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5 Best Duos With Sett in League of Legends Arena Mode

5 Best Duos With Sett in League of Legends Arena Mode

Sett is one of the most popular champions in Arena Mode. He is a very strong champion who has a lot of damage, multiple CC tools and great synergy with many other meta champions in Arena Mode.

Despite his small nerfs, he is still a dominant force and is one of the best champions to pick in this game mode if you want to climb the ladder and hit those high ranks. While he is impressive, it is vital that you pick a champion that synergises well with him to increase your chances of winning the early, mid and late-game rounds.

This article will break down 5 of the best duos with Sett in League of Legends Arena Mode. We’ve already made a load of Arena Mode articles on the Mobalytics Blog, which you can find here!

5 Best Duos With Sett in League of Legends Arena Mode

We used our own data for this article, and at the time of writing it, these were the most popular picks. For live, up-to-date data, head over to the Arena Mode section at Mobalytics!


Kai’Sa is the most-played champion on Summoners Rift but isn’t the most popular champion in Arena Mode. Regardless, she is one of the best champions to pair with Sett. Kai’Sa will deal most of the damage while Sett holds the enemy off and tanks most of the damage. He will be going tanky while she builds whatever she needs and adapting her build accordingly.

Sett has multiple CC tools, which means he will easily apply her Passive to enemy champions, increasing their chances of getting kills. Remember when Sett and Kai’Sa were constantly picked in the bottom lane? Well, what made them strong there makes them strong here too.


Samira is a champion who works amazingly well with anyone with a CC tool. Sett has multiple CC tools on a low cooldown, which means they work wonders with one another. All these two want to do together is fight, fight and fight some more!

So as we said, Sett has 2 forms of CC. Samira can follow up with an auto-attack on the enemy to extend the CC duration and damage them a lot. She can also keep auto-attacking to get enough style points to activate her Ultimate. She may get her Ultimate off multiple times in a round.


Mordekaiser is one of the best champions in this game mode right now. He is very strong, so the stats are slightly skewed, but that doesn’t mean he and Sett are not winning together. They are a fantastic duo!

The cool thing about both these champions is that they can fight frequently and deal a ton of damage to their targets. They both have game-altering Ultimates that can isolate their targets: Sett handling the tank or Mordekaiser Ulting the enemy carry.


The fourth-best pairing right now is Sett and Warwick. As we’ve already established, Sett wants to fight: and so does Warwick. When picked together, these two just keep auto-attacking the enemy over and over again until somebody eventually dies.

Post 6, Sett can keep the enemy tank of the carry or the two of them can work together to take down the squishy champion first. All-in-all, these two are really strong and very simple to play together. Just keep auto-attacking and playing around with each other’s abilities.


The last champion on our list is Shaco. Shaco works well with Sett because Shaco is annoying to deal with as a whole. This is probably why he is picked or banned right now, and if he makes it through the banning phase, you’ll see him at least once.

Shaco will layer each round with many boxes. Sett can play around these boxes, pulling the enemy into them with his E or Ulting them with his R and throwing them into the boxes. The good thing with Shaco is that his clone does a lot of work too, so it is slightly easier to win rounds later on.

Ending Points

Sett is a very strong champion in Arena Mode, so you can pick many different champions with him to perform well. In this article, we discussed the 5 most popular/ best duos to pick with him. Who do you like to pick with Sett with your friends in Arena Mode? Let us know below!

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