Diablo 4 Necromancer BuildMinions

Season 3
End Game
Build Summary

This build utilizes extremely powerful minions to easily crush content throughout the game.

Assigned Skills
Skill Tree
Paragon Board
Book of the dead
Skeletal Warriors
Skeletal Mages
Skeletal Golems
Aspects & Uniques
Gear Stats
Aspect of Occult DominionHelm
Blood Getter's AspectChest Armor
Aspect of Frenzied DeadGloves
Juggernaut's AspectPants
Hulking AspectBoots
Unyielding Commander's AspectAmulet
Fastblood AspectRing 1
Ring of the Sacrilegious SoulRing 2
Aspect of ReanimationWeapon
Seneschal Construct
Duration Support
Safeguard Support
Fortify Support
Dusk Support
Efficiency Support
Mockery Support

Build Notes

Gameplay Loop
  1. Always keep up Skeletal Priest
  2. Use Corpse Tendrils on CD
  3. Use Army of The Dead if there's an elite
  4. Use Golem active on CD
  5. Cast Bone Prison to reduce your cooldowns
  6. Make sure you pick up Blood Orbs to reduce your cds
How It Works

Thanks to the damage and survivability buffs minions received in Season 3 this build has jumped up in power, and is now necro's best build that doesn't need any uniques. We make use of a variety of buffs to our minions to allow them to dish out loads of damage, and use Corpse Tendrils to easily group up and cleave down mobs.

The biggest buff this season was the change to the Cult Leader Legendary Node on the paragon board. The old effect was multiplicative with itself, and gave around a 52% damage increase. The new, assuming its multiplicative with itself still, is more in the ballpark of 450%. If this is actually how the new legendary node works it is going to insane. Even if its not multiplicative with itself, its still around 165% damage.

The Golem in particular is much stronger this season as the Bone Golem now gains a load of Thorns when activated, and the Blood Golem gained the ability to have its attacks cleave. On top of this the Golem Glyph was updated to give a damage multiplier, rather than bonus health. These changes combines make the Golem substantially more powerful.

The final important change this season was the buff to Skeletal Priests where they now heal for 40% instead of 25% over their duration. Minions were struggling a lot with survivability, and this is a much welcome buff that will make them so much tankier.

Overall these changes lead to a massive damage increase for our minions, while also increasing their tankiness.

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