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Best Mid Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.1 of League of Legends

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5 OP Mid Laners for Patch 14.1

The mid-lane changes in Season 14 have made the role slightly different. It is now safer to play different champions in this lane, so expect to find various opponents as you play this Season. However, this is a great thing, and you might be able to abuse this.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 of the best picks you can abuse in the first major patch of Season 14 League of Legends. If you wish to master any of these champions or learn to play anyone else in LoL, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page. for more!

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The first champion on our list is Sylas. Sylas is a great champion in League of Legends due to his intense skirmishing power in the laning phase. He is also a Jungler’s “dream duo,” as he can often join the fight for the Scuttle Crab, and ganking him isn’t too difficult either.

Sylas is very strong in team fights, especially if he gets a good lead and can take a way an enemy Ultimate that deals a lot of damage, is AOE and has good AP scaling. A fed Sylas can be really hard to handle.


Swain isn’t a popular champion but is strong in the right hands. Swain doesn’t have that much pressure early on, but he scales incredibly well and is very strong in team fights. He has good lane priority and wave clear with some items under his belt.

In team fights, he can soak up a lot of damage with his Ultimate while also dealing a lot of damage at the same time. He also has good pick potential with his E which he can use to lock down multiple enemies at once. As we said, he scales really well, so he will naturally be tanky as the game develops.


Akshan has been one of the best champions that can be played in either the Mid or Top lane. Akshan’s ability to get kills in the lane and abuse weak and immobile champions is unmatched! With the terrain changes, he is still a great champion and has more time to chase the enemy down the lane.

One reason why Akshan is so good is because he can abuse melee champions with his superior range. He can also roam a lot and get kills elsewhere on the map thanks to his mobility. It can be hard to track Akshan as he can go invisible, too.


The fourth champion on the list is Fizz. Fizz is an assassin who can chase enemies who are over-extended or miss-positioned. He can get kills from level 3 onwards and quickly snowball if he gets one kill.

A benefit to Fizz this patch is that as the lane is slightly longer, Fizz can chase the enemy further down the lane, which can result in him getting more kills. Fizz is also a great roaming champion, so he can help his allies and gank them too.


The final champion on our list, who is far from the worst of the 5 champions is Lux. Lux is a fan-favourite champion in League of Legends. Expect her to be a good pick in the early stages of season 14 and on patch 14.1.

Lux has good wave clear, and once she has an item under her belt, she can keep the enemy pushed in with her E. After the lane changes, she will want to do this to keep herself safe. Post 6, she can look for pokes and good trades with the enemy if she lands her Q on the enemy champion.

Final Point

There have been minor terrain changes to the mid-lane in the preseason, so expect to see people trying out different champions at the start of the season. If you like any of the champions on our list, get your grind on to abuse those weak opponents and climb at the start of the season.

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Table of contents