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10 Best ADCS in Season 14 League of Legends

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The Top 10 Best Solo Carry Bot Laners for Season 14 in League of Legends

The Bottom lane in League of Legends is one of the most popular roles in the game. In Season 13, we saw more champions being played in the bottom lane than ever before. We saw the traditional ADCs, but also melee champions and AP Mages too.

In Season 14, many champions flourished and performed well throughout the early part of the Season. In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 10 of the best champions you can play in the ADC role of League of Legends. We have also worked on a lot of other climbing articles this month, so make sure you check them out on the Mobalytics Blog.


Sherwood Forest Ashe Splash

The first champion on our list is going to be Ashe. Ashe is quite a popular pick in both the AD Carry and the Support role. She has good poke with her W throughout all stages of the game, and once she has some points in this ability, she can deal quite a lot of damage.

Post-six, she can actively look for pics with her Ultimate. Ashe’s Ultimate is a crucial ability that can help set up her Jungler, or to pick mispositioned enemies off. This gives her an advantage throughout all stages of the game, and it can help her carry too.

Ashe stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Ashe’s win rate was 53.73%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Ashe had a 7.23% pick rate.
  • We understand that Ashe can be annoying to play against (especially in the Support role), but players don’t ban her as there are more annoying solo carry champions to ban instead..


Swain is the first AP champion on our list. He has shown a dominating performance for quite a long time now, and if you are in love with AP champions, then Swain could be the champion for you! He has great synergy with a lot of the top Supports right now, and as synergy means quite a lot in League of Legends, you can pick him with a lot of different champions.

In the lower ranks, players like to pick full AD teams, but if you main Swain, then you will always have some AP on your team. In team fights, Swain really shines thanks to his sustain and his Ultimate. He is also very tanky, which is crucial for keeping him alive while he dishes out damage. As team fights are also crucial in League right now, he can deal a lot of AOE damage and stay alive.

Swain stats for Patch 14.5:

  • In the ADC role, Swain’s win rate was 55.20%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Swain had a 0.66% pick rate.
  • Just like Ashe, there’s no point in banning Swain right now. He had a 0.96% ban rate.


Pulsefire Ezreal splash

This champion is consistently one of the most popular picks in the game. He has had this title for quite some time, and it should be no surprise who he is. Ezreal has consistently been one of the best ADCs you can play in League of Legends for many years. No wonder he has so many skins!

Consistency is key, and a champion like Ezreal can be extremely consistent regardless of whether you are good or bad with him. During the laning phase, he has a lot of poke with his Q and W, and his dash gives him all-in potential too. If you can get kills early on in the game, you can constantly look for all-ins when the enemy walks up too far. Ezreal is also a fantastic champion in team fights as he can poke and bully enemies down before his team initiates.

Ezreal stats for Patch 14.5:

  • On Patch 14,2, he had a win rate of 50.94%.
  • With this in mind, he had a 18.45% pick rate.
  • Ezreal has a very low ban rate of 6.88%. No point in banning him at all.


Jhin Splash Soul Fighter

Jhin is the fourth champion on our list. Whenever I make lists of the best champs in LoL, I never put Jhin in the fourth position. The fact that I’ve done it today is a blessing to you all! He is a great champion this season and one of the best solo carry AD Carrys to learn.

Synergy is incredibly important in the bottom Lane, and Jhin has great synergy with basically all of the meta picks. He is a direct counter to a lot of the squishier champions who are being played, so if you get a good all-in Support, you can get kill after kill in the lane. During the mid-game, he also has great pick potential with his Ultimate and W. They are also fantastic tools when contesting major objectives.

Jhin stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Jhin’s win rate was 51.99%.
  • He is one of the more popular ADCs right now: sitting at a 10.43% win rate.
  • He doesn’t get banned much, because there are much better bans out there.


Faerie Court Seraphine Splash

We are halfway through our list now, and we are coming onto another AP bottom laner. Seraphine is the perfect pick for those who love to play poke champions. She may not have the strongest early laning phase, but once she has an item under her, she can deal a lot of damage. Like some of the other AP champions on our list, she is great when your team picks full ADC.

Her poke can be very difficult to play again as she can be quite obnoxious, especially when she is paired with another poke champion. Post-six, you have to be careful when laning against her as she can press R and CC you. In team fights, her Ultimate is extremely potent, and coupled with her damage output in their mid and late game, she is very, very strong.

Seraphine stats for Patch 14.5:

  • In the ADC role, Seraphine had a win rate of 53.02%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Seraphine had a 1.31% pick rate.
  • Considering Searphine can be played in 3 roles (Mid, ADC and Support), she only had a 1.27% ban rate.


Karthus Pentakill Splash 1

Karthus is the 6th champion on our list an yet another AP champion who is incredibly strong in the right hands. What makes Karthus so strong is his consistent laning phase and his ability to get kills with his Q and Ultimate.

He might struggle against strong ealy laners, but once he gets some items under his belt, then he can be really strong. He tends to keep pushing the enemy into their tower while harassing them with his Q. This way he gains lane priority and can earn turret plates. Outside of the laning phase, he can look to execute low health enemies and pick up kills.

Karthus stats for Patch 14.5:

  • His win rate was 54.88%.
  • On Patch 14.5, he had a 0.38% pick rate.
  • Karthus had a 2.70% ban rate. This is slightly higher than some champions on our list, but lets remember he is played in multiple roles.


DRX Caitlyn Splash 2

The 7th champion we recommend is one of the best, most consistent ADCs in the game. She is very simple and easy to understand, so if you’re a beginner, you’ll quickly see yourself mastering her and climbing in LoL. This champion is, of course Caitlyn.

Caitlyn can quickly gain lane priority by using her Q and auto-attacking the minion wave. You do this to push the enemy into their tower, place traps around their turret and then bully them as soon as they walk up. She will usually get an early gold advantage due to how many turret plates she can take down before they expire. So, if you love to play bully champions, why not give Caitlyn a try this season?

Caitlyn stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Caitlyn’s win rate was 51.05%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Caitlyn had a 10.13% pick rate.
  • She has one of the higher ban rates on our list. This is because her laning phase is quite obnoxious and annoying.


Prestige Battle Cat Jinx Splash Crop

Jinx is a fan-favourite ADC, but she doesn’t get played as much as she once did. Regardless of that, the Jinx mains have been performing well with her in the current season due to her ability to abuse a lead once she gets one.

Jinx isn’t the strongest champion in the early game, but when she comes online- she can really pop off. She is good with many of the meta Supports, and can adjust her playstyle depending on who she is paired with and against. For instance, she works great with aggressive Supports, but can also hyper carry and scale when paired with someone like Lulu. All-in-all, she is a great, versatile ADC to pick up this season!

Jinx stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Jinx’s win rate was 53.41%.
  • On Patch 14.5, Jinx had a 11.51% pick rate.
  • There’s no real point in banning Jinx right now. So don’t waste a ban on her.


Vayne Splash Crop BASE

With the major item changes in Season 14, there has been a lot of different tanky champions being played across the board. Vayne can burst through those tanky champions, which is one of the reasons why she is such a solid pick this year.

We’ve noticed that games feel like they last a bit longer this season, which gives hard-scaling champions like Vayne and Kassadin time to come online. But Vayne is not just a late-game monster. She can be very strong in the early game, especially if she can get an early lead. The issue with Vayne is that she is the hardest ADC on our list, so you need to put in a lot of practice if you want to master her.

Vayne stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Vayne had a win rate of 51.71% on patch 14.5
  • On Patch 14.5, Vayne had a 7.15% pick rate in the ADC role alone.
  • Vayne is one of the more popular ADC bans right now. She has a 12.91% ban rate at the time of writing this article.


Twitch mafia Splash

The final champion is Twitch. Honestly, we could add a lot of extra champions to this list, but I digress. Twitch is a great champion if you’re looking for a new carry to help you climb the ranked ladder this Season.

Team fights are very important in LoL right now, and strong team fighting champions such as Twitch are really shining. He can deal a lot of damage to multiple champions simultaneously with his Ultimate and auto-attacks. If you get a small lead early, you can be extremely dominant in the later parts of the game.

Twitch stats for Patch 14.5:

  • Twitch’s win rate was 54.03%.
  • On Patch 14.5, he had a 5.66% pick rate.
  • Twitch isn’t a popular ban, so I wouldn’t bother wasting a ban on him right now.

To Conclude

If you pick these champions and master them, you’ll see yourself climbing in no time at all! However, it is better for you to pick champions you enjoy and are good at, regardless if we think they’re strong or weak.

For more articles to help you climb in Season 14, head over to the Mobalytics Blog.