not push Ashe in as she can easily kite you out of position and R you to set up ganks for her Jungler and allow her Support to follow up on it. So try and keep the wave in the middle of the lane for as long as you can.
  • Miss Fortune is very immobile and can be easily kited by Ashe, so stay behind minions to dodge Ashe’s W. It has a relatively long cooldown at level one, so try to take trades with your Passive empowered auto-attacks and Q when it is down.

4. Ashe vs Tristana

Tristana has a lot of all-in potential, which makes her a good pick into Ashe. A good time for Tristana to all-in the Ashe is when she walks forward and tries to secure minions, or after she uses her W to try and harass with.

4 tips to counter Ashe as Tristana

  • Freezing the wave is a decent option, but you can pretty much control the wave as you want to since you have a higher amount of pressure in the lane when she doesn’t have her Ultimate.
  • Ashe has a longer auto-attack range than you, and they apply a slow, which can allow her to hit you multiple times if she can hit you once. It would help if you were extra careful about your spacing since your auto-attack range is initially concise.
  • Once you hit level six, look out for her Ultimate as it can prevent you from killing her in one rotation and depending on herSupport, they might be able to turn your all-in in their favour and kill you instead.
  • She is immobile, and her all-in potential is worse than yours. Look to all-in her with your Support if she mispositions and use your W to slow her and stop her from escaping.

5. Ashe vs Samira

Samira (especially when paired with an aggressive Support) is a great pick into Ashe because she can all-in her. Also, Ashe doesn’t have any real escape apart from using Flash, which makes her hard to play into an all-in matchup.

4 tips to counter Ashe as Samira

  • She has the range advantage in this matchup, so use the minion wave to avoid as much of her W poke as you can. She will spam that skill to chip on your health bar and then go in for the kill.
  • Once she gets her Ultimate, you will need to react quickly with either your W or E. It would be better to use your W if she is closer to you, as the arrow can still hit you while you’re dashing.
  • When you have your Ultimate up, go in on her when her Ultimate is down. You may also try to all-in her when her Q is not stacked up.
  • Since Ashe is immobile, she is quite prone to ganks from your Jungler. Let her push in if the Jungler is near your side of the map, as this will allow you to all-in Ashe and kill her in case you get a gank.


Ashe can be annoying to lane against. As long as you don’t let her poke you down, you will find it much easier to lane against her. We hope these tips will help make dealing with her a little easier.

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