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Best Junglers For Season 13 Patch 13.23

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This article is now outdated. Click here for Patch 13.24 recommendations.

OP Junglers to Climb With in Patch 13.23

There are quite a few good Junglers you can play in Patch 13.23 that are highly dominant and are a pain to play against. Junglers are just as strong in the upcoming Patch 13.23 as they have been for many patches.

In this article by Mobalytics, we will discuss 5 of the best Junglers you can play in Patch 13.23. These Junglers are extremely strong right now, so if you want to hit your end-of-season goals, make sure you play these champions this patch!

If you want to learn more tips on how to play as any of these champions, head over to their Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

There are some other strong S-tier picks this patch. You can find more S-tier picks on the Mobalytics Tier List for Patch 13.23. Please note the data we are using is mid-patch data, all servers and all ranks.


Maokai is the first champion on our list, and if you’ve been watching professional League of Legends lately, you would’ve seen how frequently he gets picked compared to many other Junglers in League of Legends.

He is a great, easy-to-play Jungler who can gank frequently throughout all stages of the game. Firstly, his W is point-and-click CC, which is ideal as you don’t have to land any skill shots like a Lee Sin. Secondly, his Ultimate is extremely potent when ganking and in team fights, as he can lock down multiple champions at once with it.

Maokai’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 51.4% in 478,000 games.


The second champion on our list is Evelynn. Post-six, it can be difficult to track her due to her invisibility. This allows her to avoid wards and gank enemies without them even realizing it.

While she does struggle in the early game compared to some other champions on our list, she can quickly snowball if she gets one or two kills early on. She is also an AP champion, which is important to mention because many low ELO players like to pick AD champions. in the Mid or Top Lane.

In Patch 13.23, Evelynn achieved a win rate of 50.7% in 500,000 games.


Coming in at third we have Lillia, who is also an AP champion. She is actually very good in the current meta, and her champion design makes her a great skirmisher and team fighter as well.

Thanks to her Ultimate, she can put to sleep multiple champions, which is great in team fights as it can allow you to pick off enemy champions and take him down quickly. She is also great in the early game and can gank very early on compared to a champion like Evelynn.

On Patch 13.23, Lillia had a 51.4% win rate in 544,000 games.

Jarvan IV

Even though this champion has received a slight nerf, he is still a very strong Jungler in League of Legends. What made him strong in previous patches remains true even after this patch. Jarvan IV is a dominant early-game Jungler who can snowball his and his allies’ leads from the get-go.

Another thing we should mention is that he is very versatile and can adjust his build path depending on what his team needs and how far ahead or behind you are as a player. He can build tanky items if he is very behind, and he can go for more of an AD-dominant build if he gets an early lead. Regardless, he will always be strong and good in team fights, thanks to his pick ability and his Ultimate.

Jarvan’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 51.2% in an impressive 1,818,000 games!


Nocturne will be the final champion on our list. He is a long-ranged ganker who can gank from afar with his Ultimate post six. It can be difficult to counter his ganks unless you have deep wards, and as many players know- low ELO players do not place deep wards.

Like many other champions in League, Nocturne truly comes online when he hits level 6. His ultimate is so strong, and the best Nocturne players in the world consistently play around its cool down and look for ganks and opportunities to get kills as soon as it is available to them.

And finally, Nocturne’s win rate on Patch 13.23 was 52.1% in 1,085,000 games!

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, the Jungle role has a lot of good meta picks right now, so check out the tier list to see what other champions are dominating the meta.

You can find tips and tricks on how to play these champions on their Champion Page.