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Best Mid Laners For Season 14 Patch 14.9 of League of Legends

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Top 5 Strongest and OP Mid Laners For Patch 14.9

The Mid Lane is one of the most contested roles in League of Legends. A large percentage of the playerbase loves this role due to the carry potential it provides, and how versatile it is too. There are so many different champions that can be played here, which is great as it allows for a lot of freedom. For instance, you will find Mages, Assassins and sometimes even tanks in the Mid Lane.

In this article, we will review five of the strongest Midlaners you can abuse in patch 14.9. Check out the Mobalytics’ Champion Page for more information, guides and tips to help you play as any of these champions!

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1. Sylas

Sylas Base Splash

The first champion on our list today is Sylas. Thanks to his Ultimate, Sylas is a very versatile champion, which can be really strong when you’ve taken a strong team fighting or damage-dealing Ultimate from the enemy. If you can steal someone’s Ultimate like Amumus’, then you can be a deadly enemy in a team fight.

Sylas isn’t that good early, but after he has a few levels under his belt, he can be really strong and deadly in trades. Just make sure you don’t take too much damage early on from enemy auto attacks (as you’re melee), and play around their abilities to have the best chances of winning in the laning phase. Can’t get kills in lane? Look to roam around the map and help your allies instead.

Sylas Mid Lane Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Sylas had a win rate on patch 14.8 of 52.18%.
  • They had a 67.79% pick rate.
  • And Sylas had a 9.56% ban rate. We must remember that Sylas can be played in multiple roles, so this influences his ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Sylas was played 170,000 times.

2. Brand

Brand Base Splash

The next champion on our list is a very poke-dominant champion, and that champion is Brand. Brand is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. He is strong in Mid, Jungle and the Support role!

He has a lot of poke during the laning phase with his W and E. These abilities allow him to push and poke the enemy at the same time from a safe distance. Post 6, he can just keep pushing the enemy into their tower with his W and E too. Get them low enough and he might even be able to cast his Ultimate on them and gain a kill. He is great even when behind due to his AOE Ultimate which is crucial in team fights.

Brand Mid Lane Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Brand win rate in patch 14.8 was 55.01% in the Mid Lane.
  • He had a 1.72% pick rate in the Mid Lane alone.
  • It’s important to remember he is played in multiple roles; that’s why his ban rate is at 4.67%.
  • In Emerald+, Brand Mid was played 37,000 times.

3. Katarina

Number 3 on our list is Katarina. Katarina can be one of the most difficult champions to play against due to her mobility and strong all-in potential. If you love outplaying your enemies, Katarina might be for you.

Katarina can constantly jump to her daggers to outplay her enemies. If they do not watch her dagger positioning, she can all-in them and kill them, or at the very least gain a huge health advantage. Katarina is also a really good roaming champion so she can roam around the map and help her allies pick up kills. In team fights, she is quite strong too due to her AOE Ultimate.

Katarina Mid Lane Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Katarina’s win rate was 51.85%.
  • They also had a 1.72% pick rate.
  • Katarina had a 4.67% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Katarina was played 137,000 times.

4. Diana

The next champion on our list is another flex pick, but this time her name is Diana! Diana can also be played in the Mid and Jungle roles. So if you love playing her in the Mid Lane, why not try her in the Jungle too!

Diana isn’t the strongest champion at levels 1-4, but once she has some levels under her belt she can look for plays and all-ins whenever the enemy misspositions or walks too far forward. Another thing is that she has a lot of burst damage, so against squishy champions, she can constantly kill them! In team fights, Diana is quite strong with her AOE Ultimate. Fight in the jungle, or use your Ult on multiple champions, and you’ll deal a lot of damage.

Diana Mid Lane Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Her win rate on patch 14.8 was 53%.
  • They had a 4.14% pick rate in the Mid Lane.
  • And Diana had a 5.33% ban rate.
  • In Emerald+, Diana was played 90,000 times.

5. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate base Splash

And last but not least is Twisted Fate. After Twisted Fate’s changes earlier on in the Season, he has been consistently a great pick, with a good win rate and play rate. Thankfully, his ban rate is much lower than it once was though. Earlier on in the Season, this champion was picked or banned.

What makes Twisted Fate a really good pick right now is his versatility and his strengths. First off, Twisted Fate’s build is quite versatile. He can build a ton of different items, and adjust his build depending on what his team needs. His kit also has lots of utility tools: good poke, wave clear, CC with his gold card and his Ultimate which can be used to help his allies.

Twisted Fate Mid Lane Mid-Patch Stats:

  • According to the patch preview, they are not getting any buffs or nerfs in this patch.
  • Twisted Fate’s win rate on patch 14.8 was 53.08%.
  • They had a 5.04% pick rate.
  • And Twisted Fate had a 2.36% ban rate. This is much lower than earlier on in the season!
  • In Emerald+, Twisted Fate was played 108,000 times.

In Conclusion

It should’ve been obvious, but this role involves so many champions. That can be an issue, though, as there are many strong champions you can play. But, if none of these champions suit you, why not head over to the Mobalytics Tier List for patch 14.9 for more recommendations.