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How to Track your Stats to Improve in League of Legends

Tracking your progress is crucial to climbing consistently and efficiently. After all, if you aren’t fully understanding your development, it becomes harder to know what you’re doing better and what you need to work on. Luckily, Picklepants has everything you need to know to start tracking yourself and help take your climb to the next level.


League of Legends is a very competitive game where the slightest of mistakes can cost you a victory. Because of its competitive side, it is more so than ever important that you play to your full potential in order to climb. One way to help you effectively climb and improve is by tracking your stats on how you play the game.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss the many ways you can track your stats to see if you are improving and teach you how to understand how these stats can help you become a better player overall. It’s important to note beforehand that stats only build up a certain picture and they do not account for everything that makes you as a player. Improving as a whole, and understanding the game from the ground up will make you a well-rounded player.Janna ratingThink you have what it takes to be one of the highest rated Janna players in the world? Check your stats here.

Why you should track

There are many benefits to tracking your stats. The most prominent, and best benefit is that you have visual evidence of yourself climbing and improving at the game. Often you will find yourself worthless or disheartened when you fall and get demoted, but if you have proof of what you accomplished in the past, you will have something to strive for and look to obtain again. While you’re climbing, it may not seem very obvious that you’re improving at the game- but you are!

Another benefit of tracking is by knowing what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong as well as having detailed stats about yourself. Knowing what hinders your performance and what makes you a pro, will allow you to break through the blockade gatekeepers in order to advance further in rank. If you know what to focus on for future games, you will also find more success compared to somebody who doesn’t track and doesn’t know what to focus on.

What you should track

How you track your stats is entirely up to you, you can decide to go as in-depth as you want or go a simpler route. Either path is fine, but I personally feel that the more detailed route will make you a better player overall. This is because you will give yourself a bigger opportunity to improve from, as you will collect more data about each game.Picklepants GPI biggerYou may want to track your kills, your deaths and how many assists you get per game. If you are low on kills and but high on deaths- there must be something you’re doing wrong. There are plenty of other things that you can track too: like matchups, such as who you are, and who you are against, what role you are playing or how much CS you get at a certain timestamp.

Statistics are really good at pinpointing what you’re doing wrong, however, they only show so much about what you’re doing. If you want to, you could include other aspects that stats won’t pick up. For example, what you could have done in that specific game to improve. You do not necessarily need to pick something that is entirely complex, just something small to improve on for the next game. If you are struggling with dying too much, you could make a note to purchase a Control Ward and place it before pushing the wave.

With that said, it’s important to keep biased comments out of it. If you want truly want to improve at the game, you should write down some things that you did wrong and what you could do next time to prevent this mistakes. Even if some of these comments are based towards your team such as “don’t follow trolls” or “don’t listen to teammates, go with your gut”, they can be really helpful. Focusing on yourself and what you can do to improve will make you a better player, after all, you should only care about what you’re doing and how you’re performing- not your teams.

You could also jot down some things that were not in your control about the game, for example, somebody going AFK or somebody rage quitting. The important thing is that you consistently do this through every single game and not only do it if and when you please.LoL Star

How you can track

There are plenty of websites out there that will give you information and numbers about your gameplay. Numbers are a good way of understanding factual information about what you are doing wrong, however, they do lack the human interaction that will allow you to go further as a player. If you can pinpoint what you’re doing wrong, then you will be able to improve quickly.


I have been tracking my stats through Excel for the past two seasons. In 2017, I proved that this method works by peaking at Diamond 3. You can find this spreadsheet here. In 2018 I decided to continue and reproduce another spreadsheet which you can find here. We peaked at Diamond 1 so far this season- which means this method works! After each game, I write down some numbers about what happened.For example, I write down the kills, the deaths, and the assists. I also write down who I played as and against, as well as any LP I gained or lost.

bigger sprPicklepants Exceleadsheet

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Win or lose, I write down something for each game that I should be doing in the next one. Some of the information is quite short- where others are much longer. Depending on how detailed you want to go -it’s really up to you, but if you write down some stuff that you could improve on for future games, then you will see yourself improving as a whole. I write things down that I could improve on, such as “stop playing if you’re tilted” or “use ultimate.” I also include some slightly toxic information about what happened as a team such as somebody leaving

If you want to start tracking your stats in Excel, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a template.


At Mobalytics, we’ve designed a Gamer Performance Index (GPI) that will allow you to see what you are doing wrong and how you can improve on it. With our detailed system, you can look up a range of stats to help you improve. If you use Mobalytics often, you can definitely see if there’s been any improvement in your scores by them visually going up or down. This information does not lie to you, if it says you are performing badly on a certain thing then you most likely are.

Mobalytics is really good at breaking through the tilting or biased mindset. If we say that you are doing something poorly, improving on it and increasing your stats will see your scores go up. Using Mobalytics for tracking your stats in order to improve has the added benefit that you do not need to write down any information about what is happening in your previous games. It is all there for you in the GPI, the Pre Game and the Post Game.

OP.GG and other sites

OP.GG is one of the most popular and well-regarded statistics sites for League of Legends. You can use it to your advantage by seeing how you have recently played and what you have been doing in the game.

This site also has the added benefit that you can check your MMR and ELO which can help to tell if you are on tilt or not. However, just because you have good MMR doesn’t really mean anything. If you are Bronze and have Silver MMR, you are still Bronze until you escape Bronze.LP graph

Closing Thoughts

We’ve discussed quite a bit about what to track and we’ve touched upon some of the benefits of tracking your stats. Not everybody understands what they are doing wrong and tracking your stats, and writing what is happening in your game will allow you to get a better understanding about how you’re performing. Tracking information through OP.GG, Mobalytics or by doing it yourself in Excel, will allow you to pinpoint on some issues you are having.

Tracking your gameplay for improvement is admirable and going out of your way to better yourself by writing things down is the way to go. If you are in a slump and are not doing well in League, you should definitely try this out. In short, if you’re struggling to tell what you’re doing wrong in the game, try thinking about the little things that you can do throughout the game to improve and win. If you’ve lost track of the things to improve upon, or you are forgetting on what to do during the game, write down some things and look to improve on those aspects for future games.

When you are playing League of Legends consistently, it is easy to make the same mistakes over and over without realizing it. Writing down what you are doing wrong, or what happened in certain games will allow you to fix and work on specific issues you’re having. If you fix these problems, you will naturally see yourself climbing.

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