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5 Best Duos with Shaco in League of Legends Arena Mode

5 Best Duos with Shaco in Arena Mode

Arena Mode has been out a while now, and if you’re an avid player of the game mode, you probably do one of two things: ban Shaco or pick him. Shaco is an extremely annoying champion to play against in Arena Mode, which is why so many people love him.

Shaco is an amazing champion in Arena Mode due to his sneakiness, his Ultimate, and the boxes that he layers around each level. This makes it really hard for players to fight against him, and it is funny seeing players consistently walk into the traps.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the most popular and best champion picks you should pair with Shaco to win and climb in Arena Mode. We’ve already made a few different “best duos” guides before, which you can find on the Mobalytics Blog!

5 Best Duos with Shaco in League of Legends Arena Mode

We used our own data for this article, and at the time of writing it, these were the most popular picks. For live, up-to-date data, head over to the Arena Mode section at Mobalytics!


The first duo on our list is Teemo and Shaco. Shaco will spawn a lot of boxes around the arena, while Teemo will do his best to match Shacos pressure by putting shrooms around the arena. They’re not great early, but after some rounds, they will pop off.

In the early game, they just want to focus the same champion with their basic attacks. They should play around the bushes when possible to increase their chances of winning the round.


Heimerdinger is another AP champion, just like Shaco who wants to put things down on the map and force the enemy to play around them. This duo is extremely potent and really hard to handle unless the enemy plays smart and stacks MR.

The Heimerdinger Shaco duo should be played quite slowly to begin with as you both need time to place boxes and turrets down. You will then need to play around theses at all times to win the round.


Sett is the most popular champion in Arena Mode due to his tankyness, damage and CC. The two of them are really potent and perform well with one another. No wonder they’re the third most picked together.

Sett’s Ultimate is really strong and versatile. When using it, try to throw an enemy into one of the Shaco’s boxes. If Shaco dies early on, then you need to play around his boxes as much as possible as they deal extra damage and can help you win!


Just like Heimerdinger, Zyra and Shaco duo are really good and will make the enemy go crazy. Due to the amount of boxes and plants they will put down, the enemy will find it hard to move around the arena and take the plants.

At the start of each round, you must start putting boxes and plants down. You will then need to play around both of them so the enemy walks into your damage. You must delay fights in the very early rounds while you place boxes and plants.


The final champion you can pair with Shaco is Singed, who is incredibly strong and tanky in Arena Mode. The two of them will be extremely obnoxious, like the rest of the champions on our list.

In the early game, Singed will do most of the work while Shaco follows up with his autos. Singed will try to flip one of the enemies into one of Shaco’s pre-placed boxes to CC lock the enemy down. Singed will need to run towards his boxes throughout all rounds.

Final Thoughts

Shaco has shown great dominance ever since this new Arena Game Mode was released this year. He has been one of the most popular champions, and if you don’t pick him, someone else will. Let us know how you get on if you lock in Shaco with any of these recommended picks.

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