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5 Best Duos with Alistar in League of Legends Arena Mode

5 Best Duos with Alistar in Arena Mode

Alistar is a dominant and tanky League of Legends Arena Mode champion. He is also one of the most picked and highest win-rate champions in the game. He has amazing synergy: working with many champions, and in this article, we will discuss why Alistar is so good and why these champions work well with him.

You could technically pick anyone with him, but if you pick one of these 5 champions with Alistar in Arena Mode, you’re going to heavily increase your chances of winning the game. It will also really annoy the enemy too, so why not pick someone who works well with him?

So in this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the most popular and the best picks you should lock in with Alistar to win in Arena Mode. We’ve got a lot of other interesting articles about Arena Mode on the Mobalytics Blog if you want to find other interesting picks.

5 Best Duos with Alistar in League of Legends Arena Mode

We used our own data for this article, and at the time of writing it, these were the most popular picks. For live, up-to-date data, head over to the Arena Mode section at Mobalytics!


The first champion on our list is Poppy. Now this pick might surprise you, but Poppy is a hidden OP champion in Arena Mode when she is paired with a tank like Alistar. The two of them will be tanky and dish out a lot of damage over time.

When playing this pairing, focus on the same champion, particularly fighting near the walls so Poppy can push them into them. Try your best to layer CC tools on targets so it is easier to take them down. When the circle appears, knock them away so they start to burn!


Kai’Sa is the strongest ADC in the game right now, and her popularity in both Arena Mode and Summoners Rift is frankly impressive. Kai’Sa and Alistar have good synergy in Arena Mode, just like they do in normal Summoners Rift games.

Alistar has multiple CC tools which will apply Kai’Sa’s Passive to the target. This means his Q, W, and his E can all apply stacks, making it easier for her to activate her Passive and kill the target. Play close together to win the rounds!


Samira is one of the best ADCs in Arena Mode, and Samira + Alistar is a real combo you’ll find when playing League of Legends. Samira is obviously going to be the carry, while Alistar will be the frontline and soak up all the damage.

In this combo, you aim to peel for her and soak up the damage. Samira will just be auto-attacking and following up when you go in. This game mode is non-stop fighting, so she can easily activate her Ultimate quickly.


Vayne Alistar combo is the last ADC pairing we have on our list. As stated about the other champions, the two are a genuine combo you’ll find on Summoners Rift. Alistar will be the frontline and the tank, while Vayne dishes out all the damage.

For you to win playing this duo, you need to keep the Vayne alive as long as possible and protect them with your W and Q. The Vayne just needs to keep auto-attacking the same target and kiting the targets.


The final champion on our list is Singed. Singed and Alistar are a really powerful duo; they’re both tanky and have much damage. If Singed is able to get a good Augment like the one that burns, then he just needs to run around, and he will be dealing a ton of damage.

To play the Alistar and Singed duo, just focus on the same target and then keep hitting them with abilities and dealing damage to them while you pivot around the plants and move around the maps.

Ending Points

Alistar is a very popular champion in Arena Mode, so you can pick many different champions with him to perform well. This article discussed the 5 most popular/ best duos to pick with him. Who do you like to pick with Alistar with your friends in Arena Mode? Let us know below!

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