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Dev Blog Q&A: Challenges and GPI

Mobalytics Dev Blog Q&A: Challenges and GPI

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well!

When it comes to our stats and scores, we know that clarity is vital to helping you improve as best you can.

Although we try to answer as many questions as we can from emails, tweets, Reddit posts, Discord messages, and so on, some things often fall through the cracks.

To try to make up for this, we’re creating this Dev Blog Q&A series to help answer questions from our community.

Our core topics for this Q&A will be the Challenges and GPI but if you have another question that we didn’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments!

1. Zhou: How is Skill to Focus is determined for every role?

Your S.T.F is determined by a few things. First off, we took a look at your scores for every GPI skills.

Next, we weigh them based on how important each skill is for your role. For example, Vision is a lot more important for Junglers and Supports than ADCs.

Additionally, every player needs a baseline score to be effective. After that, there are diminishing returns. Getting your Farming from 80 to 90 is much less important than getting your Survivability from 20 to 30. The latter will lead to a bigger impact in your overall performance.

2. Zhou: Why is Fighting important for Supports?

Fights are inevitable in League and since it’s a team game, it’s important for Supports to help contribute to fights. This includes 2v2’s in the bot lane, skirmishes around Dragon, and massive 5v5’s later on.

The best Supports are able to excel in all types of combat (even some Supports like Karma, Zyra, and Brand can win early game Duels!).

3. Iseedeadpeople: How can I compare myself vs a pro player?

We used to have a comparison tool if that’s what you are referring to.

You know when a ride in Disney world gets taken down so it can be made better? That’s where this feature is at right now.

In the meantime, feel free to use two tabs and do it the old-fashioned way!

4. TheBestian: Why are my GPI scores not moving after completing a Challenge?

reQ: My GPI score dropped after finishing a Challenge, how can this can happen?

This is very specific and varies from case to case. A few questions for both of you:

  • Did you take a Challenge above your skill level (one of the recommended ones)
  • Did you finish the Challenge in 3 games or 5 games? Losses, where you did poorly, can really tank the amount of improvement.
  • Did you play all games in the same queue as your GPI that you are looking to improve?

5. Luc: How long does it take for the recommended Challenges to refresh?

They should be instant upon page refresh. If this isn’t happening for you, please let us know!

6. Artemis: What skill is the most important for ADC and why?

100% Farming as ADCs tend to have delayed power spikes compared to other roles. The sooner you can get your crucial items, the sooner you can start carrying your matches.

7. Emiliano: Why there is no Challenge for objective vision?

Keep an eye out for them in the future. There are a few skill Challenges that we’re still working on to get to a level we’re satisfied with.

Irelia level 2 (LoR splash)

8. Yuuki: I’m on the losing streak but my GPI is high, what does that mean?

If I understood correctly, even though you are losing, you are getting great scores? If that’s the case, then welcome to the reason why we made the GPI.

League is a game that works hard to give you a 50% win rate, so it’s hard to understand what is and isn’t in your control.

With the GPI, we give you specific scores that help you understand what you did well and poorly. Looks like you are killing it- keep it up!

9. Alby: Why is Fight Frequency important? Isn’t it better to fight only the battles you can win?

For sure, no one should be looking to take random fights to boost this score. Fight Frequency is simply a measure of the Aggression skill, aggressive players fight more often!

The more fights you take, the better you’ll be able to recognize when you can push an advantage when you’re winning, or find an advantage when you’re behind.

10. Sin: Why is my Fighting score is capped at 78? Does it mean I can’t improve it?

This is a good question. Right now you are capped by your tier. Since League is a game where your opponents get stronger as you rank up, we needed a way to reflect that to players and allow them to compare themselves to better players.

The only players who can get the full 100 are Challenger players.

11. Merry: Can you combine my GPI from all game modes to see the overall performance?

We can but we currently don’t. Most people play differently in different queues and it would really mess with the accuracy of the GPI if we did that.

Do you not feel that way about your own performance habits?

12. Mati 422: If I see other people’s GPI, why I can’t see their Challenges?

In the future, we will be adding a way for players to show what Challenges they have achieved and players can check other players out.

If you have any specific ideas of what you’d want to see for this, let us know!

LeBlanc Level 2 (LoR reveal splash)

13. Sad_desk_meal: Why are some Challenges based on team performance when I can’t affect how others are playing?!

This is the hard part of League, it some aspects will rely on teamplay. We tried as much as possible to keep Challenges within your window of control, but some of them, like Baron, will require some help from friends.

14. Lightbringer: Can you explain why some Challenges have more than 1 target?

Good question. When you are starting off and learning a skill, it makes sense to focus on one aspect of it. But as you develop as a player, it’s important to develop your ability to be good at multiple things during the course of one game.

As players get better in League, they aren’t simply just good at one thing. We added extra objectives to cover that phenomenon, but also to give players more challenge!

15. Emiliano: My Teamfight score is super low, but I’m playing Support and I usually just follow my ADC, how I can improve that score without leaving my ADC for too long alone?

This is another good question. Sometimes a Support has to know when to roam to be at the fight and when to be babysitting. The best Support players are really good about balancing that.

16. Emiliano: What does it mean to participate in the tower kill. Will it count if I hit it just once?

Yes it should! (Provided you hit it in the same time frame it died).

That’s all for now! Feel free to ask more questions in the comments below. To activate a Challenge now, just head back to Mobalytics.