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Best Top Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.9 of League of Legends

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Top 5 OP and Best Top Laners For Patch 14.9

The Top Lane can be one of the most one-sided lanes in League of Legends. If you get a good matchup, you can have so much fun as you’ll be dominating the enemy laner and killing them over and over again. This lane is often also seen as an island, but that isn’t the case anymore, as Junglers can easily gank a strong laner in Season 14!

In this article, we will go over 5 of the best Top Laners you can abuse in patch 14.9. Check out the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more information, guides and tips to help you play as any of these champions!

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1. Camille

IG Camille Splash Crop

The first champion on our list today is Camille. Camille is one of the harder Top laners to master in League of Legends, but she can be extremely strong in the right matchups. If you put a lot of practice into her, then you will see yourself climbing very quickly.

In the laning phase, play safe and don’t commit to all-ins unless you have got an advantage prior to level 4. After level 4, you’ll have multiple points in your Q so you can win extended trades with the enemy. Play around the enemies cooldowns and try to go for aggressive plays and trades when they’ve used an ability. Repeat this over and over until you get kills in lane.

Camille Top Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Senna Camille a win rate on patch 14.8 of 53.12%.
  • They had a 6.28% pick rate.
  • And Camille had a 6.91% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Camille was played 136,000 times.

2. Gragas

The next champion on our list is Gragas. If playing an easier champion is for you, why not give Gragas a try. He has far less mechanics than Camille, so you don’t need to play a billion games on him to do well.

Gragas can be a really strong champion against most champions in the Top Lane due to his poke with his Q, his strong all-in with his E and W as well as good pick potential in and outside of the laning phase with his Ultimate. Gragas right now is quite versatile too, so if you don’t perform super well during the laning phase, you can just build full tank and steal deal damage and be useful. He will always be useful as long as he lands his Ultimate.

Gragas Top Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Gragas had a 52.45% win rate in patch 14.8!
  • They had a 4.23% pick rate in the Top Lane alone.
  • And Gragas had a 3.49% ban rate. Let’s not forget that he is played in multiple roles so his ban rate is slightly inflated.
  • In Emerald+, Gragas was played 92,000 times.

3. Aatrox

Maybe easy tanks are not your favourite, so an easy damage dealer is on the table instead. Aatrox is our 3rd recommendation for Top laners on patch 14.9! He is one of the most popular Top laners in League of Legends and seems to be picked or banned. Aatrox is a strong skirmishing top laner who can duel anyone at any given game stage due to his aggressive nature and low cooldowns.

A good Aatrox should be playing super aggressively and looking to make plays around their enemy’s cooldowns. On Aatrox, you have to be aggressive and gain a lead, or you won’t be much of a threat in mid and late-game team fights, and split-pushing will not be as effective. Regardless of this though, give Aatrox a go if you like fun and strong champions in LoL!

Aatrox Top Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Aatrox’s win rate in patch 14.8 was 50.88%.
  • They had a 11.08% pick rate.
  • And Aatrox had a 14.43% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Aatrox was played 240,000 times.

4. Urgot

Urgot is my go-to Top Laner in LoL, and it sucks that he is getting a nerf this patch, but I still feel like he is going to be a great pick! Urgot can be extremely dominant in the right matchup and can get ahead quite easily too.

Ranged champions can be really strong into certain matchups as they can abuse the enemy with basic attacks whenever they walk up to farm. Urgot’s auto attacks get stronger and stronger as the game develops, and when he maxes out his W, his damage output is quite high. Post 6, you can get kills with your Ultimate which is an execute to further snowball your lead.

Urgot Top Mid-Patch Stats:

  • Urgot is going to get a nerf this patch, but he is going to remain a solid Top Laner.
  • Urgot’s win rate in patch 14.8 was 53.64%.
  • They had a 3.27% pick rate.
  • And Urgot had a 1.15% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Urgot was played 71,000 times.

5. Darius

Darius Splash Crop Dunkmaster

The final champion on our list is Darius. Darius is another Low ELO dominant Top Laner who is also very easy to play. If you love easy champions who deal a lot of damage, give Darius a go on this patch! His Passive makes him really annoying too, so if you want to frustrate your enemy, pick him!!!

Darius can beat basically any champion in early trades with his Passive. This paired with Ignite at levels 1 and 2 often results in him getting first blood. Outside of this early laning phase, he is great in extended trades with his Passive, W (which acts as an auto-attack reset) and his E which he can use to pull the enemy closer to him.

Darius Top Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Darius had a win rate of 52.26%.
  • They had a 8.29% pick rate.
  • And Darius had a 19.99% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Darius was played 180,000 times.

In Conclusion

The Top role is one of the most isolating roles in the lane, so your best bet is to pick a champion you enjoy, and has a good chance to solo carry, or can be good even when they’re behind. You could check out our Mobalytics Tier List for patch 14.9 for more good picks on this patch!