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Best Mid Laners For Season 13 Patch 13.23

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This article is now outdated. Click here for Patch 13.24 recommendations.

5 OP Mid Laners for Patch 13.23

In the past few Patches of League of Legends, there have been a lot of S-Tier Mid Laners you can play to dominate your enemies on Summoners Rift. With so many great picks on Patch 13.23, you have a lot of choices on who you want to pick up and play this patch.

If you want to climb before the season ends, pick some champions who are currently strong and fit your play style. Thankfully, in this Mobalytics guide, we will break down 5 of the best S-Tier champions you can pick up and dominate your enemies within Patch 13.23.

If you want to learn more tips on how to play as any of these champions, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

There are some other strong S-tier picks this patch. You can find more S-tier picks on the Mobalytics Tier List for Patch 13.23. Please note the data we are using is mid-patch data, all servers and all ranks.


Orianna is a hot topic right now in League of Legends, and Riot does not want to touch her as she is in a good place in both professional play and solo queue.

Her strengths shine in the later parts of the laning phase and mid and late game. Her amazing wave clear and poke make it hard for people to Lane against her as she just constantly pushes them in and takes Tower Plates. Outside of the laning phase, she has great pick potential with her Ultimate, which makes her deadly in team fights.

Orianna’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 50.1% in 1,950,000 games.


Sylas has been a frequent champion on our list and has shown a dominating performance for many patches now. If you haven’t picked him up yet, I would highly suggest that you do.

Not many champions counter him, and as long as you don’t fall too far behind, you’re going to be good in team fights. There are some champions you definitely want to pick Sylas into. For example, a champion like Malphite has a very strong Ultimate you can steal, which you can use to demolish the enemy team.

In Patch 13.23, Sylas achieved a win rate of 51.4% in 1,380,000 games.


Would you be surprised if we said that Swain is another strong pick for this patch? His versatility makes him a very good champion in League of Legends and the tankier that he gets- the harder he is to kill.

His team fighting ability is his main strength as he can deal a lot of AOE damage whilst soaking up a lot of incoming damage for his teammates. Surprisingly, he also has a lot of burst damage if he’s able to CC a target and follow it up with his W and Q. All in all, his learning phase isn’t the best, but once he gets out of the lane, he can be really good.

On Patch 13.23, Swain had a 49.9% win rate in around 475,000 games.


We said that Riot doesn’t want to change Orianna, and the same can be said about Syndra. Syndra remains to be a top pick this patch in League of Legends and if you love mages, then you should definitely give her a go!

Her laning phase is pretty good as she has a dominating stance. Post six. She has a lot of all-in pressure with her Ultimate, which she can use to one-shot the enemy if she gets them blowing off. Even in the hardest of matchups, she can use her Q to farm, which is a safe way of picking up CS without dying.

Syndra’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 50.7% in 1,222,000 games.


Vladimir is the final champion on our list. He is by far the weakest early-game champion on our list, but if you play for the mid-game and for team fights, then you’re going to do pretty well. The key to playing Vladimir is not falling behind early.

He is amazing in team fights, thanks to his AOE damage and his Ultimate. He’s also good during the mid and late game as he scales incredibly well and gets stronger as the game goes on. If he gets an early kill or 2, he can be really deadly and near impossible to deal with.

And finally, Vladimir’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 50.8% in 404,000 games.

Final Thoughts

As always, you should focus on playing champions you’re good at and not just play champions that are strong. League of Legends is supposed to be fun, so you should pick champions you enjoy.

You can find tips and tricks on how to play these champions on their Champion Page.