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Best Mid Laners For Season 13 Patch 13.21

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This article is now outdated. Click here for Patch 13.22 recommendations.

5 OP Mid Laners for Patch 13.21

Season 13 Patch 21 is coming out any day now, and with a few champion buffs and nerfs here and there, you should be keeping an eye on who the best champions are in this upcoming patch.

In this Mobalytics article, we will talk about 5 of the best Mid Lane champions you can play on Patch 13.21. These S-tier picks are guaranteed to perform well and will always be useful regardless if you’re ahead or behind. If you want to learn more tips on how to play as any of these champions, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page.

There are some other strong S-tier picks this patch. You can find more S-tier picks on the Mobalytics Tier List for Patch 13.21. Please note the data we are using is mid-patch data, all servers and all ranks.


The first champion on our list is Kassadin. Kassadin is not the strongest early-game champion around, but once he hits level 6, he comes online and can be a dominant force for any player who wants to solo-carry games.

Kassadin is actually really good at roaming and helping his allies, and if he can get an early kill or two, he will be even stronger when he hits level 16. As games are tending to last a bit longer now, he will pretty much be able to hit his level 16 power spike every game.

Kassadin’s win rate on Patch 13.21 was 52.6% in 441,000 games.


Syndra is similar to one of the upcoming S-tier champions on our list, so if you’re not a fan of Orianna, Syndra may be for you! Her insane poke throughout the laning phase, followed by her consistent wave clear with her Q and W, allows her to dominate many opponents throughout all stages of the game.

If Syndra gets a good laning phase (or as long as she doesn’t fall behind), you will be good during the mid and late game as she can one-shot squishy targets who are over-extended or out of position. She has great pick potential with her Q>E combo.

In Patch 13.21, Syndra achieved a win rate of 50.5% in 919,000 games.


Orianna is back in S-tier for another patch! Her effective laning phase is pretty simple and effective. If she gets a good laning phase, she will be dominant in team fights thanks to her AOE Ultimate.

As we said, her laning phase is really good, even when she is facing a bad matchup, thanks to the wave clear from her Q and W. She can throw out these abilities from afar, so she is safe and not in range of getting all-in’d.

On Patch 13.21, Orianna had 50.5% in 965,000 games.


Sylas is the 4th champion on our list. Sylas is a unique champion and very strong at the same time. His ability to steal key ultimates away from his targets makes him a versatile and deadly pick in any team composition.

His laning phase isn’t always the strongest, but as long as you can scale and pick up farm and XP, you will be really good in team fights! All you need to do is use your Ultimate on an enemy whose Ultimate is strong in fights, and then one shot the enemy carries!

Sylas’ win rate on Patch 13.21 was 50.6% in 1,032,000 games.


And to finish off this list, we have Naafiri, who is one of the latest champions to join the League of Legends team. Since her release, she’s had a big impact on the mid-lane, being good for quite a few patches in a row.

In Patch 13.21, she will be a great pick, as she can assassinate squishy targets walking around the map. As games last longer in patches 13.20 and 21, getting a pick on a squishy, high-priority target can enable your team to take Baron or Rift Herald.

And finally, Naafiri’s win rate on Patch 13.21 was 53.4% in 362,000 games.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

The Mid Lane meta is quite vast with a lot of different champions to play, so we understand how overwhelming it can be. If you like these champions, make sure you play them this patch to get free ELO!

You can find tips and tricks on how to play these champions on their Champion Page.