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10 Best Mid Laners in Season 14 League of Legends

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The Top 10 Best Solo Carry Mid Laners for Season 14 in League of Legends

The Mid-lane in League of Legends has been one of the most popular lanes to play for several reasons. One of the main reasons that people love this role is due to the variety of champions that can be played there.

After the terrain and map changes in Season 14, there is a higher amount and more variety of champions being played in the Mid lane. This is due to the changes to the lane, making it safer for squishier champions to be played there.

In this article by Mobalytics, we will go through 10 of the best Mid Laners you can play in Season 14. These champions are really strong, and if you’re interested about our thoughts for the other roles in League, you can find more guides for climbing in Season 14 on the Mobalytics Blog.


Cassiopeia Base Crop

The first champion on our list is a heavily underrated pick. Cassiopeia is a strong lead opponent that can be flexed and picked either in the Top, Mid or ADC role. However, her best lane is the Mid Lane, but her flexibility and strengths carry onto the side lanes too.

What makes her so strong is that she has good all-in, a very strong level 2 which she can use to abuse and gain a large health advantage against other strong Mid Laners. Another benefit is that we’ve the Grub changes, she can gain priority in Lane and potentially help her Jungler if they need assistance. While she might not be popular, she can be very good, so I recommend you pick if you love Mid or Top.

Cassiopeia stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Cassiopeia’s win rate was 53.63%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Cassiopeia had a 1.77% pick rate.
  • While Cassiopeia can be really annoying to play against, no one really bans her as she isn’t that popular.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate base Splash

The second champion on today’s list is Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate has shown to be a dominant force this season, and more so after his changes. If you’re looking for a flexible champion who is always strong regardless of how good or bad you are as a player, TF might be your champion.

TF has very good roaming potential post 6. He can push the minion wave then look to help his allies out by teleporting to their lane with his Ultimate. He also has good pick potential in the mid and late game with his Gold Card and RFC. Another benefit to picking TF is that he is versatile and can build either AD or AP, depending on your team’s needs.

Twisted Fate stats for Patch 14.5:

  • On Patch 14.5, Twisted Fate’s win rate was 52.15%.
  • With that in mind, Twisted Fate had a pick rate of 4.74%.
  • His popularity has increased since his rework. This is one of the reasons why his ban rate is now 14.06% on Patch 14.5.


Talon Splash SSW

Roaming is a big part of the mid-lane, and the champions that can roam and help their allies tend to do the best. Teamwork is so important in LoL, so picking Talon who can constantly roam and help his allies could be a great option for you.

Talon has superb kill pressure with his Ultimate and strong all-in. He can get kills from level 3 onwards, and if he makes good use of his Ultimate and understands how to manage waves effectively, he can constantly all-in the enemy. If you love playing champions who frustrate the enemy, then Talon could be a pick for you this season.

Talon stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Talon had a win rate of 52.62%.
  • His pick rate was 2.36%.
  • Talon is annoying to deal with. I don’t blame anyone for banning him as he is really annoying. He had a 1.11% ban rate on Patch 14.5.


The fourth champion on our list is one of the tankiest AP champions in the game. Swain is a great champion in Season 14 who has benefited from the item and map changes. He is amazing in team fights as his Ultimate provides him with a lot of sustain and AOE damage. As team fights are very important in S14, Swain can quickly snowball.

Unlike most of the other champions on our list, Swain doesn’t really look to roam, but he can have an impact with his W which he can use from afar. Outside of the laning phase is where Swain truly shines though. He is great in team fights thanks to how tanky his Ultimate can make him. He can dish out a lot of damage, while soaking up a lot of damage at the same time. Let it be known, he can deal a considerable amount of surprise damage.

Swain stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Swain’s win rate on Patch 14.5 was 54.25%.
  • Swain had a pick rate of 1.17%
  • Surprisingly, Swain’s ban rate is only 0.97%. Let’s remember he has been in four roles, so it’s not very high overall.


Neeko base splash

We’re halfway through this article, and the next champion is Neeko. Neeko has been a really strong and versatile champion this season. She has played multiple roles and has shown great performance in every role so far.

Neeko is also very fun to play and she can make amazing outplays if she takes the form of something or someone else. With this in mind, she only comes online with her Ultimate up. She can then make plays around the map. In team fights, her Ultimate can be really impactful as she can CC multiple enemy champions at once. If she fights in or around objectives, it strengthens her.

Neeko stats for Patch 14.5:

  • This champion had a 52.96% win rate on Patch 14.5.
  • Neeko’s pick rate on Patch 14.5 was 1.70%.
  • Neeko can be played in multiple roles, and she can be annoying to deal with due to her Passive. She has a 1.68% ban rate on 14.5.


xerath base splash

The next champion on our list is Xerath. Xerath is a good flex pick in LoL who can be played in multiple roles. He has great poke throughout all stages of the game, which allows him to gain a lead early, which he can snowball into a significant lead.

While Xerath may not have the safest early laning phase as he is quite squishy and immobile, once he has completed his first item, he can keep pushing the enemy into their tower with his superior wave clear and pushing power. He can then look to roam and help his allies with his large radius Ultimate, which can positively impact his side lanes.

Xerath stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Xerath’s win rate was 51.99%.
  • He had a pick rate of 2.59% on Patch 14.5.
  • Xerath is another champion that can be played in multiple roles. His ban rate is slightly higher than some champions, at 5.49%.


Crystal Rose Akshan Crop

Akshan is another very versatile champion in LoL. He has proven to be a very dominant lane opponent in both the top and mid lane, which is why he is so versatile and a recommended pick in both our best tops and best mids articles.

What makes Akshan very dominant is that he has good all-in potential and as the lane is slightly longer, he can chase them down the long lane to get a kill. He is also really good in the mid-game as he can split push and apply pressure elsewhere on the map. If he is ahead, he can then fight whoever tries to stop him from split-pushing.

Akshan stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Akshan’s win rate was 53.72%.
  • He had a 2.40% play rate on Patch 14.5.
  • Even though Akshan is played in multiple roles, he only has a 3.83% ban rate. This is good, considering how popular he is when you combine all those roles together.


Elementalist Lux Splash

While Lux isn’t the best champion in the game, if you main her, you will know how strong and versatile she is. Lux can be played in multiple roles and is a fan favourite for many players. She is quite simple and easy to master, so if you love a mage who can poke, then Lux might be for you.

What makes Lux so good is that she has great poke and wave clear. During the laning phase, she can push and poke the enemy under their tower with her E. She can get lane priority this way, and then help her Jungler out if needed. She also has great one-shot potential with her Ultimate. If she lands her Q and E on an enemy, she can then use her Ultimate to blow them up. In the late game, this is especially strong.

Lux stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Lux’s win rate on Patch 14.5 was 52.43%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Lux had a 3.64% pick rate.
  • Lux doesn’t get banned that often. This is good to remember if you want to play her in either the Mid or Support roles.


Vex base splash

One of the newest champions on our list is Vex. Vex is a strong champion who has a lot of poke and wave clear. While she might not be the strongest champion around, once she gets some items under her belt, she can be a real monster in mid-game and in team fights.

What makes Vex great is her strength outside of the laning phase. Once she has an item under her belt, she can keep the enemy pushed into their tower. She can then gain lane priority and roam around the map. When she has her Ultimate, she can roam and help her allies with the long-range Ultimate. In team fights, she can execute enemies or catch them out of position by landing her Ultimate and then all-ining them.

Vex stats for Patch 14.5:

  • She had a 53.45% win rate in the mid lane on Patch 14.5
  • On Patch 14.5, Vex had a 2.94% pick rate.
  • Vex has a slightly higher ban rate than some other champions on our list, but she isn’t worth banning. If you can capitalise on this, then go for it!


Ahri Base Splash Crop

The final champion on our list is Ahri. Ahri isn’t statistically that good, but don’t let stats fool you. She is a very popular champion and great if you love champions with strong all-in and who can one-shot squishy champions. She also has a ton of great skins, so if you love aesthetics, then she might be the champion for you!

What makes Ahri so good is that she is pretty consistent regardless of how ahead or behind she is. If she can get a small lead, then she can snowball that into a much larger lead. She can also look to assisnate targets, roam around the map, help her allies, and even siege towers. All-in-all, Ahri is a great pick for anyone who wants to play a champion with lots of customizability regarding skin choice.

Ahri stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Ahri’s win rate was 53.73%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Ahri had a 15.14% pick rate.
  • Ahri has a high ban rate of 7.46%. In my opinion, there isn’t any point in banning Her in the current meta, as there are far stronger picks than her.

To Conclude

As always, while these champions will be strong and we highly recommend you play them, it is always best to play champions you enjoy and are good at. We hope that you found this article interesting and educational!

For more articles to help you climb in Season 14, head over to the Mobalytics Blog.