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Daemen Esports Partners With Mobalytics

Daemen Esports Partners With Mobalytics

Daemen College and Mobalytics, an analytics-based gaming assistant, are teaming up to strengthen and improve Daemen’s esports program.

Mobalytics, whose tools are used by professional esports teams and gamers around the world, will be providing advanced tools for Daemen’s League of Legends program.

Daemen, which founded its esports program in 2018, will be leveraging these tools primarily to scout and evaluate talent.

“Our team is a big believer in the future of the League of Legends collegiate scene. We’ve spent a lot of time with universities talking about their needs, and although they share some with professional teams, due to their responsibilities their training looks very different. We are looking forward to working with Daemen to help them scout new talent and help their current players become the best they can be,” said Amine Issa, Warchief of Science, and co-founder of Mobalytics.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Mobalytics as we continue to grow our esports program here at Daemen. This tools that Mobalytics has developed will greatly impact our ability to take our young program to the next level”, said Daemen esports head coach Patrick Ryan.

With the help of Daemen, Mobalytics aims to continue developing and optimizing their tools to help the next generation of upcoming talent accelerate their growth.

The timing could not be more relevant as the Golden Guardians have picked up two collegiate level players from Maryville, Niles and Iconic, as immediate starters for their LCS team.

Outside of scouting, the collaboration will also create new content which highlights the performance of Daemen’s team and individual players, such as their stats on different LoL champions.