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Best Junglers For Season 14 Patch 14.2 of League of Legends

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This article is now outdated. Here’s the updated list of best Junglers to climb with in Patch 14.3.

OP Junglers to Climb With in Patch 14.2

We’re now on to the second patch of the brand new Season 2024, and what a first patch it was. I don’t think many expected the Jungle role to turn out how it did, and many new champions showed a dominating performance in the last patch and will continue to perform well in Patch 14.2.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best picks for the Jungle role in League of Legends. If you wish to master these champions or any others within the League of Legends roster, be sure to visit Mobalytics’ Champion Page..

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The first champion on our list is Jax. Jax is a strong Jungler in this patch, and we recommend you play him. He is an easy Jungler with good kill pressure and skirmishing power and is one of the easiest Junglers you can play right now.

Jax can easily take the new jungle camps which will empower him and his allies. These new changes are really important and one of the best objectives you can take early. Jax can take these and the Dragons on his own early.

While Jax received nerfs this patch, his fighting ability and skirmishing power will still be high, so we still have him on our list.

Jax had a 53.36% win rate in 123k games on patch 14.1.


Love ranged champions in the Jungle? Graves is another amazing pick for this patch! Graves has benefited from the new Jungle changes as he is a fantastic skirmishing champion who is good in 1v1s.

Graves has good carry potential and can carry the game from the get-go. He is a strong early game champion so he can apply pressure, gank his allies and take the objectives on his own and without assistance. He is a really strong Jungler if you can play around his unique auto-attack mechanic.

Graves is not getting any buffs or nerfs this patch, and his item build is left uncontested, meaning he will remain strong.

In this patch, Graves had a 51.53% win rate in 493k games.


The third champion on our list is Bel’Veth. Bel’Veth has been quite a decent Jungler ever since her release in Season 12. With the new Jungle changes, she can gain an early lead due to her high skirmishing and objective-taking power.

A good Jungler right now should be skirmish-heavy, and Bel’Veth fits that bill all too well. If you want to solo carry in LoL, then you’ll need to play someone who relies less on their teammates to carry them.

Bel’Veth is really popular and isn’t get targeted in the next patch of LoL, so she will remain really strong and good in this upcoming patch.

Bel’Veth had a 51.95% win rate in 191,000 games.


The 4th champion on our list is Ivern. Ivern is by far one of the most underrated Junglers in LoL right now. Ivern isn’t the strongest in 1v1s, but don’t confuse that with being weak. When he has Daisy, he becomes a real machine!

With a lot of AP champions being played in the bottom lane right now, like Teemo, Xerath and Zyra, picking a champion that can both empower their team mates and provide healing and shielding isn’t a bad idea. Ivern actually has a great skirmishing power and can carry with ease.

Ivern tends not to receive many buffs or nerfs throughout the year, and on patch 14.2, he isn’t getting buffed or nerfed either.

Ivern’s win rate on patch 14.2 was 53.9% in patch 14.1.


Rengar will be the final S-tier and recommended pick on our recommended picks of the patch. If you love playing champions that can one-shot the squishy enemy champions, but who also has great 1v1 potential throughout the game, then Rengar might be for you.

He has benefits from the new items and map changes, which allow him to not only move around the map easier, but also one-shot those squishy champions. Right now, there are a lot of squishier champions being played, you can abuse their low health to get kill after kill.

Rengar looks to not be getting any buffs or nerfs, and his core build isn’t getting touched either.

Rengar’s win rate was 51.66% in 69k games on patch 14.1.

Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed from our recommendations, the skirmish-heavy Junglers are really strong this patch. Make sure you pick a Jungler who can skirmish often to win those objective fights.

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