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Diablo 4 Season 3 Leveling Guide

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How to Level Fast in Season 3 of Diablo 4

In our Diablo 4 Season 3 leveling guide, we’ll cover the ideal way to level up ASAP with tips from our game expert, Ruse Cruize.

We’ll be going over a more general leveling guide that every class should be able to take advantage of rather than a specific guide for each class.

Many of these recommendations will be a mix of what is optimal to do, with some casual recommendations to switch up the vibe.

If you’re looking for the best Season 3 build to start with, go here.

Seasonal Quest

So the most crucial thing starting will be doing and completing the Seasonal questline, the Seneschal Quest. We do this because the Seneschal is a companion that will be a considerable feature this season and 100% worth aiming for as soon as possible.

diablo 4 seneschal companion splash mobile versionIt’s a priority regardless of whether you plan to rush to 100 or take your time, as the Seneschal will be one of the most significant power boosts you can obtain; this is not worth skipping out on.

For information on the Seneschal Companion, read our guide here.

Tree Of Whispers – Overworld

The Overworld/Tree Of Whispers isn’t the most efficient in leveling, but it is the best method for currency and items; this method will keep you consistently geared, leveled, and wealthy and is varied enough that it’s fun.

You’ll want to be looking for a cluster of Grim Favour quests, accomplishing them, and then collecting the reward from The Tree of Whispers.

the tree of whispers

For information on The Tree of Whispers, you can check our guide here.

We’ll be rotating this with Legion Events that give massive XP. World bosses are following in terms of XP, but they’ve also been buffed, giving significantly better rewards.

Then, the last and more unknown factor will be Vaults, as these are new to Season 3.

It’s hard to know how good these will be, but it’s a good bet that it won’t be on par XP wise to previous mentions.

  • Completing Whispers (Grim Favors)
  • Legion Events (most XP)
  • World Bosses
  • Vaults (Unknown potential)

Remember that at level 15, you’ll also want to be doing your Class Quest, then continuing with Overworld.

Upgrading Gear

While progressing you should stay on top of upgrading your gear when you can, the ideal areas to start upgrading is around level 30, but it’s usually always worth upgrading your weapon constantly, especially your Sacred and Ancestral Weapons as these will provide you with a huge increase in damage.

Domhainne Tunnels (Dopamine Tunnels) Fastest Leveling

This method isn’t the most rewarding in terms of gear and currency, but it far outweighs everything else in terms of XP. Before starting this, you should do the Seneschal questline, as the pet will be a huge boon.

domhainne tunnelsDomhainne Tunnels are in Scosglen; these you’ll want to do on repeat- this can get a little boring, but it is the fastest way to level; you’ll want to do this right up to level 45-50 and head directly to capstone dungeon.

After hitting World Tier 3, you want to return to Domhainne Tunnels and continue leveling; you may find that World Tier 3 is a bit hard. In that case, you can set it back to World Tier 2.

You’ll want to hit levels 50-60 before transitioning to Nightmare Dungeons; this gives you good XP and prep to do World Tier 3 Capstone to transition into World Tier 4.

Capstone Dungeon

Regardless of the chosen method, it’s crucial that when you reach 45-50, you should attempt the Capstone Dungeon to get into World Tier 3. World Tier increases XP and item ranges, so you don’t want to delay moving up.

This is also essential for World Tier 4; ideally, this should be accomplished around level 60-65 or when you feel comfortable doing it.

Nightmare Dungeons – World Tier 4

After entering World Tier 4, around levels 60-65, the best thing to do is Nightmare Dungeons. An easy way to get started in World Tier 4 is to do a Tree of Whisper; you’ll gain some gear and a Nightmare Sigil.

If you feel you’re not strong enough, you can head back to Domhainne Tunnels, but ideally, from here on out, you want to upgrade your gear and consistently do Nightmare Dungeons to 100.

Honorable Mentions

Hopefully, you have a solid foundation for getting yourself to level 100. Some things to keep aware of while playing will help the journey.

  • Do Helltides constantly
    • Helltides are a great source of Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses; these are used to upgrade gear.
  • Always Upgrade your Sacred & Ancestral gear when able, specifically the weapon.
  • Stay on top of World Bosses for loot and Shattering Prisms.

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