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Dev Blog: Thoughts on LoL Autochess (TFT) and Our Future in Other Games

Hey everyone,

It’s been three years since we set out to make the best League of Legends product in the world. It’s been three years focused on one game, and figuring out how to put all the pieces together so that we can REALLY help players improve. Right now we have a good version of something that can be much better.  We take that challenge seriously, so anything short of perfection is failure in our minds. Luckily, you are a demanding crowd and have been a critical part of our team.

However, during this hyper-focused time for  League, we forgot to stress that we are gamers. We play everything, and talk about everything, and reminisce about everything. Our vision when starting Mobalytics was to be a coach to all gamers trying to improve at whatever game they were focused on.

The fact that we have spent the last three years and can probably spend the next three years building one product is testament to how difficult it is to get something right. We are okay with that because we are disciples of Shigeru Miyamoto “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. That saying stuck with me ever since child-me read it in a Next Generation magazine interview with the man.

Right now, though, we are in exciting times. A new genre has captivated our office and the world. The autochess wars have begun, and the fact that Riot is taking it seriously is a sign for us as well. Autochess is a beautiful game, subtly addictive, but also mirroring life in a sense, not unlike other games. You have to make the best decisions possible with the luck you have and aim for a reasonable outcome.

In your time away from the game, you have to study and work hard to sharpen your mind and fortify your knowledge base to make good decisions. You have test your hypotheses and make adjustments based on evidence and real results. In the information age we live in, these are all critical skills that will serve you well in life so don’t feel bad (well too bad) about spending time with these games.

Making a full-fledged product for a game is a monumental task, so you will not see an autochess (or “autobattler”  or “MABA” or whatever people are calling it now) product for a while, BUT by virtue of being a League product, you will see content from us about it. We can’t let all that hypothesizing and discussing go to waste! To start, we will be creating beautiful content that you love, and then learning and growing with you guys from there. Depending on how the content is received, it affects the chances that a full-on feature or platform is created.

At Mobalytics, we love games and we make products for gamers to improve, but we also have a greater mission: to show people that they can approach their gaming and improvement in a disciplined way that will serve them in life. All the philosophical stuff aside, we are very excited about auto chess and other games.

I want to take this time to announce that this will be the first year you will see other games from us even though the development cycles have been ongoing for a while now. Right now we have sign-ups for CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, and Dota 2.

Let’s enjoy the ride and be thankful for all the great games we have a chance to play in our lifetime. Keep climbing friends.


Uthgar, Founder of Mobalytics