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Diablo 4 Season 2 Necromancer Builds

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The Top 5 Best Necromancer Builds (Season 2, Diablo 4)

Looking for the best Season 2 Necromancer builds?

This article covers the top 5 choices from our Tier List (check it out for even more options.

Each build in our list will have an overview of its major components along with a description of its playstyle, but make sure to hit the button to see their full builds if you find one you’re interested in.

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1. Infinimist

infiminist necromancer


Infinimist is an incredibly strong build that can clear Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons with ease.

When piloted correctly, you’ll be insanely tanky (basically permanently immune to damage) due to the combination of Blood Mist and Apsect of Explosive Mist.

Your gameplay loop consists of keeping Decripify up, engaging with Bone Storm and Blood Mist, using Reap when Blood Mist ends, and then using Blood Mist on cooldown.

2. Overpower Bloodlance

overpower bloodlance necromancer


Aspect of Grasping Veins with the Banished Lords’s Talisman allows this build to produce massive damage multipliers.

On the defensive side, it uses Flickerstep to constantly reset Bone Storm and basically keep 100% uptime.

This build’s gameplay loop revolves around keeping Decripfy up, using Bone Storm for shields and damage reduction, followed by Blood Lance and Corpse Tendrils on cooldown. Lastly if you get into trouble, Blood Mist is your go-to repositioning tool.

3. Minions – No Uniques

minions no uniques necromancer


It’s a great time to try it out minions because tehy received survivability and damage buffs with Season 2.

Its gameplay loop consists of using Reap to get a corpse, casting Corpse Tendrils on enemies, keeping Skeletal Priest up, followed by Decripify and then popping Army of the Dead to burst down the pack.

Make sure to Spam Reap while your minions kill everything!

4. Severed Minions

severed minions necromancer


For an alternative minions build, try out Severed Minions which revolves around Sever and damage over time effects (DoTs).

The build’s gameplay loop consists of keeping up your minions alongside Skeletal Priest, using Bone Storm and Reap, then casting Corpse Tendril on the Reaped corpse, and then lastly spamming Sever to continue keeping up Bone Storm and Corpse Tendrils.

Although it lacks the multipliers to make it an S-tier build, it still deals more than enough damage to clear all content.

5. Bone Spear

bone spear necromancer


Last but not least on our list is Bone Spear, which is a ranged build that controls the battlefield while dealing massive Crit Damage with Max Essence damage scaling.

If you’re a beginner this is a solid choice as it’s not too difficult while still offering some depth to master.

Although it isn’t the best Necro build of Season 2, it’s still powerful enough to clear anything from Nightmare Dungeons to Uber Lilith.

In conclusion

Thanks for reading! To create your own S2 Necromancer builds, head to our Diablo 4 Build Planner.