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Reworked Neeko Build, Runes and Items Guide

Neeko Build Runes and Items Guide

Neeko’s rework has just hit the live servers on patch 13.9. She is pretty similar to pre-rework Neeko, except she has a few subtle changes that make her quite a different champion. She’s been live for a few days now, giving players time to develop the best builds, learn tips and tricks and learn how to dominate their enemies on Neeko.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss how to play Neeko in League of Legends, break down her build and her abilities and provide some tips and tricks on how to play Neeko.

While we can’t break down everything in this beginners’ guide, if you want more tips and tricks on playing Neeko from our experts, head over to Neeko’s Champion Page.

Here are the things we will be covering in this guide:

Neeko Ability Breakdown

We should first break down the reworked Neekos’ abilities to start any champion guide.

Neeko’s Passive is Inherent Glamour

She can take the form of her teammates, and also disguise herself as non-epic monsters, minions, traps, wards, pets and plants. She will lose this form if she becomes immobilized or dies.

Neeko’s Q is Blooming Burst

Neeko throws a seed into a location that detonates shortly after. If the blast hits an enemy champion, large monster, or kills a minion, the seed will detonate again. This can happen no more than up to two times (three total hits).

Neeko’s W is Shapesplitter

Passive: Every 3rd basic attack grants Neeko extra damage and a brief movement speed bonus.

Active: Neeko becomes invisible while sending out a clone. If she has taken the form of another champion, the clone will be her current disguise. While in use, both the clone and the real Neeko gain bonus movement speed.

Neeko’s E is Tangle-Barbs

She throws out an ability that roots any champion is hit. If it goes through multiple enemies, the root duration is increased.

Neeko’s Ultimate is Pop Blossom

She winds up over a brief period of time which can be invisible to enemies if she is disguised.

After the wind-up, she leaps into the air and knocks up all nearby enemies. She then stuns them all too.

Neeko Build

Here’s the best build right now for Neeko in League of Legends.

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Champion Synergies

Since I’m a Support main, I’ll be focusing on ADCs that pair well with Support Neeko. We’ll explain the reasoning behind why each is good and you can apply the concepts to other lanes and champions.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune will benefit from Neeko’s kit as she will be able to line up her Q consistently when Neeko land’s her E, and MF returns the favor because she can slow with her E to allow Neeko’s Q to bounce more consistently.When level 6 arrives, Neeko and MF will have their own potent wombo combo that can often yield a Double Kill if the enemy duo isn’t ready for it.


Lucian is one of the best skirmishing marksmen so it’s no surprise he works well with Neeko. His incredible level 2 is greatly enhanced by champions with CC.

If this duo hits level 2 before the enemy, Neeko can line up her crowd control onto one of the enemies and Lucian can burst them down with the follow-up. Rinse and repeat to establish early dominance. As the match goes on, the two champs can weave in and out of battle, making it hard for opponents to lock them down.


Ezreal is a poke champion that synergizes well with Neeko as you can both continually poke and dish out damage with your abilities. With Ezreal’s recent rework, he has also become rather good at following up with the Support.

Look to burn down your foes from afar; you’ll likely be able to force them out of lane. If they play their luck and greed for extra CS when they’re health is low, look to finish them off with an all-in if you land a bind, especially if you have your ultimates ready.


Draven players love champs that can make their job easier by softening up targets with poke or by holding them in place to line up axe throws. Unlike some other Supports, Neeko’s CC goes through minions, making it tricky to dodge. Opponents will have to worry about simultaneously dodging axes and Tangle-Barbs.


Jhin excels when laning with a Support who has the ability to lock people in place. He can also provide his own variety of roots and slows from his own kit.

The two go hand in hand as they can deal much damage if they’re well coordinated. Jhin’s ultimate can draw enough enemy attention for Neeko to sneak in and land an optimal ultimate of her own as a follow-up.

Beginner Tips

  • Keep an eye on how much damage your Q deals. If you want to clear the back minions, you may need to auto-attack one of them once or twice before the explosion will kill them.
  • Avoid using your Passive to change when the enemy can see you as they will know its you and your disguise will fail.
  • Your clone grants vision, so use it instead of face-checking bushes.
  • Abuse Neeko’s strong level 2. She can out trade most enemies at level 2, as long as she lands her E.
  • Abuse your short cooldown on your Ultimate: especially in the late game.
  • Adapt your build. Neeko can be built AP or AD depending on her teams needs.


That about sums up our guide on how to play the new Neeko guide. Please keep in mind it’s meant to be a guide for complete beginners to Neeko and is not intended for higher ELO players. If you are looking for more tips and tricks to play Neeko, head over to her champion page.