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5 Best Picks for One for All League of Legends

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Best Picks for One for All in Season 14

One for All is the latest rotating game mode has brought back into rotation. It is a unique game mode where everyone picks the same champion. In some cases you may even find yourself playing against the same 5 champions!

While One for All is a fun game mode, there are some strategies behind it if you truly want to win. However, compared to Ranked, you don’t really have to try hard in this mode. But then again, losing isn’t fun, and you should play a champion your enjoy and have a good chance of winning with!

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best champions you should try in One for All! You can find other articles regarding One for All on the Mobalytics Blog. By the way, the data we are using in this guide comes from LoLalytics.

It is also important to note that these may not be statistically the best, but have very strong win rates.

Kayle (73.26% WR)

The first champion on our list is going to be Kayle. Kayle is a fantastic champion to choose as she has great scaling and is extremely strong as the game develops. The longer the game goes, the stronger she will be. While she may not be the strongest champion until she gets her range at level six, you are good to go as long as you don’t fall behind.

Another benefit is that she has a versatile build path and can adjust her build accordingly. So, if she is against tank champions, she can build penetration items, go AD or AP, and many items work well on her, too.

Her Ultimate is also extremely strong, as it can save her life or the lives of her allies. It can be near impossible to get kills against them post-six, as they keep Ulting one another.

Renekton (68.95% WR)

Renekton is one of the most dominant lane opponents in the top lane right now. He has a very aggressive lining phase which results in him getting kill after kill. In One for All, this is amplified and laning against two crocodiles is very dangerous.

First, they can layer crowd control on any opponent with their W, making it impossible to escape once they go in. Furthermore, Renekton can easily close the gap and chase any lane opponent down with their E. So even if you position well, they can still get on to you quite easily.

When teams start grouping posts six, it’s going to be quite hard to kill him as he will be quite tanky and deal a lot of damage. You will need to get armor penetration items and healing reduction in order to kill him.

Trundle (66.44% WR)

A lot of the champions on our list today have versatile builds and Trundle is no exception. His team can build off-tank, so they have a good balance between damage and tankiness. Just like Renekton, getting him off you can be quite challenging as he has tools to close the gap quickly.

The main thing that is really annoying about Trundle is his Ultimate. His Ultimate can make it much easier for him to get kills while simultaneously making him a lot tankier. Putting trundle against a tank team composition is only going to go one way…

He can counter so many different team compositions just by being Trundle. He counters tanks, he counters teams that want to team fight as he can just split push the whole game, and he’s quite mobile so he can run around the map and escape from bad situations. Let’s not forget that if you do decide to jungle: Trundle is also a Jungler.

Traditional Trundle Splash 2

Darius (69.57% WR)

The fourth champion on our list is Darius. Outside of One for All, no one likes playing against him due to his obnoxious Passive that makes it impossible to trade against him.

2 Darius attacking you and applying their Passive will result in you dying extremely fast. Furthermore, you can’t even get close to him as they can both pull you in with their E, making it impossible for you to escape.

Post 6, his Ultimate will be used as an execute, to help them pick up kills against you. By getting kills, he will deal considerable damage in the later parts of the laning phase, and will be extremely tanky and difficult to kill in the mid and late game.

Darius Splash Crop Dunkmaster

Kog’Maw (71.86% WR)

In One for All, Kog’Maw can be extremely dominant and annoying. Kog’Maw is either played in the ADC role or in the mid-lane in normal gameplay and depending on his role, his build path changes. For instance, he can go either AD or AP (AP is normal in the mid-lane). This enables his team to build different items to require the enemy to build mixed defensive stats.

During the early game, both have good trading potential and poke with their W, E and Ultimate, which they can bully the enemy from afar with. Once they get some items, the damage output increases dramatically and it makes it very hard for squishy champions to stay alive versus them.

Another thing to remember is that Kog’Maw’s Passive can be really frustrating and surprising too. Imagine 5 Kog’Maws blowing up one after another and acing your team.

Final Thoughts

One for all is supposed to be a fun game mode, but let’s face it some people will tryhard in the game mode. If you’re looking for a combination of good champions who are actually fun in the game mode, why not team up with your friends and try one of these champions in your next game? Let us know how it goes.

You can find more articles about One for All over on the Mobalytics Blog.