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Best Top Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.1 of League of Legends

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5 S-Tier Top Laners to Climb With in Patch 14.1

It’s a new year, and a new Season of League of Legends is underway. Everyone is playing Ranked right now trying to get the perfect start to the Season so they can climb the ranked ladder and become high ELO.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best picks you can play in the Top Lane to help you climb in Patch 14.1 of League of Legends. If you want to learn how to play any of these champions or any other champion in League of Legends, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for tips and tricks for every champion in LoL!

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Jax benefited from a very strong ending to season 13. He was a great Top Laner in Season 13 who had high skirmishing power and could carry in the mid and late-game. Jax might be for you if you want to carry in season 14 as a Top laner.

He is very good in the mid and late game as he has strong duelling power and can 1v1 any champion who tries to stop him. He can keep taking towers and opening up the map if left uncontested. Jax also works well with some of the new items in season 14.


One champion that we highly recommend in patch 14.1 of the new League of Legends season is Ornn. Ornn is a tanky champion with amazing skirmishing potential and high damage output. He can win trades with almost any lane opponent.

Ornn is great in the mid and late game for several reasons. He can buff up his allies by upgrading their items, making them stronger as a whole. Secondly, Ornn is great in team fights. His Ultimate is a powerful tool that can lock down and knock the whole enemy team at once.


Malphite showed a consistent performance last Season in League of Legends. He was always a good Top Laner last year, and we feel he will continue to do the same on the first patch of 14.1.

He is a tanky champion, so he will rely on his teammates to deal damage and carry him. But that doesn’t mean he will lose lane! Malphite has a lot of skirmishing power and poke with his Q and W. Post 6, he can get kills with his Ultimate: solo or with the help from his Jungler.


The fourth recommendation for this patch is Fiora. Fiora is fantastic through all stages of the game due to her strong all-in potential and amazing split-pushing power in the mid and late-game. Fiora can dominate her lane opponents and continue to carry after the laning phase has ended.

Fiora can make use of the new item changes as well as the terrain changes as well. Many of her strengths come from chasing down overextended enemies, and she can do this easier with the changes to her build and the top lane terrain shifts.


Illaoi is one of the more frustrating champions in League of Legends. One slight miss-position where she can land her E on a target will result in them losing a ton of health. Illaoi’s tentacles are also extremely annoying; you must kill them before trying to fight her.

While her early game isn’t the strongest, she can counter all-ins and trade effectively back with the enemy. Once she has some items and levels under her belt, she can deal considerable damage to the enemy and win fights easily. Let’s not forget to mention how strong Illaoi is in team fights.

Final Thoughts

That about sums up our article on 5 of the best picks for Patch 14.1 in League of Legends. If you don’t like any of the champions on our list, don’t worry, as there are a ton of good champions you can play this patch.

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Table of contents