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10 Underrated Champions to Pick in Season 12

10 Underrated Champions to Pick in Season 12

We’re a couple of months into the new season of League of Legends, and everyone’s been grinding the ranks. How has your ranked season been going so far? I hope it’s been going well. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to climb, and maybe this guide will help you out.

In League, there are strong picks, weak picks and underrated champion picks. Some champions are strong and underestimated by you and the enemy team. In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 10 of the most underrated champions to pick in season 12.

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Here are the things we will be covering in this article:

  1. Top Lane
  2. Jungle
  3. Mid Lane
  4. Bot Lane
  5. Support

Top Lane


Quinn can be hard to master, but once you’ve put in the time to practice her, you can easily become unstoppable and take over the map and the lane. Quinn is great versus melee champions as she can constantly bully them down and harass them.

If you’re looking for someone to dominate low ranged champions, then she is definitely for you. Her blind can prevent the enemy from landing auto-attacks on you, securing minions and much more. If you love ranged champions and trading and skirmishing, give Quinn a go.


The Zaun monster is a very underrated Top laner in LoL. He has fantastic sustain in lane and great pick potential in the later parts of the game with his Ultimate. He can be hard to kill during the laning phase, and he often forces the enemy laner to invest in early healing reduction.

Warwick is very versatile and can build many different items depending on if he’s ahead or behind. When ahead, he will deal a lot of damage. He is still valuable when he is behind, thanks to his Ultimate.



Shyvana is a versatile champion who can be played with either an AD, tank, or an AP build, depending on her team’s needs. She is a very good Jungler who can farm quickly, generally prioritizes Dragons and objectives, and is a strong, underrated pick.

Depending on her build, she can poke champions down in a team fight, or she can all-in and take down key targets in a fight. If you’re looking for a very versatile champion, Shyvana could be for you.


If you’re looking for an easy champion to pick up in the jungle, Sejuani could be for you. She is straightforward to play, and the only hard thing about her is her Ultimate.

She is a good Jungler who can frequently gank in the early game, and post 6; she can get kill after kill with her Ultimate if you’re proactive with it. Sejuani can pick carries off with her Ultimate in the late game too, which is excellent for solo queue.

Mid Lane


Diana is another versatile champion in the current meta. She can jump in on a fight and one-shot squishy targets with a basic combo on the enemy. During the laning phase, her all-in potential is very high, and she can quickly jump on the enemy if she lands her Q.

Looking for a versatile champion who can take over a game quickly? Diana might be for you.


Assassins are pretty strong in the current meta, and Pantheon can be too. If you’re looking for a roam dominant champion, then Pantheon might be for you. Thanks to his Ultimate and TP, he can quickly move around the map and assist his allies to get kills and quickly snowball from there.

While he doesn’t win level 6 all-ins like many mid laners, what he can get from being around the map is worth a ton of brownie points.

Bot Lane


Seraphine is traditionally seen as a Support, but she used to be quite popular in the mid and ADC roles. While she isn’t as popular as she once was, she is still incredibly good as an ADC.

Just like in the Mid or Support roles, her Ultimate is incredibly useful, and it can CC a plethora of enemy champions that could help you win the fight. Similarly, her Q and E are also powerful as they can help with wave clear, damage, and poke.


Are we recommending Yasuo? Yes. When mastered, Yasuo is a good champion as he can take over the lane and dominate the enemy. In certain matchups, and when paired with a hard CC Support, he can be devastating to lane against.

Yasuo is very a flexible pick and can be played in multiple roles. If you main him in the mid or top lane, your skill can easily transition to him in the ADC role.



This tree can be OP in the right matchups. Firstly, he is excellent versus immobile champions, thanks to his W, which he can use to lock down the enemy in the lane. Secondly, he can dictate the pace of the lane with his Saplings which force the enemy to stay away from certain parts of the lane.

If you like a champion that can be played full AP, full tank and is a nuisance to the enemy, then Maokai could be for you. Please give him a go and see how you feel playing the tree!


When it comes to an AP Support, have you thought about Taliyah? Taliyah has good poke in the lane and can easily burst any champion down if she lands her W on them.

She can out roam many champions thanks to her Passive, and her Ultimate allows her to cover great distance quickly, which makes her an excellent roaming champion. During the laning phase, as long as you play around your worked ground, you’ll do fine on Taliyah!

Final Thoughts

That about sums up our ten most underrated champions to play in Season 12. If you like the look of any of these champions, make sure you check out their champion pages on the Mobalytics website.

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