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Dev Blog: Mobalytics Support for SEA Servers Has Launched!

A Warm Welcome to the SEA Community

At the end of 2022, Riot Games announced that they would be ending their 12-year partnership with Garena and would instead, self-publish LoL and TFT across South Asia in 2023.

We’re hyped to announce that as of today, Mobalytics is now available for all SEA servers!

Head to to check out our browser version but we strongly recommend downloading our Desktop App for the best experience since you’ll be able to access features within your game client while you play.

BTW, if you haven’t migrated your account yet, be sure to check out the official Riot FAQ.

mobalytics regions featuring new sea servers

Current Mobalytics Features for SEA

Right now, the vast majority of Mobalytics capabilities are already available for SEA players to try. Since the servers are new, please note that the collection of champion stats is in progress so be sure to keep checking back as the data populates.

Here’s a list of many of our features (a lot of them, like the Overlay include a lot of tools within them so be sure to explore):

After trying these tools, be sure to also try out the free trial of Mobalytics Plus to unlock our most OP features.

If you’d like to request features, make suggestions, or give any other feedback, we’d love to welcome you to our Mobalytics Discord Server.

See you on the Rift and welcome to our community!