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Best Top Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.2 of League of Legends

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This list of Top Laners may be outdated. We’ve updated our list of the best Top Laners for Patch 14.3, which you can find here.

5 S-Tier Top Laners to Climb With in Patch 14.2

After the major changes in Season 14, the Top lane has changed quite a bit. There are new champions who saw little progress last year dominating the rankings and showing a dominating performance in the Top lane in Patch 14.2.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best picks you can play in the Top Lane to help you climb in Patch 14.2 of League of Legends. If you want to learn how to play any of these champions or any other champion in League of Legends, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for tips and tricks for every champion in LoL!

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The first champion on our list is Teemo. While Teemo has seen a lot of play in the Support role, he is a very good Top Laner, too. Teemo’s range and auto-attacks allow him to use his range advantage to constantly bully the enemy laner down.

Teemo has a lot of kill pressure throughout the game. He is a lane bully who can get kill after kill. He can also apply pressure to the enemy whenever the enemy tries to last hit and secure minions. If you love annoying champions, then Teemo is going to be for you.

Unfortunately, Teemo is getting some changes this patch. But don’t let those changes fool you. He will still be a very good Top laner.

Teemo’s win rate on patch 14.1 was 52.16%.


The second champion on our list is Singed. Singed is the most toxic champion in League of Legends, and following him will result in you taking a lot of damage. Singed is an amazing Top Laner in League of Legends right now.

One thing that makes Singed really strong right now is that he has benefited from the new item changes. He is now stronger with these items, and his build is much more effective. Singed will become really tanky quickly, and also deal a lot of damage in the mid and late game too.

Singed isn’t getting any direct nerfs or buffs this patch, which is good if you’re a Singed main.

In the Top lane, Singed had a 53.88% on patch 14.1.


Jax is a great champion if you want to climb in Patch 14.2! Jax is a skirmish heavy laner who loves fighting and trading with the enemy as often as possible. Throughout the laning phase, he can constantly fight and jump on the enemy champion.

Split pushing is back and split pushers are really strong once again. During the mid and late game, Jax can split push and take towers if they’re not stopped by the enemy. When an enemy does come to stop him, he can just fight them as Jax’s 1v1 potential is very high.

Jax is getting some changes this patch, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be weaker. He is still a great top laner, and I would recommend you pick him.

Jax’s win rate on patch 14.1 was 430,000 games.


We’re coming in with another AP champion. This time, it’s Gwen! Gwen wasn’t that good on the tail end of Season 13, but in Season 14, she is a lane-dominant and skirmish-heavy champion, which is great for getting kills and snowballing in LoL.

Like we said earlier, splitpushing champions are back and Gwen’s now good again. Gwen can split push and clear waves quickly with her Q and E. With her high skirmishing pressure and her W, she can also fight pretty much anyone who tries to stop her.

Gwen will not receive any direct changes to her kit this patch. This is good if you like Gwen.

In this patch, Gwen had a 51.27% in around 160,000 games.


The final champion on our list is Aatrox. Aatrox was hit-and-miss in Season 13, but in Season 14, he seems to have found his footing and is quite a strong champion and laner. If you love fighting and skirmish-heavy champs, then Aatrox might be for you.

In the early game, Aatrox is a lane-dominant Top laner who can get kill after kill if he is a good matchup. In the mid-game, Aatrox can fight basically anyone who tries to stop him from split-pushing. Overall, he is great in all stages of the game.

Aatrox was supposed to get changes this patch, but these supposed changes didn’t make it through this patch. He will be really strong again this patch.

Aatrox’s win rate on patch 14.1 was 52.14% in over 600,000 games.

Final Thoughts

And that about sums up our article on some of the best picks you should be playing in the Top Lane on Patch 14.2. What do you think of the Top Lane meta? Are you happy with seeing these champions played right now, or do you prefer the old times?

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Table of contents