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Best ADCs For Season 13 Patch 13.22

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5 Strongest ADCS to Carry With in Patch 13.22

The ADC meta has been quite stale for a few patches now. We’ve seen some champions come in and out of the meta, but the S-Tier picks have remained pretty much the same for some time now. In Patch 13.22, there is no significant difference from previous patches.

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best ADC champions you should be playing in Patch 13.22. Unlike other roles, you are restricted to who you can play, as you just get outclassed when facing an S-Tier pick while playing a B-Tier Carry.

If you want to learn more tips on how to play as any of these champions, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

There are some other strong S-tier picks this patch. You can find more S-tier picks on the Mobalytics Tier List for Patch 13.22. Please note the data we are using is mid-patch data, all servers and all ranks.


We’re starting of this article with the hardest champion on our list. Vayne is arguable one of the hardest ADCs to master and she has a high skill cap with high outplay potential.

With that said, she is a great champion to put your time into learning as she is a very strong ADC that can carry at all ranks. She is great versus most champions, and as long as you don’t fall behind, you’ll do really good on her. As games are starting to last a bit longer now, she has a lot of time to scale and come online!

Vayne’s win rate on Patch 13.22 was 52.1% in 1,400,000 games.


Ashe is the second champion on our list and arguably one of the best ADCs to learn the ADC role. Her basic play style with great pick potential makes her a great beginner champion.

Another reason why Ashe is a great pick is because of her Ultimate. Her Ultimate almost guarantees a gank for your allies, or a kill for your team. Post 6, you just need to press R and then all-in the enemy. In the late game, Ashe can use her Ultimate to catch people out of position and then take major objectives afterwards.

In Patch 13.22, Ashe achieved a win rate of 51.2% in 1,420,000 games!


Ezreal is one of the most popular champions, and we would recommend that you play him if you get the chance.

Ezreal’s laning phase is quite reliable. He has tools to help him farm if he is in a bad matchup and he can farm and poke from afar with his Q. He has strong all-in with his E as well, which he can use to either close the gap between the enemy and chase them down, or use it to dodge damage and escape fights.

On Patch 13.22, Ezreal had 50.2% in 2,900,000 games (wow).


Jhin is the fourth champion on our list of the best champions you can pick this patch. Jhin has great synergy with many of the meta champions right now, which is ideal if you want to climb this patch.

He has high damage output, especially in the later parts of the game. After an item or two, he can deal a considerable amount of damage versus any champion. In team fights, he can use his Ultimate to pick people off and start the fight. Let’s talk about his laning phase: it’s strong. He has great follow up and can layer his W to extend the CC duration on any target.

Jhin’s win rate on Patch 13.22 was 51.3% in 1,600,000 games.


Ziggs is the last champion on our list, and unfortunately the only AP champion on today’s list. But with that said, there are quite a few good AP champions you can play in the bottom lane.

Unlike the rest of the champions, Ziggs wants to poke the enemy down rather than look for all-ins or try to make plays. In the early game, he is not very strong. He should just focus on farming and poking. Then when he gets his first item, Ziggs can be quite annoying as he can keep poking the enemy down with his Q. Pair him with a poke Support, then the enemy bottom lane will get really mad!

And finally, Ziggs’ win rate on Patch 13.22 was 53.7% in 680,000 games.

To Conclude

Unfortunately, that finishes our article on the best ADCs you can play this patch. Let us know what you think about this boring ADC meta we’ve been in for a while.

You can find tips and tricks on how to play these champions on their Champion Page.

Table of contents