Destiny 2 Season 22 Strand Aspects Guide

New Strand Aspects Review

With the launch of Destiny Season 22 the Strand subclasses each received a new Aspect.

In order to acquire the new Aspects a few things must be done.

  1. Complete the Lightfall campaign
  2. Complete the quest and receive Deterministic Chaos
  3. Talk to Nimbus to receive and then complete the Parting the Veil Quest for the Season 21 Strand Aspect
  4. Talk to Nimbus to receive and complete the Unveiled quest
  5. Acquire the Strand Aspect from the Pouka Pond

Once one character has access to the new Aspect, characters of another class can receive the Aspect from the Pouka Pond if they finished the Lightfall campaign.

Titan – Banner of War

banner of war

Aspect Effects

When active, this Titan Aspect will create a pulsating ring. As stacks are built this ring pulses faster, and can be built up to 4 stacks. Anyone in the ring (including the user) is healed during every pulse and gets a 40% melee damage buff and a 10% sword damage buff. Stacks are built by a melee kill, finisher, or sword kill. Any kill by you or an ally in the ring resets the time to 30 second.

Initial Impressions

This Aspect is essentially a game changer. Strand Titan is already a very meta class and this Aspect can be paired with any of the other options this class has access to and work very well. Activating the effect is extremely easy and upkeeping it is even easier.

Even if you are not playing around the melee and sword damage buffs the healing alone is fantastic. Pair this with Woven Mail and this class is extremely survivable. The Aspect does fall off slightly in content where there is a light level deficit as enemies are harder to kill and playing in melee/sword range is very risky, but the timer lasts 30 seconds which allows you to continue to reset the timer even in more difficult content where enemies survive longer.

On top of this swords did get a big defensive buff making them more viable in content where enemies would smash a sword user instantly. This Aspect will be a staple in meta Titan builds alongside Solar throwing hammer builds. It has a strong healing effect, easy to activate, and easy to maintain.

Builds to Try

This Aspect can be paired with any of the other Strand Aspects and work just fine. It can be paired with Abeyant Leap and Drengr’s Lash for Suspend based builds. The 40% melee buff damage works with Flechette Storm and a build can be based around spamming this ability. A picture below shows an example Banner of War + Flechette Storm build.

banner of war build 1

The final Aspect Into the Fray is great for survivability that not only for yourself, but for your team as both Banner of War and Into the Fray give healing and Woven Mail to nearby allies. A picture below shows an example Banner of War +Into the Fray Build.

banner of war build 2

Warlock – Weavewalk


Aspect Effects

Dodge while in the air to enter the weave. While in this state generate Threadlings over time and receive a 90% damage resistance buff. Melee energy is used to remain in this state.

Initial Impressions

Yes… 90% damage resistance. This applies to both PvE and PvP. In PvE this is a great get-out-of-jail-free card and is another way to create Threadlings which received a huge buff this season. It is a great compliment to Weaver’s Call in both PvE and PvP because of this. You can gather Threadlings, unleash them on a target, and then go into Weavewalk to receive damage resistance while Threadlings handle targets. This is great for PvP to build around Threadlings or use a variety of different means.

It can be used to get information, it can be used to waste enemy special ammo, it can be used to reposition and regroup near teammates, or even as a reactive means to tank massive damage from a super or rocket launcher. Strand Warlock and Needlestorm was an under-the-radar top DPS option, but didn’t get much use due to the class having issues with survivability. This class now gets that means of survivability.

Builds to Try

When paired with Swarmers and Threadlings, this Aspect is a fantastic option. Quicksilver Storm pairs very well with this because of its ability to create Tangles which Swarmers synergizes with. This build below brings together all of these pieces with use of Weavewalk + Weaver’s Call.

weavewalk build

Hunter – Whirling Maelstrom

whirling maelstrom

Aspect Effects

Destroying a Tangle creates a spinning Strand mass that seeks out targets and when a target is defeated emits particles that Unravel other enemies.

Initial Impressions

The Beyblade is a really cool concept and very fun to play with. In terms of strength it is pretty good, but isn’t by any means gamebreaking. In PvP it would be a good zoning tool, but it has not only the downside of needing to create a Tangle first (which is much harder to do in PvP), but enemies are able to shoot your created Tangle and make Whirling Maelstrom that hurts you. In PvE the nerfs to Suspend and buffs to Threaded Specter opens this Aspect up to be paired with Threaded Specter for Unraveling based builds. The fact that it spreads the unravel does make it viable as one Whirling Maelstrom is able to create a Tangle to spawn another.

Builds to Try

Threaded Specter did get a huge buff and does a great job of taking enemy aggro. This makes a good pairing for Whirling Maelstrom which is a far more offensive Aspect. Both let you play from a distance and rather safely. Pair this with Quicksilver Storm to have more reliable means of Tangle creation and you have yourself a build. See the picture below for a Threaded Specter + Whirling Maelstrom build.

maelstrom build

Closing Thoughts

These Aspects are easy to get and definitely worth trying out for any of the classes. At least 2 of these Aspects will be meta moving forward.

More builds will come out for these so be sure to check the builds page for any future strand builds.